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Relax and Refresh at the Greenhouse Spa and Salon

With the array of culinary options, exciting activities, spectacular shows and entertainment at your fingertips, it can be relatively easy to forget to relax on your cruise.

The best way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul is to pay a visit to the shipboard Greenhouse Spa & Salon, arguably among the finest spas at sea.

Heated loungers in the Thermal Suite and the hydropool make up the Greenhouse Retreat.

Heated loungers in the Thermal Suite and the hydropool make up the Greenhouse Retreat.

On most Holland America ships the spa experience begins inside the Greenhouse Retreat, a social relaxation center. Lie on a heated tiled lounger or immerse yourself in the hydropool filled with calming ocean water heated to body temperature. The warm — not hot — temperature of the hydropool allows you to stay immersed and enjoy the benefits of the jets longer than a traditional hot tub.

Step into one of the mild saunas or steam grottos to warm yourself to the core and enjoy a DIY exfoliating scrub to get your skin super-soft for the next port. Day and full-cruise passes to the Greenhouse Retreat are available.

The retreat is only the prelude of what’s sure to be a memorable spa day at sea.

Expert massage therapists are on hand to soothe tired and sore muscles. Techniques from around the world offer guests once-in-a-lifetime experiences with treatments including the Precious Gem Massage designed especially to alleviate stress. Select from Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond or Emerald elixirs and emerge replenished. Are you enjoying a romantic getaway? Consider surprising your significant other with a couple’s massage!

All ships have an acupuncturist onboard, stimulating acupoints with needles to alleviate pain, anxiety, arthritis and many other conditions.

Take in the view of the open ocean while you get a blowout!

Take in the view of the open ocean while you get a blowout!

Want to look your best for formal night? The Greenhouse Salon has a full menu of services. Head to the salon for a blowout or the Beautiful Hands and Toes 45-minute spa manicure and 55-minute spa pedicure! Rejuvenate your skin with one of the spa’s signature facial treatments, using only premium-grade ingredients found in nature. The signature Elemis Oxydermy Facial fights lines and wrinkles in a relaxing treatment that will revive your skin and bring out a youthful glow. You can even have your hair colored and your teeth whitened (yes, really!) onboard.

Don’t forget that the spa is for men and women alike. Those who let their beard get a little grizzly in the Alaskan wilderness might enjoy a the Elemis Pro-Collagen Grooming treatment with Shave or a MANicure to send them home refreshed.

The Greenhouse Spa and Salon is open from 8 a.m. until 10 pm throughout each cruise and closes at 8 p.m. the final sailing day. For a full list of treatments available click here.

Are you ready to relax in the spa? What’s your favorite spa treatment? Let us know in the comments below!

  • maler

    Nuwan fromsri lanka he is the best hairdresser green houes spa

  • Paul Webber

    My wife and I recently sailed on the Zaandam and enjoyed the greenhouse spa; especially the steam room and mineral water jacuzzi. We will be sailing on the Westerdam and want to sign up for the greenhouse spa on that ship.
    Does the Westerdam have the steam room and mineral Jacuzzi?

  • Elaine

    I am trying to book an Elemis body sculpting cellulite and colon treatment on Volendam on 14/9/17 but am finding it difficult to do online. My booking no for the cruise is HQ7DDL/2. Can you please help???

  • Julie

    Elaine, please call reservations at 1–877–932–4259 for help.

  • Eric V Hansen

    We are presently booked on the Veendam sailing 12/8. We are in Spa suite 101 on the Verandah deck. We love spending some afternoons in the spa. How do we signup or book the Greenhouse Spa for our 14 day trip?
    Thank you!

  • Julie

    You can book spa online under Personalize Your Cruise in the Already Booked link.

  • Jordana Adams

    the Green Spa on the Nieuw Amsterdam offered a Cocoon Treatment. What is the exact name of it as I am trying to find a spa in my home town. Thanks. Jordana

  • Julie

    Hi Jordana! Was it the seaweed massage?

  • George

    What ships have Thermal Spa package? What is the fee?


  • Julie

    The thermal package is on all Vista, Signature and Pinnacle Class ships: Nieuw Statendam, Koningsdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Eurodam, Noordam, Westerdam, Oosterdam and Zuiderdam. The cost varies per ship and is typically sold by the cruise. You can purchase a daily pass on board that runs around $40 per day.

  • Jennie

    We are going to be on the Volendam for 16 days through the Panama Canal next month. We usually do Vista or Signature Class ships. Are you saying we can’t buy a thermal suite pass for our entire voyage on the Volendam? 🙁

  • Julie

    Jennie, you can book for the entirety by calling Ship Services: 800–541–1576.

  • Martin R Bennett

    I am sailing on the Zuiderdam July 6, 2019 out of Copenhagen. I’d like to visit the Greenhouse Retreat to use the hydrospa, steam room and heated loungers during my cruise. Can daily passes be purchased and if so what is the approximate cost? Lastly if I book a massage or other treatment is use of the Greenhouse Retreat that day complimentary?

  • Julie

    Hi Martin, daily passes to the spa can be purchased. If you book a treatment, you have use of the facility like the saunas, but that does not include the Thermal Suite services like the heated loungers and thalassotherapy pool. That is $40 per person, per day, extra. If you book for a full 7-day cruise it’s $139, so less expensive to book the full 7-day cruise.

  • Lynne McLachlan


    Sailing on the Volendam in Sept. Is it possible to buy a day pass to use the relaxation centre including the hydropool, sauna and steam grottos? Thanks Lynne

  • Julie

    Yes it is! Please visit the spa when you embark.

