Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

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The tiny town of Puerto Chacabuco, with just over 1,000 residents, sits at the head of the Aisén Fjord. Even residents will acknowledge that there isn’t much to see in the town itself, which only recently bothered to put up street signs; the largest building is a fish-processing plant. It won’t take much more than a quick stroll to explore the entire municipality. Though this modest port may be lacking in compelling attractions, it is the gateway to some of the most beautiful sights in this part of Chilean Patagonia. 

Many visitors choose to drive to the provincial capital, Coihaique, or Puerto Aisén, a city that straddles the Aisén River and is less than 20 minutes by car from Puerto Chacabuco. In both you can find options to shop for handicrafts and excellent local restaurants. To experience the natural beauty of the region, head to the Río Simpson National Reserve for stunning vistas, pristine waterfalls and crystal-clear canyon rivers—which are especially famous for their fantastic fly fishing and their enormous brown and rainbow trout. It doesn’t take long to get from Puerto Chacabuco to these nearby sights, so avoid the temptation to stay on board your ship and instead put on your walking shoes and go witness some of the wonders of this part of Chile.

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