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Holland America Line Extends Temporary Pause of its Global Ship Operations Until June 30

Due to continued port closures including Canada’s cruise ship suspension until July 1 and other travel restrictions resulting from global health concerns, Holland America Line has made the decision to extend its pause of global cruise operations and cancel all sailings scheduled to depart through June 30, 2020. This includes Alaska, Canada/New England and Europe cruises.

In Alaska, Holland America Line is also cancelling all Alaska sailings for summer 2020 on Maasdam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Volendam and Westerdam. In addition, all Land+Sea Journeys are cancelled. A Land+Sea Journey combines a Holland America Line Alaska cruise with an overland tour to Denali and the Yukon. The McKinley Chalet Resort, McKinley Explorer rail cars and tour motorcoaches will not operate this summer.

The premium line is assessing the future impact of the order by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for cruises through mid-July. Additional deployment details will be shared in the near future.

“These are unprecedented times. Having to delay summer cruising and cancel our land tours for the entire season is the responsible thing to do, yet also very disappointing and a first in our more than 70 years of taking guests to Alaska,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “We know this decision impacts our loyal guests, travel advisor partners, staff members and local businesses who rely on summer tourism for their economies. We look forward to better days and returning to a full summer cruising season in 2021.”

Two Options for Guests on Cancelled Cruises

Guests with impacted cruises have two options to choose from and must make their selection by June 1, 2020:

• Option #1: Defer a refund and receive a Future Cruise Credit for 125% of the base cruise fare paid plus an onboard credit of US$250 per person, which can be applied toward any future cruise(s) through Dec. 31, 2021. Guests who haven’t paid in full will receive a Future Cruise Credit for 125% of the amount paid to Holland America Line.

• Option #2: A 100% refund of all monies paid to Holland America Line will be reimbursed. This includes Holland America Line’s Flight Ease air, Cancellation Protection Plan, Holland America Line pre- or post-cruise hotel packages or transfers, prepaid shore excursions and amenities purchased through Holland America Line, and taxes, fees and port expenses.

All bookings automatically will be cancelled through June 30. Guests do not need to call to cancel, however, they should visit to indicate their preference for the 125% Future Cruise Credit or 100% refund no later than June 1. If a choice is not made by this deadline, guests will be deemed to have accepted the greater value Option #1. The Future Cruise Credit is valid on any cruise departing through December 31, 2021, and must be applied toward this future cruise by December 31, 2020.

The above options are not applicable to guests booked on a charter sailing. Other booking and cancellation conditions and policies may apply if cruise was not booked through Holland America Line.

Recognizing the vital role travel advisors play in the success of the cruise industry, Holland America Line will protect travel advisor commissions on bookings for cancelled cruises that were paid in full and for the total amount of the Future Cruise Credits when guests rebook.

  • sylvia

    I have asked many times to have my cruise 100% refunded yet nothing has been done to refund my money. why

  • Kathleen Feste

    We love HAL and look forward to several cruises in the future.

  • Lydia Hamburger Shutter

    I would like to know where the form is to fill out for either option #1 or option #2. I do not see it on your site. Thank you.

  • Alan Ubbens

    Why don’t you show the link to make a decision. There are no places on the website to choose the options, nor is it located on my bookings portion of the reservation.

  • Anne Webster

    Hi, just wondering why the Koningsdam was not mentioned. We are booked to go to Alaska on 4 July 2020.
    Thank you

  • Jose Andrey Mendones

    Godbless HAL

  • Larry Griffith

    If I choose option #2 for my summer Alaska cruise- will I get my refund immediately or do I have to wait for it? Thank you

  • Julie

    Hi Alan, it’s at the top of Holland America Line’s homepage. Here you go!

  • Julie

    It’s at the top of the Holland America Line homepage in the Travel Advisory link. Here you go!

  • Julie

    Hi Larry, thank you for your patience during this time. Given the volume of refund requests and the care being dedicated to ensure each guest’s request is processed accurately and in a coordinated manner, please allow for approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed. All refunds will be processed in due course, but delays should be anticipated. Please allow sufficient time for us to manage this process and know we are doing everything in our power to expedite where possible.

  • Julie

    Hi Anne, we are still hoping to be able to have some sort of an Alaska season and decisions have not been made about Koningsdam yet.

  • Julie

    Hi Sylvia, thank you for your patience during this time. Given the volume of refund requests and the care being dedicated to ensure each Guest’s request is processed accurately and in a coordinated manner, please allow for approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed. All refunds will be processed in due course, but delays should be anticipated. Please allow sufficient time for us to manage this process and know we are doing everything in our power to expedite where possible.

  • Pat Barrett

    I have submitted a request for Option 2 for my cancelled cruise but wonder if there is anyway I can check before June 1st to make sure it went thru so that it won’t automatically go to Option 1. It did say submitted after pushing the button but I always feel better if I have an email or some kind of acknowledgement to make sure it went thru. Also after making my choice I received another email telling me my cruise was cancelled and to make my choice, so this worries me.

  • Alex

    My Alaska cruise is for May 2 2020. Will Holland America automatically cancel this for me or do I need to call ?

    When I login to Holland America website I can still see the cruise in My Bookings.

  • Stephanie bishop

    We have deposits on 3 cabins July 4,2020 on the Eurodam. Final payments due May 5 th. Can we extend this final until June since there is a no sail policy in effect now?

  • Tracey Bush

    When will HAL will be making a decision regarding Baltic cruises with departures in August 2020 from Amsterdam? Many of the ports to be visited are still closed and Australians are under a travel ban until at least September 2020. Thanks

  • Julie

    If you are booked through Holland America Line, please call reservations to discuss options. They can be reached at 877-932-4259. If you booked through an agency, please reach out to them to discuss your options.

