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Holland America Line Crew Repatriation Plan

(UPDATED June 3 with current ship locations and repatriation figures.)

With the continued pause in travel, Holland America Line remains focused on safely returning crew members to their home countries.

We have been diligently working to repatriate our crew to their families and loved ones, but given country closures, port closure and travel restrictions this process has evolved into a more challenging and complex endeavor in recent weeks.

Holland America Line has remained persistent, and we have successfully repatriated almost 4,000 (nearly half our crew heading home) in collaboration with our Carnival Corporation sister brands by ship and aboard non-commercial aircraft.

To date, all non-working United States and Canadian crew have been returned to their homes. Additionally, many European-, Central and South American-, African-, and Asian-nationality crew members have been repatriated. Plans are in progress for the remaining crew members to be taken home by chartered flights or by ship.

Currently, the following Holland America Line ships have completed repatriation efforts or are repatriating crew members and their locations are as follows:

• Westerdam is calling at several Indonesian ports, while Nieuw Amsterdam is sailing for Manila, the Philippines, with an estimated arrival date of June 5.
• Noordam and Amsterdam are at anchor in the Manila Bay area in the Philippines.
• Volendam, Rotterdam, Zuiderdam and Veendam are transiting to Asia.
• Eurodam remains in Manila but will soon sail to Indonesia with an estimated arrival date of June 11.
• Maasdam is at anchor in Labuan, Malaysia.

• Koningsdam is docked at La Paz, Mexico, continuing to disembark crew via commercial and charter flights.
• Oosterdam is at anchor at La Paz in minimum operating manning and will move closer to Panama in the coming days.

• Zaandam and Nieuw Statendam have repatriated all non-working crew at the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and are at anchor at Scheveningen, the Netherlands, under minimum non-operating manning.

Holland America Line remains thankful to our crew members for their patience and understanding as the situation continues to evolve daily and varies by country. Several programs and policies have been implemented during the repatriation process to maximize the comfort, health and safety of everyone on board.

The ships’ senior personnel are regularly communicating with the crew regarding the repatriation progress. In recognition of the importance of mental health, Holland America Line is providing telephone counseling in different languages and other services through the Crew Assistance Program, which continues to be available at home.

When possible, crew have been assigned their own guest stateroom. To ensure swift repatriation when the ships arrive at their destination, all team members are self-isolating in their cabins with several activity breaks permitted.

Crew are able to use WhatsApp on their personal device free of charge to remain connected with loved ones, and the ships are offering low-cost internet packages.

All ships are observing proper health protection practices including wearing a mask when needed and social distancing while working or at leisure about the ship.

The vast majority of crew repatriation is expected to be complete by mid-June. A small complement of crew will remain on each ship to maintain essential operations during Holland America Line’s operational pause.

  • Kenneth Dick

    It looks like you’re doing the best you can to get your staff back home. Considering the pandemic & restrictions placed on you by the countries of origin it’s a monumental task. Question I have is how is planning going on getting the crew back; new staff trained (I imagine some currently on board might not want to come back); and ships positioned/prepared for the 2021(?) cruise year?

  • Jeffrey

    When will be the engineers and deck officers allowed to go home? Basically they are the one that are ‘driving’ the ship and taking all the other crew to their home countries.

  • Erma Lou Mojado

    Thank you HAL for taking care of your crews.❤ #HALSTRONG

  • Trijntje Priem

    Our steward from our 2006 Rotterdam cruise became a friend. We appreciate all efforts you make to repatriate every crew member back to their loved ones. He is on the Rotterdam cruising back home. Family members are waiting at home for so long, please remember them too.

  • Maria Oelbers

    We sincerely hope that all our beloved crewmembers Will get home safely and we thank HAL for doing this. We cannot wait to Cruise again !

  • Nancy

    All internet should be free for all the crew. Any plans on how to get crew back when sailing with passengers start??? Also wondering which ports will be closed to ships. I have 3 cabins booked for March 2021 on Veendam.

  • Lynn Ellen Myers

    Thank you for letting us know all that you are doing for our wonderful crew members. Can’t wait to cruise again.

  • Jean Cody

    Thank you Holland America…..we found your ships and crew…..are always “First Class”.

  • John Turnbull

    I am pleased that we were introduced by friends to HAL for our first ever cruise in 2015, since have done 10 cruises all with HAL. Whilst we can’t do our cruise in August from Amsterdam we are looking forward to using our cruise credits on another HAL in the near future. The actions of HAL to care for repatriation of passengers has been outstanding in this era of companies using every small print of conditions to avoid responsibility. HAL efforts to repatriate its crew using its own ships and flights puts it at the top of the tree in the cruise industry. In future we will be organising our travel to destinations with HAL.

