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A coastal view of Port Mgarr Victoria Gozo Malta

Mgarr (Victoria), Gozo, Malta

The lesser-known sister of Malta in the Maltese archipelago, Gozo is a 67-square-kilometer island full of ancient history. Standing atop the island is a medieval citadel, marking the spot where the earliest settlers lived as far back as the Bronze Age. Today, it’s the centerpiece of the island’s biggest settlement, Victoria, which is known to its 6,000 residents as Ir-Rabat.
Outside the capital, crystal clear waters and red sandy beaches attract swimmers and snorkelers, while the ruins of Ġgantija are one of the Mediterranean’s historical highlights. Stunning rock formations and a patchwork of salt pans are among the island’s other intriguing natural attractions. The best way to explore is by the cheap modern taxis that line up at the port of Mġarr.
You’ll quickly discover that food is a passion and a pleasure of Gozitan life. Try the local specialty ftira, a breadlike snack typically served with toppings and eaten as a pizza or tart. Fruit conserves of lemon, fig, orange or prickly pear are common, along with a variety of locally produced oils and sea salts. You won’t go hungry on Gozo.

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