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A view of the landscape of Port Bronnoysund Norway

Bronnoysund, Norway

From every angle, Brønnøysund is surrounded by spectacular scenery, from the thousands of islands and skerries in the western archipelago to the mountains in the east. The most famous sight is Torghatten, a distinctive hat-shaped granite mountain with a 35-meter-tall, 160-meter-long and 20-meter-wide hole through its middle. According to one legend, it was formed by the arrow of a troll, though geologists agree it was actually created by natural forces. 

On weekends the town is often quiet as the locals take to the water or the mountains to ski, hike, sail or cycle. That love of the outdoors is reflected in the tourist activities on offer in and around Brønnøysund, from a hike to Mount Torghatten to a visit to a peaceful herb garden.

The town is best known among Norwegians as the home of the Brønnøysund Business Register, a government department that employs thousands of local people. While you may not need to change the registration for your company, you'll notice the distinctive cream-and-blue office development that dominates the waterfront.