  • Julie

    Hi Pat, right now there’s no automated response. We are looking into this. If you would like reassurance, please call reservations. They can be reached at 877-932-4259.

  • Julie

    You cruise is automatically cancelled, but you have to select if you want a 125% FCC or refund:

  • Drea

    I am helping my 70+ year-old parents navigate through obtaining a refund for a first-ever cruise that was cancelled by Holland America. MANY hours have been spent trying to reach representatives from Holland America and Costco Travel to obtain a refund. They are facing credit card interest and potentially negative credit reporting on a $10,000 trip that has yet to be refunded to them. How will Holland America reconcile this? From prior posts on this page, it states from Julie on 04/21/2020: “Given the volume of refund requests and the care being dedicated to ensure each guest’s request is processed accurately and in a coordinated manner, please allow for approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed.” I understand that these are uncertain times but please understand that the long time frame for refunds is putting some individuals in precarious financial situations that they cannot afford to be in as other financial and health situations mount. Please help!!!

  • Joyce Brinkmann

    please someone tell me we r booked on Konsingdam august 1 sailing out of Vancouver, is the trip still om

  • Robyn Payne

    I cancelled all our shore excursions for our Inside Passage cruise in early May, on March 20th, and received emails to say they would be refunded. As yet I have not been refunded and was wondering when I can expect this repayment. Thank you

  • Julie

    Hi Drea, if you are booked through Costco, then the refund needs to come through them. Have you spoken to someone in reservations at Holland America Line? They can be reached at 877-932-4259.

  • Julie

    Hi Robyn, given the volume of refunds, it’s taking up to 60 days to process. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • Burn

    We r booked on Konsingdam May 2 sailing out of Vancouver, when I log onto the website it shows the trip is still on and the booking is active, will HAL cancel automatically ? I already put in my option for the cancellation request, thats all I need to do ?

  • Julie

    Hello, yes it’s automatically cancelled. As long as you visited the link and put in your option, you should be good. You can call reservations if you are unsure.

  • Karen

    My Alaskan cruise on the Maasdam is scheduled to depart from Vancouver on August 24. It states above that all Alaskan summer cruises on the Maasdam have been cancelled. Is August 24 in this catagory? Has my cruise been cancelled?

  • Julie

    Karen, please call reservations if you are not sure. But if it’s a full Alaska cruise, it is canceled.

  • Patricia Lucas

    We have been waiting for over 7 weeks for our refund for a cruise that was cancelled. After calling today, I am now being told it may be even longer than 8 weeks. I understand this is a difficult time but it is a poor way to do business and it will not promote myself and others to travel with you in the future. What happened to working with the customers? I am very disappointed in how this is being handled.

  • Patricia Lucas

    It has now been 60 days since we have requested our $7,000 back for a cancelled cruise. We still have not received our refund. This is very poor business on e part of Holland America.
    Who can we go to in upper management for assistance?

  • Alex

    Its been more than 60 days since I requested a refund of my cancelled Alaska cruise and I have received anything yet. With whom can I request a follow up

  • John Phelps

    I was told it would take up to 2 billing cycles to get my refund. I’m past 2 billing cycles and still no refund. It took you less than 2 minutes to take my money. A refund should not take this long.

  • Ron

    We were on the Zaandam which as you know was impacted. This is my 3rd email. Two weeks ago we received a refund on our credit card of just over $1,700.00. We have not received an explanation as to what this was for. Our entire 31 day trip was, and paid to Holland America for, just over $37,000.00. I have called and so has my travel agent. What do I do now??

  • Ron G.

    We were on the impacted Zaandam. Two weeks ago we received a refund of just over $1,700.00 on our credit card. We chose option 2 Our total cost for the 31 days was just over $37,000.00 Why have we only received a very small refund ?

  • Julie

    Perhaps it was port charges, taxes or shore excursions. When you called, no one was able to inform you? Please call again and have someone look at your booking. We do not have booking access at the blog.

  • Alex

    With whom can I request a follow up with a cruise that HAL cancelled. Its been more than 60 days

  • Julie

    Please call reservations or your travel advisor.

  • Debby Greer

    Our trip was cancelled. It’s been more than 60 days waiting on a full refund. When can our refund be expected??

  • Marilyn Bailey

    Its been over 120 days on our 44 day cruise. We contacted Holland America after 90 days they said we had a refund coming we are a 4 star and this was our 60th anniversary cruise.please refund our $8000.00 dollars we has always told others to cruise this line.

  • Julie

    John, can you please email with your booking number and details. Thank you.

  • Steve

    I submitted my request for option 2 by phone for my cancelled cruise which was to depart March 18th on the Zuiderdam and have received no informatin since. My wife and I are both seniors with health issues and would appreciate some update about our $2,968.00 U.S. refund. Thank you.

  • Julie

    Hi Steve, please email with your details. We apologize for the longer-than-planned delay.

  • scott kerlee

    HAL my wife and i were scheduled for the Alaskan trip from seattle 7 days and we paid in full the very 1st day appx 6 thousand dollars I’m not the kind of family that can leave 6000 dollars floating out there in the hopes covid issues will go away, therefore I’m asking for my refund 100% thanks

    scott kerlee

  • Julie

    Hi Scott, have you made this selection on line? Please call reservations to check that you are registered as a refund.

  • Diane C Lambert

    Julie, what is the best way to contact HAL about a cruise that was cancelled in April 2020, the day all Global Ship Operations were cancelled? I feel we should have recieved a full refund and we’re never told about the form to state our preference.

  • Julie

    Diane, please email details to We apologize that you are still waiting for a refund.

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