  • Kimberly

    I will be taking a 17 day cruise on Westerdam and purchased the Thermal Suite and Thalassotherapy Pool 14+ Day. Does this pass cover all days on cruise (14+)?

  • Kimberly

    I will be taking a 17 day cruise on Westerdam and purchased the Thermal Suite and Thalassotherapy Pool 14+ Day. Does this pass cover all 17 days on cruise (14+)?

  • Julie

    Yes, all 17 days will apply.

  • Julie

    Yes, it does!


    Hi Julie – we are planning to stay in a Neptune suite on an Alaskan cruise in June 2021. How can I guarantee that I will be able to buy a spa pass for all 7 days of the cruise for me and my husband? The spa is the biggest part of our vacation as we love thermal spas – and don’t want to be disasspointed.

  • Julie

    Hi Elizabeth, if you want to purchase a spa pass for the entire voyage, please contact ship services. If you are looking at select days, you will need to do that when you get on board. SHIP SERVICES: 800–541–1576

  • Thomas

    Do the Holland America spas offer spay on tans? Going to Alaska in late august…I did not see that treatment on the spa web page. Thanks

  • Julie

    Hi Thomas, we do not offer spray tans on board. But we do have a host of other services you may enjoy.

  • B. Cullom

    Hi.We were booking the Zuiderdam trip Nov. 6 2021 Sea of Cortez but your rep just informed me the Greenhouse Spa is closed (The membership for around $250) to use thermal pool. etc. This is the whole reason we cruise. Cancelled my reservation for the 3 of us. Can you double check this, and is there any way I can be notified if it reopens so I can rebook? Thanks!

  • Julie

    We are looking into this, as the thermal spa is currently open on Nieuw Amsterdam in Alaska. I will let you know as soon as possible.

  • kevin Kousch

    Booking the hydro therapy for 9/28/22
    I hear no more couples passes, anyone have any info?

  • shawna

    my husband and I have booked thermal suite packages for seven days on the Rotterdam this summer. what time can we go to the spa on the day of embarking ? I would also like to book a massage that same day, when we check-in , but not sure when we will be allowed on board and don’t want to miss my massage time.

  • Beverley

    Are the hydro pools and spa open on the Koiningsdam Alaska cruises for 2022?

  • Julie

    They are!

  • Julie

    Hi Shawna, you can pre-book spa appointments, so that way you won’t miss getting the time you’d like.

  • Kara

    I’d like to purchase the ‘Thermal Suite 5 Day’ pass for my cruise and it is listed as $123. Is this price per person? If so, can only one person in the cabin purchase this or will it automatically charge to all people in the cabin?

  • Anna

    Hi Julie. We purchased a spa pass the last time we were on the Eurodam and it was wonderful. We were able to purchase the pass at a discount on the first day of sailing. Is there still a discount available, or is the purchase price the same if we buy it before sailing?

  • Julie

    The thermal suite is per guest, it doesn’t automatically apply to all guests.

  • Julie

    I do not believe we have a special at this time, but please call ship services: 800–541–1576

  • Sarah mandell

    Is a pass to the thermal spa included with booking a spa cabin? What sort of exclusive treatments might be available? Is there a discount for spa services when booking a spa cabin?

  • Julie

    It is not included in the spa cabin, and there are no exclusive treatments. It is just in closer proximity to the spa and the amenities (bath items and chocolates) in the cabin are different from the regular staterooms.

  • Stacey

    I will be sailing on the new Amsterdam January 8, 2023 is the Hydro pool free of charge if not how much does it cost per day or for a week pass the cruise is seven days long thank you I know there is a charge for the thermal suite I was just wondering about the Hydro pool

  • Julie

    Hi Stacey, the hydropool inside the spa is an extra fee. It is $49 per day or $149 for a 7-day, subject to change.

  • Jenny

    What are the hours for the thermal suite on the Rotterdam for the 11 day cruise on February 25, 2023? I plan to do some excursions, but wanted to know if it’s a better deal to buy the Thermal suite 11 day pass; so I can relax in the heated lounge or hydro pool after the excursions. Or do they close by 5pm? Or do I need to make a scheduled appointment with the pass?

  • Stacey

    We are sailing on Eurodam in May 2023 and Zaandam in June 2023. What is the cost for the 7 day spa pass for each ship? And, should we purchase prior to sailing or once on board?

  • Jackie Griffiths

    I recently booked 2 spa staterooms on Koningsdam for spring 2023 Alaska cruise only to find out that I basically get no spa perks like I would on other cruise lines. Even the travel agent blogs/stateroom descriptions and tours regarding spa rooms were misleading and the wording on HAL site was vague. I guess I should have been more skeptical about any added value. I would still like to have use of the thermal suites like we have on other cruise lines but the price seems pretty high for a 7 day pass without any discounts for choosing spa staterooms. It just seems weird and I wish I had known before I booked. Oh well, live and learn I suppose. I am sure we will still enjoy our cruise, it’s just somewhat disappointing.

  • Julie

    A 7-dauy cruise pass is $149. You can purchase it prior.

  • Anita

    I’m interested in booking a thermal pass for a 20 day cruise on the Zuiderdam departing July 2. The cruise pass listed on-line is $196 for 10 days. Does this cover 10 of the 20 days or all 20 days?

  • Julie

    A 10-day pass only covers 10-days. Ship services will be able to assist: 800–541–1576

  • Julie

    The hours are the same as the spa, so it is open all day. Most days 8 am – 10 pm.

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