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Palm tree on a beach in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Cruise to the Dominican Republic and visit the capital, Santo Domingo, the largest city in the Caribbean and also the oldest in the Americas. Santo Domingo was established by the Spanish in 1498, more than a century before the first colonies in North America. Hispaniola, the island that includes both the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is where Christopher Columbus landed on his first voyage to the New World; it later became the seat of the Columbus family’s power when they served as Spain’s governors for the region. Santo Domingo is filled with beautiful beaches, rich history, and tasty Dominican cuisine. Modern Santo Domingo is a vibrant, sprawling metropolis where vestiges of the early city can still be found in the Colonial Zone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the narrow, cobblestoned streets are numerous examples of 16th-century Spanish architecture. Cruise to the Dominican Republic and visit some of the most notable destinations including the Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, the hemisphere’s first cathedral, and the Alcázar de Colón, its first castle, built for Columbus’s son Diego. In Santo Domingo, visit the 16th-century Ozama Fortress, at the entrance to the Colonial Zone, would later be used as a prison by the 20th-century Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. The area is more than just its historic sights, however, and many of the city’s top restaurants and hotels are found here, too. Explore the highlights of Santo Domingo - The oldest city in America - on a shore excursion and learn about the city's history, eat local cuisine, and enjoy some free time shopping.

Top 3: Things To See

1 Alcázar de Colón The home of Spain's governors of the Indies was restored in the 1950s and now houses a museum.
2 Museum of the Royal Houses For five centuries, this was the center of power in Santo Domingo; today, the building houses a museum.


Cathedral of Santa María la Menor Santo Domingo's historic district includes the oldest cathedral in the Americas.