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Holland America Line Extends Temporary Pause of its Global Ship Operations for 30 Additional Days

Due to the continued port closures and travel restrictions surrounding global health concerns, Holland America Line has made the decision to extend its pause of global cruise operations for an additional 30 days, cancelling sailings scheduled to depart through May 14, 2020.

Guests currently booked on cruises from April 14 through May 14 and their travel advisors will receive notification from Holland America Line in the coming days regarding options for selecting either a Future Cruise Credit for 125% of their booking value plus an additional $250 shipboard credit or a full refund.

“As the world addresses global health concerns, travel has come to a temporary standstill as communities take necessary precautions to protect themselves,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “All of us at Holland America Line are wishing everyone the best during this unprecedented time.”

All bookings will automatically be cancelled through May 14. Guests do not need to call to cancel, however, they may visit to indicate their preference for a 125% Future Cruise Credit with the bonus $250 shipboard credit or 100% refund. (This does not apply to chartered sailings.)

Holland America Line kindly requests that all those booked on cruises from April 14 through May 14 do not call reservations for assistance as hold times are expected to be very long, and their booking will automatically be cancelled over the coming week.

Recognizing the vital role travel advisors play in the success of the cruise industry, Holland America Line will protect travel advisor commissions on bookings for cancelled cruises that were paid in full and for the total amount of the Future Cruise Credits when guests rebook.

  • Marilyn mcmahon

    Thank you…this relieves a lot of stress regarding our cruise on may 9…..we love Hal and will sail again once the world is back to normal

  • John A Lichty

    So where does this leave those of us who cancelled earlier. Any chance the line will possibly reimburse us wholly rather than the 10% cancellation penalty? I would be happy with 100% future cruise credit rather than the 125% that’s being offered.

  • Raquel J Carrodeguas

    What about Alaska cruises prior to Canada’s port opening in July?

  • Hope A. Johnson

    Please repost the causes of death for the four passengers on the Zaandam
    I saw them posted earlier and I can’t find it. The way the news media reports it, people assume it was Coronavirus when in fact, it was not. I will post it correctly but I would like the facts. Thank you.

  • Ruth Friesenborg

    Hope that we can do this same cruise next year!! We love HAL.

  • Denette Peffers

    Re cancellation

    We had a cruise scheduled to depart from Rome on May 3, 2020.
    We cancelled a few weeks ago because we were worried that HAL would wait to cancel and we wouldn’t get anything back. So as it stands now, we have received %50 refund and an equal amount in FCC. Now that HAL has finally cancelled, we would like a full refund.

    Please respond thank you

    Denette and James Peffers

  • Dianna

    I booked and paid for a family vacation with 11 other family members, 9 who have never cruised before. They had to book holidays that cannot be cancelled, the great nephews have been preparing for this cruise by looking over the ship and it’s amenities ever time they came Down . They were so looking forward to being part of Hal’s Club, and having a balcony or suite as there home for a week. One of the little boys even asked me “why the big boat puts chocolates on their pillow and I don’t”?
    I do understand and respect and agree with the decision HAL giving me a 100% refund for all the cabins but it does nothing to get the 9 new potential cruiser back on HAL or even cruising.

  • Celeste Cornish

    My cruise, June 1st, Massdam from Vancouver BC to Alaska. Canada has stopped all sailings until July 1st, 2020. How will my cruise be effected?? Canceled? Change of port? Etc?

  • Dennis

    What about Alaska cruises from May 15 to July 1?

  • William Bailey

    We love Holland Americia and are 3 Star Mariners. We were booked on a cruise to Alaska from Vancover to leave May 2. We received a email from you giving us a opportunity to cancel which we did as the Canadian Government was advising against all cruise travel. A few days later all cruises out of Vancouver were cancelled until July 1. We rebooked another cruise for September. My question is WHY is everyone not given the same deal when you have to cancel. We sure did not receive this deal and lost all the perks we had when we had to cancel our first cruise. It should be the same for everyone….

  • Dennis

    What is the latest date of a new cruise using the FCC?

