Port to Table

Additional cost

Our Port to Table program brings the culinary traditions of the destination to life on board. On select voyages, try local flavors at a food & wine tasting, add a new recipe to your repertoire at a live cooking demonstration by guest chef, or indulge your senses at a fine dining event.

For those looking to continue their epicurean immersion on shore, guest chefs lead select shore excursions*, exploring local cuisines while sharing their gastronomic expertise in the field.

*Shore excursions and fine dining events require an additional cost.

Explore On Board

Savor the region through cooking demonstrations and tastings on board. Learn to make Malaysian roti with curried chicken. Discover which wines pair well with coconut. Enjoy a lavish feast featuring the cuisine of Western Australia.

Explore On Shore

Take a culinary tour with the guidance of a chef’s palate. Shop for French pastries in one of Tahiti’s open-air markets. Scour the Thai countryside for the perfect pad Thai. Compare world-class rieslings at a Tasmanian winery.

Onboard Activities

Each day on board offers delicious dining options, world-class entertainment and enriching activities.