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Scenic Cruising Scoresbysund

Scoresby Sund, otherwise known as the Scoresby Sound, is the largest fjord network in the world, carved like tree branches into Greenland’s east coast. Named after William Scoresby, an English explorer who first sailed here in 1822, it remains wild. Relax in complete comfort, surrounded by soaring, snow-dusted peaks and shimmering glaciers, listening to the cry of seabirds and the gentle lapping of waves. The midnight sun creates an all-day golden hour, the soft, perfect lighting for photographs. Vestiges of ancient settlements and Ittoqqortoormiit, a small town at the mouth of the fjord, are the only human influences. Wind and water have sculpted massive icebergs into dramatic spires, tunnels, and crystal palaces. If you’re lucky, you might encounter elusive marine wildlife, such as narwhals and beluga whales. Scan the shoreline for wooly musk oxen and snow-white Arctic hares. Enjoy the magic of one of Earth’s last untouched places.