Aerial view of the McKinley Chalet Resort near Denali National Forest in Alaska

McKinley Chalet Resort at Denali National Park

Denali Square is the bustling center of our very own McKinley Chalet Resort. Here, you can share a meal and good times at Karstens Restaurant; stroll the boardwalk and visit our artists-in-residence cabin; shop for handcrafted local goods; enjoy the Music of Denali at the Gold Nugget Saloon; or gather around the evening campfire and make s’mores under the open sky.

An Alaska Retreat

Denali Square is best described as both a hub and a retreat for Holland America Line guests at the doorstep of Denali National Park.

Relax in an Exclusive Alaska Retreat

In the heart of our 60-acre McKinley Chalet Resort is Denali Square, the perfect place for guests to soak up the Alaska experience.  Guests can dine, relax, connect, explore and be entertained in their own private retreat.
River near McKinley Chalet Lodge, Denali, Alaska

Gateway to a National Treasure

On the shores of the Nenana River, near the entrance to Denali National Park, McKinley Chalet Resort is the comfortable base camp for all adventures at the Park, including flightseeing, ATV exploring, hiking trails, river rafting and more.
Amphitheater at Denali Square, Alaska

Denali Square Amphitheater

At the center of Denali Square is an amphitheater with a covered performance stage and bench seating, where guests can attend presentations by National Park rangers, naturalist lectures, locally themed demonstrations, talks and live music.
Artist carving wood, Alaska

Our Artists in Residence

Artists have worked in national parks for more than a century. There are now many artist residency programs in the U.S., including Denali. Our Artists-in-Residence Cabin features artists working on Denali-related pieces. Come watch and visit.

Taste Alaska at Denali Square

Feast on such local favorites as fettucine with freshly caught Alaskan king crab, caribou burgers and barbecued salmon, and wash them down with a local brew. 

McKinley Chalet Accommodations

Holland America Line’s exclusive McKinley Chalet Resort is growing!

New building at McKinley Chalet Lodge, Denali, Alaska

A Welcome Addition

Holland America Line’s exclusive McKinley Chalet Resort is growing! The new building includes 99 guest accommodations, 54 of which will be junior suite-level rooms with larger living areas and large private balconies with views of the Park.
junior suite, McKinley Chalet, Alaska

More Room, More Amenities

Each spacious junior suite-level room will feature a comfortable seating area, premium bathrobes and bath amenities, Keurig® coffee machines with Starbucks® coffee, in-suite refrigerators and s’mores kits to enjoy at Denali Square.

The Premier Denali Experience

You can upgrade to a suite in Denali Square starting at just $99 per person, per night. 

To learn more or to book your Alaska + Denali Land + Sea Journey today, call 1-877-932-4259 or your Travel Advisor.