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The Spice House 4-jar spice gift set.

Bring Our Destination Dining Home

Elevate your at-home dining experience with this exclusive collection of premium spices and herbs curated in collaboration with The Spice House. Perfect for the home cook at all levels, these spices promise to bring our destination dining to your home-cooked meals. Available exclusively on board.

The Spice House Alaska Salmon Rub.

Alaska Salmon Rub

Since we have been sailing to Alaska before it was a state, we are uniquely positioned to curate the ultimate rub that elevates your next fresh fish dish. We have balanced salty, sweet & smoky for the perfect pairing with your salmon or any other hearty fish. Just a few sprinkles enhances the flavor while a full rub will allow you to experience the full flavor including the varieties of garlic and freshly ground spices that complement.
The Spice House Dutch Table smoked sea salt.

Dutch Table

With a 150-year history, the sea is as much a part of us as sailing, so we created a sea salt that goes back to our roots. Infused with the gentle essence of a slow-burning mesquite-like wood, this sea salt strikes a delicate balance between sweet and smoky. An all-in-one versatile and flavorful premium table salt that is perfect for sprinkling atop dishes as a finishing touch.
The Spice House Legendary Mediterranean Herb.

Legendary Mediterranean Herb

Experience a legend in your lifetime. Inspired by our Legendary Voyages, these herbs are renowned for bringing out the flavors of the Mediterranean. This vibrant all-in-one spice blend features a harmonious balance of rosemary, garlic, lemon, marjoram, and sage. Cooks of all skill levels can use it to enhance the flavor of chicken, lamb, potatoes, and, of course, fresh fish.
The Spice House Far East Fish Curry.

Far East Fish Curry

Celebrating our sailings to Southeast Asia, this zesty turmeric-based curry powder features hints of garlic, onion, Indian pepper, and lively citrus undertones. Use as a dry rub for halibut steaks, a seasoned batter for cod, or simmered in coconut milk for a spectacular fish curry.