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What are the recommended Visa service providers?

Answer: Holland America Line provides guests with the following link to CIBTvisas as a service to assist with any visa requirements and/or the collection of necessary documents: Guests may, if they prefer, use another visa service or complete the process on their own. Be sure to advise that you are traveling with Holland America Line and that you are traveling by sea. Your visa requirements may be different to the standard information given for air travel. In addition, you may also miss out on certain discounts given to Holland America Line guests that go through CIBTvisas. Applications and additional information may be downloaded from their website.

You can also reach them by phone:

U.S. & Canada residents: 866-935-8472
Netherlands residents: 0800-2524632
Germany residents: 800 3202233
Australia residents: 1300 964 164
United Kingdom residents: 0800 1218239
Belgium residents: 0902 150 45
Singapore residents: 6603 1096
Spain residents: 902 113 829
Switzerland residents: +41 (0) 22 884 18 70
France residents: 0144107272

You can also reach them by email: