Celebrating Our Caring Crew on Day of the Seafarer

Portraits of Holland America Line crew in celebration of Day of the Seafarer.

Recognized as an international day of observance on June 25, Day of the Seafarer celebrates the contributions and dedication of professionals in the maritime industry. We’re incredibly grateful to our crew members at Holland America Line – who come from 70 different countries around the world – for creating unforgettable moments for our guests, communities and each other.   

We recently caught up with some of them to learn more about what they love most about their careers at sea. 

Portrait of Staff Captain at Holland America Line.

Meet Staff Captain Babak  

It was spring of 2007 when Staff Captain Babak embarked on his first journey with Holland America Line. He started his career as a cadet and couldn’t deny the call of the sea. “The open ocean called to me, promising adventures in the wilderness of Alaska and the smooth waves of the Caribbean,” he said. “It was the world’s beauty, seen from the unique vantage point of the sea on board an elegant cruise ship. Each port was a gateway to new landscapes, cultures, people and experiences.” 

Traveling around the world can keep him far from home, which is why he is so grateful for the friendships he’s created with the crew. With each sailing, he also finds the opportunity to learn, teach and be part of a community that shares a deep love for the ocean. 

“My career at sea was never just a job. Holland America Line has been more than a workplace; it has been a nurturing ground for my personal and professional development. This constant support has allowed me to thrive, fostering an environment where every day is an opportunity to enhance skills, expand horizons, and become a better version of myself. The experiences gained are immeasurable, and the memories created are as vast as the oceans we’ve crossed.” 

Meet Mercy, Dining Hostess 

Mercy joined the Holland America Line family in 2022. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, she set out for a career that would take her around the world and inspire those back home to achieve their dreams. 

“I wanted to inspire other people from my country and show them there are no limitations,” she said. “We can be who we want to be, and we can go as far as we want to go. I get paid to travel, to learn more and grow as an individual. That on its own is a dream come true.” 

Portrait of Dining Hostess at Holland America Line.

As a hostess with Holland America Line, Mercy enjoys interacting regularly with guests throughout their journey. Creating joy and caring for people throughout the cruise experience is her number one priority. “Seeing guests happy gives me a sense of purpose. I especially enjoy seeing the same guests on different cruises. It’s the most beautiful feeling when they treat me like family.”  

Portrait of Photo and Video Manager at Holland America Line.

Meet Marcos, Photo & Video Manager 

Marcos originally set out to be an accountant after graduating with his degree, but his passion for photography led him elsewhere – 48 countries to be exact. 

I’ve been in the cruise industry for six years now, and my time with Holland America has been exceptional,” he said. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to explore nearly the entire world and experience things I could only dream of when I was younger. From embarking on a Grand World Voyage and visiting five continents in six months to witnessing the Northern Lights in Alaska and savoring coffee while gazing at the Sydney Opera House, every moment onboard has been immensely enjoyable.” 

As a leader, Marcos loves investing in others and their professional growth. He also enjoys helping guests document their cruise experience through beautiful images. 

“Hearing guests tell me that the photos I captured now adorn their walls and enhance their homes truly validates the daily efforts we invest in our work.” 

Marcos’ greatest joy, however, is getting to know the incredible people he sails with every day. “Working on a ship is anything but routine. Each cruise presents new opportunities for learning, exploration, forging friendships, discovering new ports, and revisiting favorite spots.” 

Meet Cynthia, Guest Services Manager 

Being part of the Holland America Line family is especially meaningful for Cynthia due to our shared Dutch heritage. Born and raised in the Netherlands, she feels right at home when she’s sailing around the world with us. She also takes a lot of pride in caring for guests throughout their journey. 

Portrait of Holland America Line Guest Services Manager.

Cynthia first discovered the joys of travel as a teenager when her parents took her on a cruise. That experience inspired her to pursue hospitality and her love of cruise travel. “My mom’s side of the family has a background in hospitality, and my dad comes from a family of seafarers. Once my parents took me on a cruise, I found the perfect combination of both worlds.” 

For Cynthia, the best part of her job is the people she works alongside. “We have amazing team members onboard, and their dedication to making our guests happy inspires me every day.”   

Portrait of Holland America Line Human Resources Manager.

Meet Nithin, Human Resources Manager 

As the onboard Human Resources Manager, Nithin is dedicated to providing a caring environment that supports the well-being of the entire team. He has sailed the seas with Holland America Line for three years, and it has been a dream come true. 

“The chance to travel to so many places and work within a diverse culture is a dream. It’s a mini world inside our ships,” he said. “Meeting new people, helping others, and building long-term relationships at work excites me every day.” 

Being part of a company that recently celebrated 150 years is especially meaningful to Nithin. Holland America Line has a rich history of caring for others as they travel around the globe. It’s that personalized genuine care that inspires him to do the same for every person he meets. 

To all our crew creating unforgettable memories for our guests and each other, we thank you. Cheers to you on this Day of the Seafarer! 


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