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New Smoking Policy on HAL Ships

Holland America Line just announced that in keeping with the majority of guest preferences, a change is being made to the shipboard smoking policy on its fleet of 15 ships effective for sailings departing on or after January 15, 2012. The new smoking policy now designates staterooms as nonsmoking areas in addition to the indoor public areas already defined as nonsmoking.

For those guests who wish to smoke, there will continue to be designated areas available both inside and on outside decks. In addition, smoking is permitted on stateroom verandahs. As is already the case, cigar and pipe smoking is not allowed inside.

  • Mary K

    I’m surprised that they didn’t include the no smoking policy on balconies. Both Carnival and Princess just announced that. I recently put up with neighbors smoking on both sides of our stateroom. I couldn’t find a time to enjoy our balcony when it was without smoke. Hmmmmm wonder what cruise lines I might be looking into next.

  • Marion Stevens

    As a non smoker i have found at times unbearable sitting out on balcony because of your next door neighbours are smoking,one cruise they were either side,so you can’t appreciate the joy of having your own balcony. Problem solved, put all balcony smoking passengers on the starboard side & non smokers port side.

  • Suzanne

    This is such welcome news! Way to go HAL…now my cruise will be perfect.

  • Gregg

    Good start!

  • Patricia B

    Thank you, HAL, for putting the safety of your guests first. That staterooms will now be non-smoking areas is a responsible and positive policy that we welcome wholeheartedly.

  • andrew johnson

    i thought Holland ameriica has already banned smoking from staterooms cause i remmeber there was policy about smoking on website in 2009 to present regarding smoking and also in staterooms when i travelled with family in 2009 there wasn’t ashtray present – i prefer Full ban on smoking on entire inside areas – and public outside decks only in verandahs cause in that time – there was smoking ban already applied to eurodam which was new vessel
    i feel the smoking ban should extend to entire ship cause pride of rotterdam and Hull on P+0 ferries to rotterdam already have smoking Banned from entire ship – there no smoking areas inside of public areas i think HAL needs research it

  • Mike

    If HAL is going to continue to allow smoking on verandahs, why not maximize the comfort for the rest of the passengers by restricting smoking to one side (or the back) of the ship? It is the other passengers who are stuck inhaling the smoke, especially when the ship is moving.

  • Julie

    Hi Mary K, Just wanted to inform you that Carnival’s smoking policy does allow smoking on the balcony. We do hope that you continue to sail with HAL. Julie

  • Louis

    Well done! Please go on with this policy and minimize the smokers space.
    On a 2009 cruise from Rotterdam with the MS Rotterdam, the ship looked like a smokers-paradise in some areas. As non smoker and used to non-smoking public areas in Europe, this was a very bad experience. Besides this smoking is very bad for your health!

  • Jennie Seymour

    My husband and I are booked on your July 28th cruise out of Venice (Niew Amsterdam) with the Insight For Living Group. I am glad to see you are banning smoking in the staterooms beginning Jan 15th, 2012. I do wish it could be for our cruise since I am allergic to smoke and it makes it very uncomfortable for me when I have difficulty breathing. I hope the rooms are cleaned well after guests leave.
    We are looking forward to cruising with you soon.

  • cindy

    we can live with no smoking in our rooms so way to go on keeping our balconys open for smoking now i can smoke and enjoy my mornings sitting out on my balcony with no worrys about being insulted by non smokers , and yes i will keep paying for a balcony as long as i can smoke on it yeppy us now if they would do something about the prefume that people bath in would be nice ,, causes my asmtha to flaire up mean time im happy with smoking on my balcony and not in the room ,,, i give that much,but dont you think non smokers can give a little too instead of all non smoking thats just wrong ,,

  • LeAnne Rigsby/Cricket Cruise & Travel

    As a cruise agent, I hear many, many complaints about smoking (especially in the casinos and on the verandahs/balconies).
    I would like to see ALL smoking banned on ALL ships (on ALL cruise lines) except on the upper public decks…no more puffing away inside in public areas, lounges and definitely not on the verandahs. I’ve walked down ship hallways that reeked of cigarette smoke, and was so glad I didn’t have a cabin on those decks.
    ((I know the smokers won’t like me with my opinions. But I’ve lived 37 years with a smoker. My husband smoked for years inside our home, and it has been SO nice since he quit serveral years ago.))

  • Judy

    I don’t mind not being able to smoke in the rooms I respect that.People should still be allowed to smoke on the verandah,and perhaps put smokers on one side of the ship.I do not smoke outside on my verandah if my neighbor is outside.I tolerate everyones cologne and perfume do you think thats ok for people when you are trying to enjoy your dinner?If cruise ships become non smoking I will never cruise again and my husbnd a non smoker won’t either.I think maybe we should do away with alcohol too.I really can’t tolerate a drunk.

