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View of an Alaska glacier on a scenic cruise in College Fjord

College Fjord

An Alaska glaciers cruise is the best way to see majestic, centuries-old rivers of ice cascading from the mountains to the sea. Glaciers have shaped many Alaska lakes, rivers and valleys one slow centimeter at a time. They’ve fascinated scientists and inspired artists for a long time. Scenic cruising College Fjord will bring you close to many glaciers—there’s even a spot where you can see eight at once. Your chances of watching ice thunder into the water is high, as the Prince William Sound is one of the most active areas for calving.

Out of all Alaska fjords, College Fjord is the most storied. The Harriman Expedition of 1899 with John Muir and other notable scientists traversed the College Fjord aboard the George W. Elder, funded by Ivy League colleges. All of the glaciers were named for various schools. As you travel into College Fjord, the glaciers on the left are named for women's colleges and those on the right are named for men's colleges. The names are Amherst, Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Harvard, Smith, Vassar, and Yale).

Harvard Glacier is the biggest – its face is a mile and a half across. In case you’re wondering, it is rumored that the scientists snubbed Princeton.

Top 3: Things To Do In College Fjord, Alaska

1 Harvard Glacier Don’t miss the second largest tidewater glacier in Alaska, which is known for dramatic calving.
2 Yale Glacier While some glaciers in College Fjord seem unfazed by climate change, this one is retreating at a concerning pace.
3 Marine Wildlife Keep your camera ready as it is common to see otters and seals chilling out on ice floes while scenic cruising.