Cruises From Athens (Piraeus)

Cruises from Athens depart from Piraeus, the port of Athens about five miles from its city center. Venture into Athens to explore this sun-dappled blend of ancient city and modern metropolis. Get up close to fascinating symbols of Western Civilization, such as the Parthenon. See stone-carved stadiums and temples that dwell alongside stacked apartments. Watch the tangerine sun sink into sprawling cityscape from the top of Areopagus Hill. Share a mezze platter with friends, then dance until the sun comes up and it’s time to depart on your cruise from Athens.

Things to do in Athens

National Archaeological Museum

A collection of more than 11,000 Greek artifacts make this museum one of the most significant in the world. Golden death masks, larger-than-life bronze gods and black-and-terracotta pottery portray a panorama of Greek civilization. Highlights include the Antikythera Mechanism, a mechanical calculator designed to calculate astronomical positions, and dramatic Grecian frescoes depicting mysterious blue monkeys.


It’s impossible to miss the Parthenon, the majestic ruin rising above Athens. You’ll catch glimpses of it as you travel around the city. But to truly understand the significance of this 2,500-year-old symbol of ancient Greece, a trip up to the Acropolis—the high hill it sits on—is a must. The crowds at the Parthenon will be thick. Plan to visit early or late in the day.

Acropolis Display

A visit to this museum is a must for history enthusiasts and amateur archaeologists. See findings from the slopes of the Acropolis, from the Bronze Age to the Roman and Byzantine Greece. Reinforced glass floors offer an exciting view of the excavation below. The bittersweet highlight is the Parthenon frieze, an incredibly detailed marble sculpture, the majority of which is housed in the British Museum.

Kastella & Mikrolimano

This hilly district is undoubtedly the most scenic of Piraeus. Amble through Kastella’s winding uphill rues, past forgotten mansions with curled iron balconies. Take in dazzling sea views from the hill’s summit and see islands twinkling on the horizon. Catch a concert at the open-air Veakio Theatre. Make your way back down to Mikrolimano, the ritzy yacht-lined harbor for an al fresco lunch or dinner.

Cafe Dexameni

Founded around 1900, this kafeneion is a popular place in Dexameni square for an after-movie ouzo or a mezze (a bite). Get cozy and people-watch at a tiny table sidled up to a pedestrian walkway. Enjoy basil meatballs, deep-fried whitebait, and grilled halloumi (cheese) with candied figs.

Mount Lycabettus

A trip to Athens isn’t complete without climbing its highest peak. Don’t sweat it; the funicular whisks visitors up every half an hour. According to legend, Lycabettus was once the refuge of wolves, but now it is home to an open-air amphitheater, a restaurant with sweeping views, and St. George, a quaint Greek Orthodox church. See the island of Aegina shimmering on the horizon or watch the sun rise or set here; it’s magical.

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