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A view of a suspension bridge in Port Fredericia Denmark

Fredericia, Denmark

Located on the eastern edge of Denmark's Jutland Peninsula, Fredericia is named after its founder, King Frederik III, who established the fortified town in 1650 as a military stronghold. The extensive ancient ramparts still remain intact, and you can walk along the walls that encircle the old town, viewing the centuries-old Prince’s Gate, Guard House, and Gunpowder Tower. There are a number of churches representing various denominations scattered throughout Fredericia, as religious freedom was guaranteed since its founding. Among the most notable are the Protestant Trinitatis Church, which dates from 1690, and the Reformed Church, established by the French Huguenots in the early 1700s. There was also a Jewish community at one time, and though the synagogue no longer exists, you can visit the 17th-century Jewish cemetery—one of the largest and oldest in Denmark—where approximately 550 people are buried.