The Silk Tale

Approximately 3 Hours
Easy Activity  Snack 

Silk is one of the oldest textile fibers known to mankind. During the Roman Empire, it was sold for its weight in gold. Here in Konavle Valley, near Dubrovnik, women keep alive the ancient craft of silk production, not for profit but for the sake of tradition. The silk thread produced here is mostly used for embroidering the beautiful national costume of the Konavle region. In the 1990s, during the war in Croatia, the Konavle Valley was occupied by hostile forces and many of its houses were sacked and burned down. Along with the houses, hundreds and hundreds of handmade national costumes were lost. After the war ended, the women of Konavle decided to start from scratch so that they could leave a piece of their beautiful heritage for future generations. They started making the costumes even when they were still refugees. Several volunteer groups were formed to help. This Cruise with Purpose excursion enables you to share in this magnificent cultural endeavor as you produce a silk thread in the age-old, traditional manner. The thread you produce will be used to embroider new costumes. Listen to an explanation of the whole process, from cocoon boiling, to thread reeling, dyeing, plying, reeling, weaving, and embroidering. Enjoy the hospitality of a host family in the village and connect with some of this ancient country’s profound cultural values as you actively participate in their rebirth and restoration.


This excursion is led in English