Alaska Cruise Ports

Postcard worthy scenery and riveting history are givens in all Alaska ports. But each port in Alaska has a special story, and an "only in Alaska" thing to experience. Take day excursions and zip close to towering glaciers or walk on the wild side in the great outdoors. Or stay in port and swap stories with friendly locals and sample the freshest seafood imaginable. Alaska cruise ports are gateways to Great Land discovery – here are some of our favorites.

Glacier Discoveries

Enjoy amazing glacier viewing experiences on every Glacier Discovery itinerary, including a day cruising Glacier Bay National Park.

Glacier Bay

With snow-flecked peaks, several tidewater glaciers, and wildlife galore, Glacier Bay is a top reason that visitors cruise Alaska. We offer more sailings to Glacier Bay than any other cruise line. Park rangers come aboard to share expert insight on this natural wonderland.

Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier is six miles wide, stunningly blue on clear days, and so active that it is nicknamed "the Galloping Glacier." Bring a camera.

College Fjord

Go glacier spotting in this smart fjord. The glaciers are named for renowned colleges; Harvard is the largest and has a face that is a mile and a half across.

Cruising Prince William Sound

Accessible from Alaska cruise port Whittier through the Passage Canal, Prince William Sound features 17 tidewater glaciers, the densest concentration in the world. Ice plunging into the sea and marine wildlife gliding through crystal waters are fairly common sights.

Scenic Cruising Tracy Arm

Glittering blue glaciers at the terminus of each arm fill the waters with icebergs. If that’s not enough, visitors often see chubby seals on ice floes or bears shuffling through this wilderness area.

Scenic Cruising Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm

See seals resting on ice hunks, towering icebergs, waterfalls rushing down from staggering cliffs as you cruise through this fjord’s emerald waters.

Tracy Arm Inlet

Float through this ice-filled inlet, flanked by snow-capped peaks on either side and get views of the largest in-tact coastal temperate rain forest in the United States.

Ports for Cruising to Alaska

Discover the wonders of Alaska with more cruise ports, listed alphabetically, and find things to do in each one.