Dolphin Trainer for a Day

Approximately 6 Hours
Moderate Activity  Meal 

Discover the ultimate dolphin adventure by spending an exciting day working beside a dolphin trainer for a full six hours.

Gain an insight into and understanding of the basic skills needed to care for and train dolphins through practical hands-on experience, while being an active member of a team of marine mammal experts.

You will be in close contact with the dolphins throughout the day, both in the pool and poolside, while assisting the trainers in every aspect of their work.


Minimum age is 12 years. Minimum height is 4 feet. No observer rate offered for this tour. Do not wear sunscreen or jewelry as these can injure the dolphins' skin. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate. Waiver must be signed and medical conditions disclosed. One photo, your uniform, and a certificate of participation are included. Tour does not operate on Sundays.


This excursion is led in English