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Beach with palm trees and blue sky

Kitava, Papua New Guinea

The islands in the Trobriand archipelago of Papua New Guinea are known for their white-sand beaches, stunning reef life, crystal-clear waters and welcoming locals. One of the main islands, Kitava is among the world’s most untouched, undeveloped spots on earth with an intact traditional culture. It's also known for its exceptionally healthy, non-Westernized diet, where yams are the core staple food along with fresh fish, papaya, guava and coconut. The yam is also the culture's touchstone staple and highest-value item, so be sure to visit the decorated yam houses where they are stored. Wander the makeshift beach market for one-of-a-kind gifts, from wood carvings to woven blankets, and be awed at the welcoming ceremonial dances. Across the channel lies the uninhabited sand atoll Nuratu Island, which has excellent diving and snorkeling just offshore, and blindingly white beaches that are even emptier than on Kitava. You’re incredibly lucky to experience this—so be sure to take the time to lie back on the sand and soak it all in.