Explore ancient glories, modern delights and stunning beauty on an unforgettable Mediterranean cruise vacation. From Rome, Italy’s legendary Colosseum to trend-setting Barcelona, Spain; every day is filled with iconic cityscapes and landmarks, flaxen beaches, and remote coastal villages. Choose from an array of carefully curated itineraries, destination ports, and breathtaking destinations to make your luxury Mediterranean cruise dream a reality.

Explore the Different Regions of the Mediterranean

Aerial view of the Amalfi coast.

Italy & Amalfi Coast

Travel from remote coastal, seashell-pink villages to iconic destinations like the Eternal City of Rome, Vatican City, and the Amalfi Coast. Incredible food and wanderlust-inducing sights await you in Italy.

Aerial view of the Greek Isles.

Greece & Greek Isles

Immerse yourself in ancient wonders and once-in-a-lifetime excursions along with some of the bluest water on earth in the Greek Isles.

Aerial view of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

Croatia & Adriatic Coast

Dubrovnik’s massive walls, centuries of storied history, and a location snug to the serene Adriatic Sea, make a Croatia cruise a tempting endeavor.

View of the city buildings in Barcelona, Spain.


No visit to Spain is complete without exploring Barcelona’s La Boqueria Market or tantalizing your tastebuds at a Food & Wine favorite restaurant in Grenada.

A view of the coast along Port Funchal Madeira Portugal


With ancient wine cellars, medieval castles stacked on idyllic hillsides, and numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, Portugal satisfies every travel wish.

make the most of your europe cruise vacation

Peruse our convenient Mediterranean departure ports. Whether you’re interested in a 7-day cruise or a long voyage, your dream port is where the adventure begins.

Cruises from Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona bustles with vibrant street life everywhere you look. Tour a world-recognized art museum or amble the iconic gothic quarter. Climb high in the city for views of the azure Mediterranean or pop into tapas bars to mix and mingle.

Cruises from Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

Rome is a blend of Renaissance romance and pulsing street life. As tempting as it is to be swept into Rome’s constant bustle, don’t rush it. After you tour the Colosseum and toss coins into the Trevi Fountain, leave time to amble cobblestone streets and sip espresso from a sidewalk café.

Cruises From Trieste (Venice), Italy

A cruise from Trieste near Venice is pure magic. Explore off-the-beaten-path Trieste’s historic squares and Adriatic beaches and then make your way to Venice to gondola around domed cathedrals and Gothic palaces.

Cruises from Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Athens is a remarkable place where ruins from the distant past blend seamlessly with modern city life. On a cruise from Athens, you can tour the ancient Acropolis then follow it up with dinner at a chic taverna. Piraeus, the Athens cruise port has charms and dazzling sea views to enjoy.

Featured Mediterranean Cruise Ports

View of Dubrovnik and the sea while while on an excursion from a Mediterranean cruise.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Experience Dubrovnik charms on a Croatia cruise, from its red-orange rooftops to vistas of the deep blue Adriatic.

Spain, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Masca, Teno Mountains

Santa Cruz (Tenerife), Canary Islands

Escape to the Canary Islands to relax on soft golden beaches, ride a cable car to the top of Mount Teide, or explore the colorful plazas and mansions of San Cristóbal de La Laguna.

Santorini, Greece.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, the jewel in the crown of Greece's Cyclades, is best known as the island with the giant volcanic caldera at its heart.

Cadiz (Seville), Spain

Cadiz (Seville), Spain

Cádiz is a 3,000-year-old triumph with ancient history around every cobbled corner. Andalusian horse shows, 18th-century watch towers, and baroque churches will keep your camera busy.

A view of the skyline of Port Iisbon Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Discover a fascinating mix of old and new with time-worn castles and white-domed cathedrals amid chic eateries and shops.

Scene along the coast of Montenegro.

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is a maze of medieval beauty set on a bay with rolling mountains behind it. Walk along the Old City walls all the way up to Kotor’s fortress, where you’ll be treated to an overlook of red-orange rooftops.

Featured Mediterranean Cruise Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions help you connect deeply to the people and places you visit. An expert Culinary Council is dedicated to bringing guests authentic and delicious culinary adventures!

A Walk Through Cadiz & The Flamenco Dance

Admire the stunning architecture of 19th-century palaces and enjoy a stylish demonstration of traditional Spanish flamenco dancing.

Corfu Winery with Food & Wine Magazine

A 30-minute drive into the Corfiot countryside delivers you to a spectacular wine estate, where you’ll see an ancient olive press, watch a cooking demonstration, and sit down to a five-course lunch paired with local red and white wines.

Athens & the Acropolis

Take in awe-inspiring views during a drive through the city. Explore the most famous temple of the Ancient City and admire the Porch of the Caryatids in the distance.

Mediterranean Cruise Travel Tips

Featured Collectors' Voyages
Back-to-Back Cruise Itineraries

Collectors' Voyages are combined back-to-back itineraries to make your Mediterranean cruise a longer journey. Span continents and oceans and travel to more seldom-seen destinations. Relish in more days at sea to unwind and more European cruise ports to discover. A Collectors' Voyage lets you unpack once and still see so much of the world. 

Europe Cruise Onboard Experience

Travel to Europe’s most fascinating destinations on perfectly sized cruise ships offering unmatched service and an award-winning onboard experience. Enjoy entertainment for every preference and the best live music at sea. Taste a slice of Europe with cuisine created by our Culinary Council®, a cadre of world-class chefs and wine experts. Partake in an array of onboard activities, including classes and Explorations Central (EXC®) talks.

Onboard Entertainment

Whether you want to relax and listen or dance, our onboard entertainment and live music options fill your Europe cruise with memorable moments.

Dining Experiences

Holland America Line has an expert Culinary Council dedicated to bringing guests authentic and delicious culinary adventures. From sophisticated cuisine to comfort classics like burgers and fries, enjoy a whole suite of award-winning restaurants on board a Europe cruise.

Onboard Activities

Our mid-sized cruise ships are small enough to take you to Europe’s seldom-seen destinations, but big enough for all sorts of onboard activities. Play Pickleball at Sea, learn about your next port at an Explorations Central (EXC®) presentation, take a fitness class with friends, or simply relax.

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