Farewell to Veendam From our Guests and Crew

Farewell to Veendam From our Guests and Crew

Holland America Line recently announced that Veendam would be leaving the fleet. The final S-Class ship, she was delivered in 1996 and has explored the world gracefully for more than 20 years. We asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite memories and photos from Veendam, and here is a selection of the posts from both guests and crew.

Caption for the main photo: Under bright blue sunny skies in Ft. Lauderdale, FL stage and screen actress Debbie Reynolds christened Veendam on May 15, 1996! With Holland America Line President & CEO A. Kirk Lanterman on her right and Carnival Corporation Chairman Micky Arison on her left, she was all smiles after the christening. Farewell, Veendam.
Gerald Bernhoft

Veendam in Albania

She waited for us in Sarande, Albania. It was the trip of a lifetime…❤️ this ship
Jacqueline Scarth

James Aldrin Mendez Mabao  sunset

Just like the great ships of old who came before you, you will now sail through the twilight of legend. Know that I will forever be grateful for sailing with you even for a short period because you brought me people I will always cherish and memories with them I will always remember! ‘Til we meet again in the glorious sea of dreams, Bon Voyage my beloved Veendam! ❤️?
James Aldrin Mendez Mabao

wedding couple

This is the ship I met my husband on in 2007. ? The Dutch Pinnacle Grill chef and the Assistant Cruise Director from Arizona. We have been married for over 11 years and have two kids.
Nicole van Winden

man on ship deck

Our first cruise on the ms Veendam was a cruise to Alaska in 2006, and we were fortunate to enjoy her for four more adventures, for a total of 104 days at sea. Those were in 2007 in Northern Europe then across the North Atlantic through the Arctic to NYC; in 2010 for the magical South America and Antarctica cruise; in 2013 from Buenos Aires to Boston, the “long way” around South America; and in 2014 for back to back Canada/New England cruises. All were memorable, from Capt. Russell-Dunford waking us up and “ordering” us outside to see our first iceberg in the Arctic, to Capt. Kronbeem nudging the ship as far as possible into the Antarctic wilderness, to Capt von Druemel patiently waiting for us to arrive back, late, from Machu Picchu . . . when his wife was our escort. I have literally thousands of photos taken from the Veendam, but chose this one, taken as we sailed through Prins Christiansund in Greenland in 2007, because it reminds me of the wilder adventures, and the hours we spent on Deck 9 above the bow, in all kinds of weather, “savoring the journey,” and getting as close to spirit of the place as possible. Fair winds and following seas to her as she begins a new life. The Veendam, and the Maasdam, will be missed.
Nancy Waldman Taft

man in front of ship

My first and most memorable ship assignment. Jan 2019 until Sept 2019. Met a lot of beautiful people and amazing friends from another country. Thank you for having me on Veendam and bringing me from one place to another ❣️ I will remember that moment and be forever thankful. Farewell Veendam! ❤️ I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U ❣️
Dani Kusumah


We sailed on the Veendam last summer throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. It was a marvelous adventure and the Veendam was wonderful! Who knew it would be our last time aboard her. We took this picture as we prepared to leave Dubrovnik, Croatia. Beautiful! Thank you, Veendam!
Jan Prior


One of my favorite photos, of Antarctica, from the top of the Veendam, December 2009. I was in a six-month contract as piano bar entertainer, in South America.
Steve Lynch


1996, 25 years ago I got married on the Veendam in port Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas. She was the best venue for a one-week wedding cruise with 40 family and friends. Hubby and I have been smoothly sailing seas of life ever since – only wish we could have got our daughters on board before she left the fleet.
Natasha Missler Fulkerson

Veendam in Cuba

Our single and very memorable cruise on Veendam was in the Fall of 2018 to Cuba. We went on a most enjoyable excursion that included entertainment at a State-owned yacht club while Veendam was anchored in the Cienfuegos harbor. Many thanks to the wonderful Veendam crew for transporting us to visit Cuba.
Bob Gramm


Veendam in Nassau Jan. 2020. She shined in the sun right to the end. Cruised the Caribbean on her multiple times. She was the epitome of HAL smaller ships. My father was a former Captain on the Holland America Line and I was practically raised on these Dam ships. So many good times and memories on and of her. Farewell Sweet Lady! Smooth seas on your departure.
Pieter Ketelaar

Veendam 1000 voyage

We ❤ You 1000. I was there on her Voyage of 1000.
Olivian Oliv

ship crew

You will be forever my first ship.
Drawde Paray

Sailing into Bermuda

Sailing into Bermuda 2018.
Karen Steiner Driflot

If you have wonderful memories of Veendam you’d like to share, please comment below!


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  1. Emma Emberson August 15, 2020 at 2:31 am - Reply

    The Veendam was a beautiful ship. she was my first cruise ship I worked with amazing crew and had some very amazing memories. You never forget your first ?

  2. Cornelis Hoogeveen August 16, 2020 at 8:29 am - Reply

    Although we only sailed on the MS Veendam twice, both cruises were special, In November 1996 we Celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary on board with our children and their spouses.
    Captain Jonathan Mercer Officiated during the RENEWAL OF THE VOWS ceremony and Cees Bruggeman was the Hotel manager.
    Our second cruise on the MS Veendam was a cruise to Bermuda, She was the only ship from all of the major Cruise lines to dock DOWNTOWN and the Arrival and departure was very special sailing thru the narrow channel.
    Although the GOOD OLD DAYS are gone, we continue to ONLY cruise with HAL, especially because of the Friendly crew on board.

  3. Janet Sharples January 4, 2021 at 7:43 am - Reply

    My mother sailed on the Veendam in May 1935 – from Southampton to New York. I am currently writing a memoir of her life so if there is anything out there from so far back – memories/photos, I would be so delighted to read/see them. I know the ship has been refurbished but it was HAL so I am assuming it is the same ship that has just been retired from service – assuming it will be broken up.

  4. Robert Pressrich September 17, 2021 at 10:52 am - Reply

    The Veendam sailed from Tampa during the winter season for many years, and was well liked by the fact that it rarely was not full. Captain Albert was assigned to the Veendam during the mid 2000’s, and I followed his blog to know of the Veendam’s adventures.
    The Crow’s Nest and Jacob’s ladder in the mid ship atrium were my favorite areas on board.

  5. Dennis Malenfant June 16, 2022 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    I was the guitarist in the show band for Holland America’s Veendam and I worked on that ship every summer from 2010 to 2016, doing its NY to Bermuda run. Because of its smaller size compared to the larger ships in the Holland America line, the crew was very tight, like a small town and every body knew each other and got along very well. I loved this ship and was sad to see her sold off to another company.
    Many good memories of the Veendam, will miss her!

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