Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Portraits of engineers onboard Holland America Line ships in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

June 23 is International Women in Engineering Day, and we want to celebrate all the incredible women who share their talent and passion for engineering across Holland America Line‘s fleet. We’re grateful for who they are and the difference they make every day. Here are some of their stories.

Portrait of engineer onboard Holland America Line ships in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

Pippi, Third Engineer

Pippi first joined the Holland America Line family in 2017 during an internship (or cadetship). Today, she’s one of our amazing engineers. One of the things she enjoys most about her role and career at sea is the diversity in her work – every day can be a little different, which she loves.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, she has always had a special place in her heart for Holland America Line due to our shared Dutch heritage. “Seeing the Dutch flag wave on the bow makes me a little bit proud every time I see it. Oh, and don’t forget about the Orange Party!”

Her biggest source of inspiration has been her mom, who was also one of our amazing engineers! “We have a lot in common and that’s why she encouraged me to become an engineer. She knew I would love it before I even knew. She also taught me to make my own decisions and to not be afraid of doing things differently.”

As an engineer, Pippi loves ensuring things run smoothly. If an opportunity arises to fix something, she’s quick to offer a solution. She’s also quick to empower others. “I think it’s important that everyone can do the job they love, including women that want to work as engineers.”

Jenni, Machinist

Jenni pursued a career in the cruise industry for two reasons near and dear to her heart: (1) she wanted to support her family and invest in her sisters’ education opportunities back home, and (2) she wanted to see the world. As a machinist with Holland America Line, she’s also able to realize her dream of having a fulfilling career in engineering.

Portrait of machinist onboard Holland America Line ship in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

Fascinated by how things work, Jenni loves pulling up her sleeves and finding creative solutions when needed. “I enjoy challenges, finding solutions to solve problems and using creativity in my work.”

Jenni’s mom has been one of her biggest supporters, cheering her on as she accomplished every goal she set out to achieve. She credits her mom for instilling a strong work ethic and commitment to overcoming any obstacle that may come her way. It’s in that spirit that Jenni inspires others as well.

“I strive to inspire others by being positive and telling others we can do it all. We can fight for our dreams because all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

She also noted the importance of not allowing stress to distract you when faced with a challenge. “Every problem has a solution.” Spoken like a true engineer!

Portrait of machinist onboard Holland America Line ship in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

Liane, Third Engineer

When there’s a challenge, Liane is quick to lean in and help overcome it. She joined the Holland America Line family in 2022 and loves collaborating with her team on all things engineering.

“I love working at Holland America Line, and I love that they are promoting gender equality, which helps women enjoy the same opportunities as men. I enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems and accomplishing it together as a team.”

The work environment is really important to Liane as is having work-life balance. “Working in an environment where you can freely share your ideas is a great feeling. When you feel like your superior hears and sees you, you feel valued. I also love to travel while working!” Liane’s source of strength and inspiration includes her mom and others who have empowered women to find their voice and make things better for future generations.

“Thank you for your non-ending efforts, for not giving up and for clearing paths for the younger generation’s future.”

Milagros, Machinist

Milagros made history at Holland America Line after joining as our first female machinist in 2022. Originally inspired and taught by her father, she developed a deep passion for welding and even contributed to the tallest bamboo sculpture that made the Guinness Book of World Records. Once she set eyes on the water, she didn’t look back.

Portrait of machinist onboard Holland America Line ship in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

Working in the cruise line industry has captivated her heart, learning about different countries and their cultures.

“As a woman who works in the cruise line industry, I noticed that a woman could do a man’s job,” she said. “For many years it was believed that women should be housewives and have only soft skills, but I am so grateful that because of gender diversity and equality, women can be themselves, have confidence, shine and not be afraid to speak out, and show their hidden skills and potential to do the best they can. As women we can work within a team, bring our creativity to the table, and use our skills to improve a wide range of perspectives for the development of the company and the industry. I can confirm after working in this industry for a few years that I am a woman with a purpose, here to make a difference in the world.”

Not only is Milagros inspiring others with her talent and fearless determination. She continues to be inspired by other incredible women as well, including her daughter, Llana Mae.

“Even though my daughter is far away, she gives me the motivation each day to be and do better.”

Thank you for sharing your stories with us, Milagros, Liane, Pippi and Jenni. We wish all women in engineering a special International Women in Engineering Day!


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  1. Sheila Roit June 24, 2024 at 4:56 am - Reply

    Thank you for highlighting these amazing women!

  2. Miriam June 23, 2024 at 10:34 pm - Reply

    Thanks for sharing these three incredible women’s stories. Their career paths are bound to inspire young ladies such as my students to achieve their goals, too!

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