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Holland America Line to Open Stand-Alone Restaurant by World-Renowned Chef Masaharu Morimoto Aboard Nieuw Amsterdam

Guests will enjoy a memorable culinary journey at ‘Morimoto By Sea,the famed chef’s first nightly restaurant on a cruise ship. 

Seattle, Wash., Nov. 2, 2023 — Holland America Line is gearing up to open Morimoto By Sea, a new, exclusive dining experience aboard Nieuw Amsterdam opening on the ship’s Dec. 16, 2023, voyage, and the first stand-alone restaurant at sea for Chef Masaharu Morimoto. The restaurant will offer delicious, Asian-inspired dishes and beverages from Chef Morimoto, the cruise line’s “Fresh Fish Ambassador.” The menu will emphasize fresh fish dishes to reflect Holland America Line’s new Global Fresh Fish Program. Morimoto By Sea underscores Holland America Line’s commitment to providing guests with unforgettable gastronomic experiences on every cruise.

Morimoto By Sea will be located adjacent to the Tamarind restaurant on the Observation Deck. Guests dining at Morimoto By Sea can enjoy a multi-course meal that celebrates the cruise line’s fresh fish program and highlights the cuisine of Chef Morimoto. The menu also will include a selection of beef, chicken, vegetarian and vegan options. Guests who want to enjoy Morimoto By Sea can make reservations on Holland America Line’s Navigator App or on board. The restaurant carries a cover charge of $55 per person, plus an additional 18% gratuity.

“Featuring cuisine from an esteemed culinary authority like Chef Morimoto in his signature restaurant elevates our specialty dining experience for guests on Nieuw Amsterdam,” said Michael Stendebach, vice president of food, beverage and guest services at Holland America Line. “The menu showcases a symphony of flavors and the freshest ingredients, reflecting the highest standards of culinary excellence from both Holland America Line and Chef Morimoto. We’re thrilled to welcome guests there nightly on Nieuw Amsterdam.”

The debut of Morimoto By Sea on Nieuw Amsterdam follows Holland America Line’s recent launch of its global fresh fish program, which includes a Morimoto By Sea pop-up experience once per cruise on the fleet’s other 10 ships in either Pinnacle Grill or Tamarind. The dishes served at Chef Morimoto’s restaurant aboard Nieuw Amsterdam, at the pop-up, and all seafood offerings across Holland America Line’s fleet are sourced from a global network of 60 ports to serve 80 types of fresh fish on board.

The restaurant also highlights Chef Morimoto’s exclusive alcoholic beverages, including Morimoto Dream Brut Rosé and Morimoto Junmai Daiginjo Sake that complement the dishes on the menu. Morimoto By Sea will be the newest addition to the chef’s extensive list of top-rated restaurants worldwide and his first on a cruise ship.

“The creation of this new restaurant has been a new and exciting experience, and I look forward to sharing my culinary passion with guests aboard Nieuw Amsterdam,” said Chef Morimoto. “Morimoto By Sea will bring exceptional flavors and one-of-a-kind dishes to guests sailing around the world with Holland America Line.”


‘Morimoto by Sea’ Menu Selections:



●       Sushi Plate: (Vegetarian upon request.) Nigiri with salmon, hamachi, hotate, maki with ebi tempura, Dungeness California, salmon shikai maki.

●       Morimoto Fresh Tuna Pizza: Anchovy aioli, Kalamata olive, red onion, jalapeno.

●       Tempura Calamari Salad: (Served without calamari upon request.) two ways, white miso dressing.

●       Pork Gyoza Dumpling: callion ginger sauce.

●       Tori Ramen Noodles Soup: Soy egg, bamboo shoot, hot creamy broth poured at the table.

●       Hamachi Tacos: hopped sashimi yellowtail, yuzu kosho-oil, guacamole, red onion, cilantro.

●       Sticky Ribs: oisin sweet chili sauce, cilantro.


Main Courses: 

●       Crispy Fried Whole Market Fresh Fish: Sweet spicy chili sauce, pickled vegetables.

●       Ishiyaki Buri Bop: Fresh Pacific yellowtail on rice, cooked at the tableside in a hot stone bowl.

●       Shrimp Three Way “Morimoto Style”: Tempura, panko, and arare-age with tartar, tonkatsu and gochujang sauces.

●       Angry Lobster Pad Thai: Maine lobster, rice noodles, Thai red curry sauce.

●       Broiled Beef Tenderloin steak: Japanese-style mushroom sauce.

●       Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Oyster Satay: Shichimi togarashi.

●       Japanese Vegetable Curry: Tofu steak, seasonal vegetables.

●       Slow cooked Alaskan King Salmon: cream stew.

●       Surf & Turf: asabi-mayo lobster, grilled wagyu kalbi, vegetables.


Side Dishes:

●       House fried rice, steamed rice brown rice.

●       Wasabi mashed potatoes.

●       Wok seared bok choy.

●       Basket steamed vegetables.



●       Dark Chocolate Sphere: Ganache, marshmallow, milk hot chocolate sauce.

●       Baked Tofu Cheesecake: Mango passion, pineapple salsa.

●       White Chocolate Lime Ganache: Coconut foam, mango sorbet, rice pudding.

●       Sorbet Trio: Chef’s seasonal selection.


Alcoholic Beverages (by bottle & glass):

●       Morimoto Dream Brut Rosé.

●       Morimoto Grgich Hills Chardonnay.

●       Morimoto Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon.

●       Sake Junmai Morimoto.

●       Sake Junmai Ginjo Morimoto.

●       Sake Junmai Daiginjo Morimoto.

●       Sake Sparkling Nigori.

‘Morimoto by Sea’ À La Carte Sushi Menu Selections:


●       Toro Tartare: asabi, nori paste, sour cream, sturgeon caviar.

●       Sashimi Salad: easonal fish, field mix greens, yuzu soy dressing.

●       Crispy Rice: picy tuna, spicy salmon, gochujang aioli.


Sushi & Sashimi:

●       Chef’s Combination:

    o   Sushi.

    o   Sashimi.


●       Nigiri:

    o   Seasonal White Fish.

    o   Maguro: Tuna.

    o   Sake: Salmon.

    o   Hamachi: Yellowtail.

    o   Unagi: Freshwater Eel.

    o   Chutoro: Medium Fatty Tuna.

    o   Ebi: Shrimp.

    o   Hotate: Scallop.

    o   Tako: Octopus.

    o   Ikura: Salmon Roe.

    o   Otoro: Fatty Tuna.



●       Shrimp Tempura: vocado roll, tempura shrimp, gochujang aioli.

●       Lobster Tempura Roll: empura lobster, tobiko, cucumber, scallion, mango sauce.

●       Tako Yaki Roll: Tempura octopus, cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, mayo.

●       Aburi Salmon Roll: almon avocado roll and spicy mayo torched.

●       California Roll: now crab, cucumber, avocado.

●       Spicy Tuna Roll: una, scallion, spicy sauce.

●       Spicy Salmon Roll: almon, scallion, spicy sauce.


Full details about Chef Morimoto and the global fresh fish program can be found at

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