Glacier Bay

On your cruise to Glacier Bay, close your eyes and take in the sounds—the creaks and groans of  “living” ice, the shrill cries of gulls and soaring eagles, the splash of a breaching humpback whale. Frosted peaks towering over mossy forests, wide tidewater glaciers (there are seven in the park), and marine wildlife are givens on Glacier Bay cruises, but every experience in this changing biosphere is unique.

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve is best explored on an Alaska Cruise or an Alaska Land+ Sea Journey cruise tour. Our ships are perfectly sized for the optimal experience. Prepare for inclement weather, even in summer and dress for rain. Pack a hat, gloves, wool or fleece layers, a warm coat and waterproof gear to comfortably admire the landscape from the open deck of your ship. There are glaciers, fjords, inlets, rivers, streams and wildlife galore on Glacier Bay cruises, so bring those binoculars.


More About Glacier Bay Cruises

With the serene majesty of snow-flecked and forested mountains defining its shores, Glacier Bay National Park offers some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. Keep your binoculars and camera on hand as you cruise Glacier Bay to the mile-wide Margerie Glacier, where you may have a chance to witness ice calving. Wildlife abounds in Glacier Bay, so stay ready—you never know when you will see the fluke of a humpback rise out of the water or spot a lone brown bear wandering a wind-swept beach.


Glacier Bay with the Experts

On our Glacier Bay cruises and Alaska Land+Sea Journey cruise tours, local experts come aboard for an experience that is both filled with natural wonder and enriching. As a proud Authorized Concessioner for Glacier Bay National Park, we partner with rangers and local Huna Tlingit guides who provide expert insight into this diverse ecosystem and millennia-old culture. You will not only leave Glacier Bay with a shorter bucket list, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of this 3.3-million-acre UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Your Glacier Bay Cruise Begins

As you cruise up the picturesque coast of Alaska’s panhandle toward Glacier Bay, immerse in all things Alaska by participating in Explorations Central™ (EXC®) activities, Glacier Bay’s natural history EXC Talks that aim to give an insider’s perspective on the destination. 

Attend the Glacier Bay Primer Talk before your cruise to Glacier Bay. Get important details about the National Park Service Rangers’ commentary and the presentation from the Huna Tlingit cultural guide, covering the area’s ecology, how advancing glacial ice forced the Huna Tlingit people from their home, and why it’s critical that wild lands remain wild.


Glacier Bay Cruise For the Kids

There’s plenty for little nature fans on cruises to Glacier Bay. Club HAL offers engaging age-appropriate activities for kids on your Glacier Bay cruise—and an exclusive Junior Ranger program for kids ages 3-16, available only in Glacier Bay.


The Taste and Tone of Alaska Onboard Your Glacier Bay Cruise

Dine on savory local salmon and other regionally produced foods, wines, and spirits from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest before catching evening entertainment. Enjoy jaw-dropping footage and rousing scores of BBC Earth's "Alaska In Concert", and the Alaska Stage Show; a captivating, animated stage experience bringing to life the cultural history of Glacier Bay and Tlingit traditions.


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Top 3: Things to See at Glacier Bay, Alaska

1 Margerie Glacier Linger by this glacier, one of the most active in Glacier Bay and learn its fascinating history.
2 Johns Hopkins Glacier Snap photos of this artic-blue beauty that glimmers like a jewel on clear days.
3 Calving Ice at Glacier Bay Watch and listen as ice plunges from glaciers into the bay, a sound known as "white thunder" by the Huna Tlingit people.