Glacier Bay

With the serene majesty of snow-flecked and forested mountains defining its shores, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve offers some of the most dramatic scenery and wildlife experiences in the world. Glacier Bay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, is home to the mile-wide Margerie Glacier, highlight of your scenic cruise up this Alaskan fjord. Watch for breaching humpbacks alongside your ship, bears along the beaches, and so much more as Holland America Line and National Park Service Rangers guide you through the best Alaska Glacier Bay cruise adventure you’ll ever have.


Explore with the Experts

As a proud Authorized Concessioner for Glacier Bay National Park, Holland America Line partners with National Park Service Rangers and local Huna Tlingit cultural guides, who come aboard your cruise to Glacier Bay to provide expert insights into this diverse ecosystem and millennia-old culture.


Your Glacier Bay Cruise Adventure Begins When You Board

As you cruise up the picturesque coast of Alaska’s panhandle toward Glacier Bay, immerse yourself in the ambience of Alaska by participating in Explorations Central™ (EXC®) activities, Glacier Bay’s natural history EXC Talks such as “Fire & Ice” an onstage presentation that explores the extreme forces that shaped Glacier Bay. 

Before embarking on your cruise to Glacier Bay, take part in the Glacier Bay Primer Talk, which will give important detail about the upcoming scenic commentary from National Park Service Rangers and Huna Tlingit cultural guide, discussing the ecology of the area, how the advancing glacial ice forced the Huna Tlingit people from their home, and why it’s critical that wild lands such as these remain wild.


More Glacier Bay For the Kids

Club HAL also offers engaging age-appropriate activities for kids on your Glacier Bay cruise—and an exclusive Junior Ranger program for kids ages 3-16, available only in Glacier Bay.


The Taste and Tone of Alaska Onboard Your Glacier Bay Cruise

Dine on savory local salmon and other regionally produced foods, wines, and spirits from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest before catching evening entertainment that include the jaw-dropping footage and rousing scores of BBC Earth's "Alaska In Concert", and the Alaska Stage Show; a captivating, animated stage experience bringing to life the cultural history of Glacier Bay and Tlingit traditions.


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