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When cruising to Germany, discover medieval and modern architecture, quaint towns and vibrant cities, and the seaside, canals and rural countryside. In Hamburg, stop at one of the country’s most cosmopolitan cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore ornate churches and hipster cafes. While visiting Berlin on a Germany cruise, enjoy a local pilsner and wurst, explore the city’s  transition from the Weimer Republic to the Berlin Wall to capital of a unified Germany. Whether you bike, walk, ride or float, you'll be charmed and enchanted by Germany.


A view of the coastline at dusk of Port Travemude in Lubeck Germany

Travemunde (Lubeck), Germany

Located at the mouth of the river Trave in Lübeck Bay, Travemünde began life as a 12th-century fortress before becoming part of the free city of Lübeck in 1329.Today it is a major port—with ferry connections to Sweden, Russia, Finland, Latvia and Estonia.