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Aerial view of North Cape, Norway, over the blue sea

Scenic Cruising North Cape

The Nordkapp (North Cape) is a 300-meter-tall (984-foot-tall) headland in northern Norway, commonly known as the northernmost point in Europe. The views offered from the cape and an enjoyable visitor center keep that reputation intact, even though it’s not technically true; clearly visible from the North Cape, the slim peninsular Knivskjellodden is actually almost 457 meters (1,499 feet) farther north. Sticklers for detail argue that because both points are on the island of Magerøya, neither should count, as the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is even farther north.

Yet the attraction of the region is more than just a quirk of geography. The starkly beautiful, barren and often intimidating coastline of Finnmark contrasts with the majestic fjords to the south, and rare species of seabirds have made the few grassy islands their home. The region offers opportunities for sport beyond hiking, skiing and fishing: Sea rafting, in particular, is popular with locals. The North Cape served as the finish line for the 45 runners who completed the 2009 Trans Europe Foot Race, an ultramarathon that began in Bari, Italy (4,485 kilometers, or 2,787 miles, away), and ended here 64 days later.