The Easiest Way to Book Flights for Your Cruise

Holland America Line Flight Ease® delivers what cruise travelers are looking for: specially negotiated low prices; a convenient, worry-free way to book air travel; late-arrival protection; the freedom to change your flights - with no change fees; and you can earn frequent flier miles with participating airlines.

Holland America Line Flight Ease® Benefits

Flight Ease provides competitive pricing and flight inventory from multiple carriers featuring only flights that arrive and depart in time for your departure. All flights booked through Flight Ease feature 24-hour assistance for questions and “Next Port Protection,” which means that in case of airline delay or cancellation, Holland America Line will take care of any flight changes necessary to join the cruise at the next available port of call.


Customize your air itinerary with your preferred travel dates, airport, airline, flight, and aircraft cabin class. Select from Flexible or Restricted fares*. Your flight selections will be confirmed immediately.


Our Flexible Fares* are competitively priced and often lower than pricing found on other sites – with added benefits not found elsewhere. With Flexible fares, you may change your flights without change fees at any time prior to your cruise final payment date.


In the event that your flights are delayed or cancelled, our staff is ready to assist you, 24/7. And we’ll take care of any flight changes, if necessary, to join the voyage at the next available port of call.


Should you need assistance with your flight selections or during your air travels, you may rely on our support to ensure worry-free travel. Contact your Travel Advisor, or call Holland America Line at 1-800-628-4771.


“We were able to get business class seats for slightly more than we would have paid if we booked economy class seats on our own. It is definitely worthwhile looking into if you have a one-way flight to get to or from a cruise.”

– CruiseCritic member ger_77 

“We used Flight Ease for a flight to Rome prior to our transatlantic cruise last fall. We got to pick the airline we wanted and it was much cheaper than anything we could find on our own. Our experience with Flight Ease was good and we would consider it again.”

– CruiseCritic member daisyloo


FLEXIBLE FARES – For those who want greater flexibility
Payment for air travel will be due with your cruise final payment. Flexible fares can be changed or cancelled without change fees at any time prior to your cruise final payment due date. After the cruise final payment due date, fees up to the full cost of the ticket may apply.

RESTRICTED FARES – For those who are sure of their plans
Non-refundable, but generally lower rates require full payment for air reservations at time of air booking. Changes to Restricted air reservations will result in cancellation of air booking and cancellation fees up to the full cost of the ticket.  Air prices are nonrefundable (no money back).