Couple walking out of turquoise sea water and a cruise ship on the horizon

Best Time For A Caribbean Cruise

Welcome to the Caribbean. Brilliant blue seas, powdery sands, and shimmering reefs are year-round delights and so the best time of year for a Caribbean cruise is…anytime. Consider what’s important to you. Is it the weather, the crowds or the price?

Our Caribbean cruises offer plenty of options, from three-day and week-long voyages to holiday cruises and ambitious expeditions. And we have cruise deals all year long, so rest assured, you can get a great value any time.

The best month to cruise the Caribbean

In general, mid-December through mid-March is the best time of year, weather-wise. 

The Caribbean dry season is mid-December through mid-March and the high tourist season is from mid-December to mid-April. Caribbean weather is at its peak and many are trying to escape brrr-utal winters. Expect little rainfall and average lows in the 70s, highs in the 80s. 

Remember, Caribbean weather varies by region. Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt and doesn’t have a monsoon season.  The best time to cruise the Western and Southern Caribbean is winter, as the waters are warm, and the temps are comfortable. The Western Caribbean’s rainy season starts in May. Spring is a great time to take an Eastern Caribbean cruise as the cooler waters near the Bahamas heat up. 

The Best Time To Avoid Crowds

Late spring or fall, May or October/November. If you want to sidestep the hordes of sunscreen-slathered vacationers that descend on the islands each year, consider the shoulder season in late spring or fall, May or late October-November. You can bask in the warm temps and sunshine and won’t have to duke it out for a beach lounger.

If you want a romantic getaway in relative quiet, plan your cruise for when school is in session to avoid noisy kiddos and raucous spring breakers. Every one of our Caribbean cruises stops into Half Moon Cay, our top-rate private island, so you will enjoy some seclusion no matter when you go. Rent a private cabana or get a massage to unwind in tranquility. 

That said, if you are planning a family cruise, our Club Hal youth activities program can keep the kiddos entertained so parents can relax. 

The Cheapest Time To Cruise The Caribbean

Late summer and fall, a.k.a. hurricane season. The Caribbean weather is mid-to-upper 80s and June is one of the wettest months in the islands. Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30. 

In general, September and October are considered the worst months to cruise the Caribbean, as it is peak Hurricane Season. However, keep in mind that some Southern Caribbean cruise destinations, such as Bonaire, Aruba and Barbados are rarely threatened by hurricanes as these islands are closer to the equator.

Best Months For Caribbean Festivities

The Caribbean is full of festivities all year, but holiday cruises to the Caribbean really rev up the excitement on ship and ashore. Barbados has a well-earned reputation for a proper New Year’s blowout and many Caribbean islands celebrate Carnival with live music, parades, and feathery garb. You can find a Carnival celebration almost any time of year. 

The best time to cruise the Caribbean is now. Enjoy an enriching experience, fine dining and world-class entertainment on our dream Caribbean cruises. Read all of our Caribbean cruise tips and travel articles