  • Coleen Russell

    I am so pleased to hear you are taking great care of your employees on the ships. I have been on 4 cruises with you and all the staff have been outstanding. My biggest upset through this pandemic has been how will the staff and families survive financially. I returned from my Panama Canal cruise on March 1 just as the Covid was ramping up.

  • Patrice Pallone

    Thank you for the detailed update, regarding the current location of HAL ships & crew. We are glad the wonderful officers & crew (& our luggage) have been kept safe on the Amsterdam, since the premature end of the Grand World Voyage in Australia, in March. We wish the best for all those still on ships, waiting to return home, & look forward to cruising, again, when the time is right.

  • Deborah Harris

    We cruise on the 1st march on the maasadam 10 island cruise only got to 5 no refund on drink package, had to fine own way back to Australia, had to pay for food etc on rarotonga very stressful we sent all receipts and documents to head office no replies no emails received at all

  • jj Habets

    we wensen de mensen die zo hard hebben gewerkt voor ons,een behouden thuis vaart. bedankt voor alles wat jullie voor ons hebben gedaan.Blijf vooral gezond en we hopen jullie ooit weer te ontmoeten op een van de mooie schepen.

  • Isamar Van Hilten

    Well done! Glad to read you are taking good care of your staff, as they take such good care of us, when we sail with HAL. Get home safely, and hopefully resume cruiding this fall.

  • Janet Manning

    Thank you for this update. I was wondering if the crew were able to get home safely. We are patiently waiting for the time when it is safe to sail again.

  • Dianne Kenny

    Keep the news coming

  • Debra Van Camp

    Bless you and those of the crew. This has been such a trying time, but HAL has always strived to take care of their past passengers, crew, and future passengers.
    Thank you

  • marjorie p. casingal

    thank you my HAL family for taking care of us…In god given time..we will get through this..and we will be back stronger…

  • Don Nelson

    Well done, Holland America for taking good care of its most important resource: the dedicated and outstanding officers, staff and crew. Thanks for keeping their health, well being and welfare a top priority

  • Harry DeVries

    It’s the first time in over 30 years that we don’t Have a HAL cruise to look forward to ! We miss the hard working , smiling, incredibly talented people. The good news is that they get to spend time together with their family! Look forward to meeting on a future voyage at a better time . Harry

  • Patricia B

    This is good news! Thanks to all Seattle staff and those on board for their ongoing hard work getting the crews back home. We appreciate being kept in the loop, knowing HAL is, as expected, taking outstanding care of their crews. These people are our crews, too, and we’ll be back as soon as HAL sails again!

  • Ann Sikors

    Great work for a one in a million cruise line HAL

  • Nora Steen

    The little yellow arrow is the current location of the MS Eurodam. Carrying passengers, who were our Hawaii cruise crew. Their journey home began March 18, 2020. The day we disembarked and headed back to BHC and Golden Valley. I pray every day for their safe return home to their families and loved ones. During our 17 day cruise, their hard work and dedication kept our entire ship coronavirus free. Back then the hubbub and fear was just getting started. In the scheme of Life, their journey gets little notice. They are halfway around the world from where we live..yet we all share this tiny little planet tucked away in God’s Universe. Thank you Gede, Hary, Marcos, Czarina, Ceasar and all who were so kind to us. I continue to pray for your safe arrival home.

  • Alan Williams

    I have enjoyed every cruise I have been on holland America about 30
    The crew to me was fantastic the best on all the cruise lines
    Can,t wait till you cruise again
    My last cruise on holland America to Honolulu was canceled in feb 2020
    So let’s go cruisesing in 2021
    Thank you Alan Williams

  • Naomi

    It was with relief that I read the Staff and Crew status during this Pandemic.
    I have had to wait months for our refunds and all the while I wondered how those who made our many cruises possible were faring. For me, it feels the end of an era, after rediscovering travel for the past 10 years. Thankyou for the memories, freedom, style and comfort Holland America has given me. I will miss it all.

  • Lenora Walkes

    Holland America Amsterdam Around the world. Thanks for getting me and my fellow passengers home safe and sound. I have made this ( Around the World ) trip 5 times but this was the most memorable. Captain Mercer made it the safest. The crew as usual we’re spectacular . Hope they are home with love ones .( At this point I am trying to get in touch with Arts and Craft teacher Nancy ) If so Tex or call me at 954 802-0548
    Regards to all Lenora Walkes

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