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A view of The Big Apple from Port New York

New York, New York, US

New York City, the city that's inspired so many nicknames—the Big Apple, Gotham, the City That Never Sleeps—is a place of dazzling contrasts, kaleidoscopic diversity and thrumming energy. There’s simply no other metropolis in the Western Hemisphere, or possibly the world, that rivals the intense vitality of New York, New York. Little wonder that, at least for locals, there’s one moniker for their hometown that rings truest: the Center of the Universe. However you spend your time in New York, your experience is likely to be superlative. The city’s art museums and attractions, sweeping parks and glorious, historic buildings are among the most iconic places and sights on the planet; the entertainment, shopping, dining, sightseeing and people-watching here are all deservedly legendary. Your only trouble will be choosing what to do first in New York. A stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, followed by a shopping spree and a pie at one of the city’s original pizzerias? An aerial view of the skyline from a soaring observation deck, then a Broadway show and a meal whipped up by a James Beard-award-winning chef? Luckily, we’re here to help you decide.

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