  • David Richardson

    Do we need to do anything about the shore excursions we booked through you?

    Thank you


  • Nina Peterson

    I think this was a sneaky ploy to get as many customers back as possible by not informing us of the possibility of 100% refund from this pandemic if we waited. I was penalized for being cautious. Norwegian Cruise line did right by their customers. Why don’t Holland America?

    Nina Peterson

  • Dan Lloyd

    We are booked on Westerdam June 12 starting in Vancouver to Alaska I hear from locals in Vancouver that the Canadian Gov will not allow any cruises til at least July 1. How does that effect this latest pause effect this cruise?

  • Dan Lloyd

    Meant June 14

  • George Muscat

    Well done HAL, it is best to safe than sorry.
    Hard times call for hard measures.
    You now need to survive and get through all of this, being business myself I still can’t imagine the turmoil you are going through

    Good luck to you all and am sure will see you once again on the other side on a ship somewhere

    George and Leonarda

  • Linda Scheffer

    I cancelled my cruise on March 9. Still no refund of port taxes.

  • John Heisel

    I hope the FCC will be useable over at least a 2 year period! My FAV would be in excess of $125,000!

  • Edward Feder

    HAL is misrepresenting the facts. Some weeks ago, they’d already canceled cruises through May 3rd. Now, although they are giving the impression of adding one month to their cancelled schedule, they’ve extended it by only 11 days. When will they step up to reality and return passenger’s money? They cannot cruise Canadian ports until July 1st. Why, besides greed and indifference to customers, don’t they now cancel their Alaska cruises until July?

  • Diane

    Will these rules apply even though I cancelled earlier?

  • Jacqueline Miller

    We have a cruise booked on June 6-13 (Canada, New England. Is this ship going to sail as I have it insured but my RCI certificate people say I wont get my money back if I cancel. Can someone call me and let me know what I should do.
    Thank You Jackie Miller 1 780 477 2001

  • Julie See

    RE: Booking ID CR9G8Q/ID# 8574090786 – We were scheduled to depart on our cruise 4/12/20 through 4/19/20. We received a 50% credit to our card and the remaining 50% we are receiving as a future cruise credit. I am noticing that cruises departing just 2 days later are receiving a choice of 125% Future Cruise Credit with the bonus $250 shipboard credit or a 100% refund. I’m wondering why Holland America is not giving those options to those of us who had a cruise booked for anytime in April. I believe we should be given those same options. I am not sure why there is a difference of cruises departing on 4/14 as opposed to cruises departing on 4/12. I feel strongly that the entire month of April departures should be given those same options.

  • Satinee J.

    Omg fighting!

  • Frank Merkestein

    My TA sent me email that HAL offers 250 per persoon board credit is this correct?

  • M E E Lawlor

    Hi from NZ – sorry to opt out of cruise CL4TCX March 2021 _ Mary Eileen Erin Lawlor (Erin).

    Good wishes to All Holland America folk – so many pleasant memories via HAL voyages: had been hoping to achieve 5 Star Mariner status.

    However the years are running away quite quickly now!

  • helen t moyes

    I have not received anything from my cancelled cruise Koningsdam 48 days March 15 2020. The travel agent Cruise Connections just keeps putting me off. The cancellation of the cruise should result in a refund? What is happening?

  • Lisa

    Hi Julie..I just wanted to say how I really appreciate the great and tremendous effort from everyone
    associated with Holland America has been doing..I look forward to cruising with your great company again. My question is about the new Ryndam to debut in May 2021. The Fincantieri Shipyards in Italy
    where it is being built have been closed since March 19 as I am looking to a future cruise in 2021 on the
    Ryndam, how is this closure effecting the timeline of the Ryndam?

  • Rod

    Hi Julie,

    The terms and conditions for HAL’s “save now cruise later” includes “Total offer value of up to US$2,300 based on double occupancy in a Suite for 14-day cruise”, but it seems from HAL’s website that the offer is also for non-suite type cabins (eg inside cabin) and for cruises less than 14 days. Can you please clarify?

    The terms and conditions also include “Suite offer: Premium Internet Package”. Taking my first point into consideration, is the internet package only for suites or is it also for non-suite type cabins (eg inside cabin)?

  • Julie

    Thank you for your patience during this time. Given the volume of refund requests and the care being dedicated to ensure each Guest’s request is processed accurately and in a coordinated manner, please allow for approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed. All refunds will be processed in due course, but delays should be anticipated. Please allow sufficient time for us to manage this process and know we are doing everything in our power to expedite where possible.

  • Julie

    Hi Rod, the savings are up to $2,300. ALL guests receive free drinks, free gratuities, free Signature Dining Package and 50% reduced deposit. Suite guests also receive free Wi-Fi, in addition to the drinks, gratuities and dining package. So the Wi-Fi is only for suite bookings. Does this help?

  • Rod

    Hi Julie,

    HAL’s “save now cruise later” promo includes voyages for 2022. As HAL’s website is only currently showing some voyages for the first few months of 2022 can you please advise that, when it says voyages for 2022, it means anytime from January to December 2022? For example, does the promo include voyages during August 2022?

  • Joyce Brinkmann

    Booked on Konsingdam August 1 sailing out of Vancouver, how does it look at this point, will we be sailing!

  • Joyce Brinkmann

    Our family is booked on August 1 sailing on MS Konsingdam our of Vancouver deck 6, how does it look like for the sailing,4th time to Alaska!

  • Julie

    Hi Rod, Save Now Cruise Later/Have it All is only available through July 31, so it is open to any 2022 cruises that are open for booking. If cruises in August 2022 are not on the website, then they are not open for booking so not eligible for the promotion at this time.

  • Jackie Miller

    We need to know if our cruise is cancelled and will we get a full refund. It is the New England cruise on Holland America ( New Amsterdam Ship) June 6 to June 13. Canada is saying that no ships can sale before July 1 from any Canadian ports

  • Julie

    Hi Jackie, Holland America Line has cancelled all cruises through June 30.

  • Jill Reading

    We were cautious and cancelled our July 18 sailing from Montreal on March 9. We live in Australia and doubt that we will be allowed to leave our borders even if the cruise goes ahead. All we were offered was cruise credit although we were well in time for a refund according to HAL website and policies. As yet we have received no refund of port taxes and doubt whether we will want to cruise in the near future. What we want is a full refund as per our original booking conditions.

  • poul jensen

    Vi har bestilt krydstogt fra Venedig den 22. september i 28 dage. Bliver det til noget? .


    Poul Jensen

  • Susan Miles

    Cancelled cruise booking on March 19th, 2020 and was advised my deposit would be credited back to credit card 7 to 10 business days. To date (May 1st) still no credit of my cruise deposit. When may I expect my refund?

  • Colin

    Why am I being ask to pay my final balance on a cruise in August that will be cancelled?

  • Julie

    Hi Susan, thank you for your patience during this time. Given the volume of refund requests and the care being dedicated to ensure each guest’s request is processed accurately and in a coordinated manner, please allow for approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed. All refunds will be processed in due course, but delays should be anticipated. Please allow sufficient time for us to manage this process and know we are doing everything in our power to expedite where possible.

  • Margaret Price

    Like so many others I cancelled my May 17, 2020 cruise after the CDC gave the no sail order realizing what was happening with the Covid Pandemic. I went to your cancellation preference site and filled out option two requesting a full refund. I was told I did not qualify. Is this because I booked my cruise through Prestige Cruises instead of directly through Holland America? Thank you for your help with this.

  • Kathi

    We paid out 18000. Dollars for 48 day South America on march15 2020. It took until June 3 to hear from cruise connections about refunds or credits. Our value for the money we put out appears to be far less when looking at new prices. HAL has caused way too much confusion by creating different solutions for every cancellation. One big problem is the bc and federal governments called the pandemic thus cancelling all insurance policies, including the one offered by cruise connections as part of a package, plus room credits. This makes the contract invalid. A full refund should be offered.

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