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Nobbys Lighthouse in Newcastle Australia

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

A cruise to New South Wales brings passengers to Australia’s gleaming Sapphire Coast. New South Wales, the country’s southeastern state, is home to vibrant Sydney and its many iconic attractions. But there’s much to see (and taste) just beyond the big city environs. Visitors are treated to an endless reel of pristine, sun-bleached shores caressed by jewel-blue waters. These nutrient-rich seas draw an abundance of whales, bottlenose dolphins, seals and penguins. Go inland to the Blue Mountains to gaze at staggering ridges cloaked in native shrubbery and to encounter the world’s most adorable creatures, like kangaroo and koalas. All of that, and New South Wales has a remarkable food scene. Those who appreciate an excellent bivalve will find heaven on the Oyster Trail, where a string of unassuming eateries serve the freshly shucked mollusks with beer and wine.

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