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Mountains and water on a Whittier Alaska cruise

Whittier, Alaska, US

Holland America Line’s Alaska cruise  tours now include the tiny town of Whittier. This remote village is nestled along breathtaking Prince William Sound, home to a stunning array of wildlife, including bald eagles, sea otters and killer whales, so have your camera ready. Whittier has the odd distinction of being almost entirely under one roof. No need to get in a car to go to the grocery store, bank or a friend’s house. All town services are sheltered from the often-inclement weather in this unique and practical way, and virtually all of Whittier’s approximately 220 residents live in the 14-story Begich Towers, originally a Cold War outpost for the U.S. Army. Not only will you experience Whittier’s small town charm on Alaska cruise, there is also plenty of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, scuba diving and kayaking. It is also known for its high concentration of glaciers.

Top 3: Things To Do In Whittier, Alaska

1 Prince William Sound Museum Learn about the history of Whittier and its history as a military port and rail terminal.
2 Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel For a unique experience, explore one of the longest road and railway tunnel in the United States. This tunnel is 2.5 miles long and is one lane.
3 Portage Glacier Portage Glacier located within the Chugach National Forest - the second largest national forest - and is approximately 4 miles from Whittier, Alaska. Visit this astonishing and massive glacier.

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