Caribbean weather by month

The Caribbean is a tropical paradise with idyllic conditions year-round. But some people like it on the breezy side, and some like it toasty. Learn all about Caribbean weather by month to time your Caribbean cruise just right.

Caribbean Seasons

Many places in the world have four seasons, but the Caribbean has two: a dry season (February-June) and a wet season (July-January). The dry season has the most idyllic weather with warm, sunny days and blue skies. Rain is more frequent in the wet season, but the temperatures are warmer. 

Wet season and dry season are both good times to cruise the Caribbean. The worst time for a Caribbean cruise weather-wise is August to September, as it is peak hurricane season. 

Caribbean Weather in January, February, March 

When it’s teeth-chattering cold in many places, the Caribbean beckons with tempts in the upper 80s. January is the driest month in the Caribbean. The occasional downpour still may surprise you, so add a raincoat to your Caribbean packing list.

Caribbean weather varies. If you like swimming and snorkeling in warm waters, consider a Southern Caribbean cruise to Aruba, one of the Caribbean’s hottest islands. If you prefer daytime temps in the breezy high 70s, an Eastern Caribbean cruise might be a better option. 

When the sun goes down, it cools considerably. Pack sweaters or light jackets for stargazing on deck or watching poolside movies on board.

Caribbean Weather in April, May, June

April and May are warmer but rainier. Most destinations enjoy temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. Swimming is comfortable throughout the Caribbean. Dip into crystalline waters—snorkel the kaleidoscopic reefs around Grand Turk or ride horses into the surf on Half Moon Cay

June kicks off the wet season in most Caribbean areas, but the weather is still balmy, and the risk of showers is low. Temperatures in June are in the mid-80s and into the 90s with high humidity.

Travel tip: Beat the heat and rain at one of many museums. Duck into the Hemingway House in Key West to see where Ernest Hemingway once lived and wrote. 

Caribbean Weather in July, August, September

During July and August, temperatures soar into the 90s, and there are more downpours. Humidity is high. September is one of the quietest months, as it is peak hurricane season.  

Caribbean Weather in October, November, December 

In mid-October through November, the Caribbean blooms back to life. In October, the weather is mid to upper 80s, and the beaches stay toasty, though there’s still a risk of hurricanes early in the month.

The Caribbean weather in November is like early summer with sporadic showers and temps in the 70s and 80s. Hurricane season officially ends November 30.

December rolls in as one of the most popular months to cruise the Caribbean because of those looking to trade in white snow for white sand and gray skies for sunshine. 

Travel tip: December is one of the best months to celebrate in sunshine. Bring the whole family together on a holiday cruise and leave the cooking and cleaning to us. 

Get ready for sun-kissed shores and gentle breezes. Start planning your cruise with our helpful Caribbean cruise tips and travel articles.