Manaus & the Teatro Amazonas Opera House

Approximately 2¿ hours
Moderate Activity 

Depart from the floating port of Manaus, designed to move up and down with the river tide of the Rio Negro.

You will stop by the Customs House (prefabricated in Liverpool and shipped to Manaus a hundred years ago) for a quick visit, the clock tower, the cathedral and the Palacio Rio Negro -- the private residence of a German rubber baron and later the Governor’s office.

The highlight of your tour will be a visit to the city’s most famous landmark -- the lavish pink and white Teatro Amazonas Opera House. Built in 1896, this architectural marvel features a dome of 36,000 vitrified ceramic tiles imported from Europe, set in a mosaic of the colors of the Brazilian flag. The amazing painting that graces the inside of the dome is a recreation of the view you would have if you stood under the Eiffel Tower and looked up. The dazzling auditorium boasts perfect acoustics, and performances here range from single guitar concerts to entire ballet companies and philharmonic orchestras. As stunning as the building is, perhaps its most extraordinary element is the fact that it is located in the heart of the Amazon jungle, in the city of Manaus -- a testament to the dazzling affluence that accompanied the rubber boom of 1896.

On the way back to the ship you will pass the Prosamin District, built to improve housing for those who live along the rivers. This means better living conditions, health and sanitation, social programs, and environmental awareness.


Bring sunscreen and a hat. Minimum age is 5 years. Tour does not operate on Sundays.


This excursion is led in English