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Mountains with snow seen on Alaska cruise to Anchorage.

Anchorage, Alaska, US

From ice-blue glaciers to beluga whales and the famous bore tide, a single cruise to Anchorage, Alaska will considerably shorten any nature-lover’s bucket list. Nestled between mountains and the Cook Inlet terminus, near many national and state parks, this hospitable haven is one of the best places to see Alaska wildlife. A city moose roaming the streets (there are about 1,500) is a regular sight and views of whales, puffins, otters, and Dall porpoises going about their days is just a short excursion away. Cruises to Anchorage are a must for those that want some of the most incredible bear viewing in the country.


Although the wildlife is reason alone to cruise to Anchorage Alaska, the culture of the city itself is worth exploring. Almost half of the state’s residents live in Anchorage, a population that largely comprises military members, Alaska Natives, adventurous transplants from the “lower 48,” and oil industry workers. Coffee and espresso huts dot every corner and fresh halibut, smoked salmon and reindeer dogs are among the local eats.


Anchorage is a year-round town. On some clear, dark nights during winter, the Northern Lights dance above. In spring, thousands of flowers planted by the city bloom to celebrate the season’s anticipated arrival. Summer brings the Midnight Sun where days can stretch to 19 hours. Take an Alaska cruise to Anchorage to discover national parks, scenic glaciers, unique landscapes and wildlife.


Outdoor activities abound in Anchorage. Adventurous locals (there are a lot of them in Alaska) enjoy skijoring, a sport where a person is pulled on skis by dogs or sometimes horses. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and Flattop Mountain Trail inside Chugach State Park offer hiking, biking, and wildlife sighting opportunities. Book an Anchorage cruise shore excursion and explore top destinations.

Top 3: Things To See

1 Chugach National Forest Hike, kayak, or angle for salmon in the 5.4-million-acre Chugach National Forest, just outside Anchorage.
2 Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises Cruise on Portage Lake from mid-May to mid-September and see the massive Portage Glacier.


Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Meet reindeer, moose, musk oxen and more at this native wildlife conservation center.

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