Highlights of Tallinn

Approximately 4 Hours
Strenuous Activity 

Tallinn's beachside region of Pirita may bring back memories of the 1980 Olympic Games, held here at the yachting complex.

See the 16th-century ruins of St Bridget's Convent and the Song Festival grounds.

In Tallinn's Old Town, disembark the motor coach at Tall Hermann Tower; then walk up Toompea Hill to Palace Square. The Baroque palace at the top is now the seat of the Estonian Parliament.

Visit the outstanding Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, complete with gorgeous mosaics and icons, dominating the Upper Town's skyline.

Narrow cobblestone streets take you to the Gothic Dome Church (St Mary's Cathedral). Step inside to see more than one hundred Coats of Arms on display.

Look out over the rooftops of the Lower Town from a scenic viewpoint before walking back to your motor coach.


Inside church visit(s) may not be possible if religious services are being held. Tour requires approximately 1½ hours of walking. You will encounter gravel paths at the Song Festival Grounds. The walk includes cobblestone streets and many steps to access the churches.


This excursion is led in English