Cruises from Venice (Trieste)

A cruise from Trieste is ideal—it is a two-hour scenic train ride to Venice and a popular seaport for Italy cruises. With this city’s blush facades, wide plazas and Austrian influence, you’ll have plenty to do and plenty of elbow room to enjoy it, plus you can easily train to Venice for the day. Trieste is disorienting—geographically, it’s surrounded by Slovenia, as far northeast in Italy as you can get, ensconced in the untamed beauty of the Karstic plateau and lashed by the Bora wind. It holds a collision of Italian, Austrian-German, Croatian and Greek cultures and earned many nicknames, including “Vienna by the Sea,” “City of Coffee,” “Gem of the Adriatic.” Before your cruise from Trieste, see waterfalls tumble from rocky cliffs in the Rosandra Valley or sip coffee and let the day unfold at the largest seaside square in Europe. Here are some things to do in Trieste on Italy cruises.

Exploring Trieste

Miramare Castle

You’ll spot the Hapsburgs’ royal influence all over Trieste, but the Miramare Castle is the most iconic. This Gothic Revival castle made from white stone has all the typical castle accouterments—grand bedrooms, lush drapery, chandeliers dangling from chiseled ceilings—but its the mesmerizing sea views from each room that make it worth the short bus ride out of town.

Piazza Unità d'Italia

This wide-open square is a must-see on a cruise from Trieste. Built as a show of power from a long-lasting empire, it’s lined with palaces and municipal buildings, including the Lloyd Triestino building and City Hall. Throughout history it has acted as the setting for many cultural events and concerts. See this impressive square lit up at night or spend an afternoon sipping coffee and letting the fresh sea breeze play with your hair.

Teatro Romano

This impressive Roman theater is situated on the San Giusto slope in Trieste’s old city. Built to hold 3,500, it was unearthed in 1938 following an urban renewal project, but Pietro Nobile, a prominent Neoclassical architect discovered it much earlier in 1814. A casual walk through the center of Old Town will take you to the theater and viewing it is free. If that’s not enough, you can see the theater’s original statues and other remnants at the Cathedral of San Giusto and Castello di San Giusto.

Grotta Gigante

Go inside one of the world’s largest show caves and one of the area’s most amazing natural wonders. Make sure your camera is ready; Grotta Gigante has a massive underground chamber that’s almost 107 meters (351 ft) high and many awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites. Stop by the visitor’s center to get schooled on caves and the area’s fascinating geology.

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