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Fort Charles Fortress Port Royal City Jamaica

Port Royal, Jamaica

A cruise to Port Royal, Jamaica delivers adventure, pirate lore and luscious island scenery from its secluded location at the tip of a thin tombolo known as the Palisadoes. Once the wealthiest (and wickedest) town of the English New World, Port Royal has a storied past. It grew from a Taino fishing village into the virtual capital of Jamaica and was also a sinful hub for raucous buccaneers. In 1692, an earthquake and tsunami gobbled up more than half the town. Vestiges from the fallen Port Royal remain underwater, as the Western Hemisphere’s only sunken city. Hundreds of ships wait below the shimmering surface. Historic sites are a must on a Port Royal cruise. Visit Fort Charles, one of the oldest forts in Port Royal and go inside the Giddy House, a partially buried structure that makes some “giddy” when they try to stand up straight. For more sightseeing opportunities, Kingston is a 45-minute bus ride or a 25-minute taxi ride away. The Bob Marley Museum is one of the Kingston’s top-ranked things to do. Built from the musician’s home, it has been kept as it was when he lived there, and visitors can see his recording studio, bedroom, clothes and record collection. Nature lovers will have plenty of things to do in Port Royal and Kingston. Jamaica is cloaked in lush tropical rainforest with azure pools at the bottom of crystal waterfalls. The perfect day at the beach is just a boat ride away at Lime Cay. 

Top 3 Things To Do In Port Royal, Jamaica

1 Fort Charles and the Giddy House Tour historic Fort Charles and get “giddy” as you try to stand in a structure half-buried in sand.
2 Bob Marley Museum View Bob Marley’s belongings, awards and a life-size hologram on a walk through his former home.


Lime Cay Take a boat to a secluded island and feel like you have the whole place to yourself.