Explorations Central

Discover the connections that unite us across borders and cultures. Explorations Central™ (EXC™) is immersive onboard programing designed to make your journey more engaging, vivid and meaningful. From EXC Talks,™ to EXC Encounters™ to a chat with your EXC Guide™, you’ll feel the spirit of a region come to life.

Transform Your Travel Experience

EXC Guides™

You're about to enter a Buddhist temple. Should you cover your head or take off your shoes? Your EXC Guide knows. Gain insights about everything from good manners and simple, useful phrases to the best tours, most popular sites and insider tips.

EXC Encounters™

Play steel drums with musicians from Trinidad. Practice Tai Chi with a Chinese master. Learn whether to smile or extend your hand in greeting when in Dakar. Delve into each destination's cultures with local experts, artists and performers on board.

EXC Talks™

Listen to stories of local lore. Learn about favorite haunts and insider history. Informative EXC Talks help deepen your appreciation of each new destination with the kinds of tales that only locals know.

Shore Excursions

Designed to enhance your travel experience when in port, shore excursions enable you to encounter fascinating cultures, places and peoples in a way that is comfortable, authentic and transformative. They’re available in most of our more than 400 ports.