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A castle atop a hill in Port Newhaven Edfinburgh

Newhaven (Edinburgh), United Kingdom

Cruises to Edinburgh arrive via tender to Newhaven, a seaside district two miles north of the city center. Newhaven offers a friendly welcome to Scotland’s Capitol City—locals come into the historic harbor to watch the sunset or shop at the fish markets. Enjoy this pleasant, attractive neighborhood until Edinburgh’s fairytale magic becomes impossible to resist. The city center is easy to access, only about 10 minutes via bus. It comprises two separate districts—the Old Town, a maze of medieval alleyways, and the circa 18th-century New Town to the south. Edinburgh Castle, perched on the sharp crags of Castle Rock, is the city’s most popular attraction. Look out to splendid panoramas from its esplanade. Inside, the Great Hall, the Stone of Destiny and St. Margaret’s Chapel tell rich tales of Scotland. The National Museum of Scotland and the Royal Mile are other must-sees. Save time for wandering—Edinburgh has an abundance of quirky nooks and vast green swaths, along with quirky theaters where you might find the next Fringe Festival breakout star.  

Top 3 Things to Do in Newhaven (Edinburgh), Scotland

1 Edinburgh Castle Go inside this 900-year-old marvel to learn about Scotland’s storied history.
2 Holyrood Park Explore 650 acres of wilderness in the middle of urban bustle.
3 National Museum of Scotland Find exhibits on a smattering of topics in this world-class museum.