Scenic cruising Midway Island

The Midway Islands are an aptly named atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between California and East Asia. Once home to a secluded U.S. military base, Midway Atoll today is a National Wildlife Refuge and a sanctuary for more than 3 million seabirds. Pristine coral reefs circle the islands. Keep binoculars on hand for animal sightings. As you scenic cruise through Midway Island, watch for endangered monk seals, pods of acrobatic spinner dolphins, and massive sea turtles. As there’s little human influence these days, the wildlife is allowed to thrive. The Midway Islands are deceptively serene—a pivotal World War II battle took place between the U.S. and the Japanese in 1942. It was a critical Allied victory. The atoll was an active Naval air facility from 1941 until 1993. Today, access to Midway Island is restricted, but those lucky enough to go ashore will find an airstrip, vestiges from the war and about forty refuge staff members who live there permanently.