  • Carol G

    I was delighted to learn that HAL will institute a no smoking policy in the cabins and will be even more so, when it extends to the balconies. Way to go HAL!

  • Henk

    Wat een reakties “rook vrije schepen” is geweest bij Carnival maar mislukt.
    Echte Amerikaanse reacties, ze hebben in de USA alles uitgevonden wat God
    verboden heeft, nu zijn ze vromer als de Paus.
    In de cabin niet roken fantastisch maar overdrijf het niet, rook vrij balkon
    ga dan naar “Celibrity” deze nieuwe regels zijn een prima alternatief voor iedereen.

  • Lyn & Chris Griffiths

    With fire being the greatest hazard aboard a ship, we have never understood why anyone is allowed to light small fires (smoking material) any time they wish. Smokers (addicted to their drug of choice) put everyone’s safety, as well as everyone’s health, as risk. Carnival Corporation needs to get really brave: tell all passengers that the ONLY place they may ever smoke aboard is in one small area at the stern. And if casino smoking is still to be permitted, then casinos should be completely enclosed. No passenger should ever have to endure being put in jeopardy by the smoking habit of someone else! Keep moving forward, HAL!

  • Bearskin

    Just got off the Oosterdam, where cigarettes are sold by the box load in one of the on-board shops. Makes u wonder…and then there is always people who toss their smokes overboard from their verandah…putting the rest of us in great danger. SMOKING AT SEA ABOARD CRUISE SHIPS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED.

  • daybrake

    I just booked my first cruise to Alaska on HAL for June 2012. I’m glad to hear about this new smoking policy as both my husband and I cannot breathe in a room that has been exposed to cigarette smoke. I think HAL should ban smoking in all staterooms, including those with verandas and ban smoking in all public areas. If they continue to allow smoking in some of the public rooms (casino, etc.) that just means that there will be sections of the ship that eliminate non-smokers using that area. If HAL continues to allow smoking on the veranda staterooms — I definitely won’t be booking a veranda room. Sad that the HAL agent who sold me on HAL cruise line due to the number of veranda rooms did not mention this policy to me. I might just need to consider cancelling and rebooking with another cruise line.

  • James McCurdy

    No matter what you do, the smoke in the bars and casino will eventually come around to where you are. My wife and I have had to stay out of the piano bar and the Crows Nest because of the smoking. You have made a good start, but I agree with others; smoking only on the upper deck, outside and at the aft of the ship. Or better yet, why not ban smoking altogether!!!

  • Epp

    I hear many, many complaints about smoking on HAL ships (especially in the casinos and on the verandahs/balconies). My husband and I have been cruising for many years and were about to book our first cruise on HAL for June 5-17, 2012. I am very allergic to smoke and have been happy to see other cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Princess, Crystal, etc.) ban smoking from ALL indoor areas AND the balconies. I would like to see ALL smoking banned on ALL ships (on ALL cruise lines) except for one area on the upper public decks…no more puffing away inside in public areas, lounges and definitely not on the verandahs. Smoking by others on their verandahs keeps those of us allergic to smoke from enjoying our verandahs. I have read a lot of reviews of HAL that state the crew doesn’t even enforce the no smoking in areas where it is banned such as the theater. Will have to rethink my June booking.

  • Valerie

    HAL, are you listening to your guests? Please consider placing smoking ban on verandahs; bars and casino. Smoking on upper public decks sounds good to me.

  • PatB

    Just got back from a cruise on Seabourn Spirit. Only smoking guest I saw was on the pier, and I never saw smoking on any of the open decks. Could it be because we passengers have outgrown the childish need for smoking??

    I never could figure out why Holland America would so whole-heartedly support such a worthy cause as “On Deck for the Cure” while forcing cancer survivors to endure the insane amount of 2nd hand smoke, also a cause of cancer. As a cancer survivor, I too have been subject to the miseries of attempting to sit on my verandah in clouds of cigarette smoke from extremely inconsiderate guests.

    Please Holland America… get with the program and clean up the air on the balconies and open decks. You’ve made a start… please keep going. In the meantime, I’m staying with Seabourn.

  • Andree

    Note to HAL, I would love a ban on smoking on the balcony also. I cruise to enjoy the clean sea air. Put the smokers on the back of the ship so we are sailing away from that stinky smoke!

  • Gloria Marrone

    As a non-smoker, I prefer not to have to breathe in smoke from a nearby balcony. Therefore I will not book a balcony stateroom on HAL until smoking is restricted on balconies. I go on cruises to breathe clean air. HAL should move with the rest of the industry to ban smoking on stateroom balconies. Otherwise we will have even more smokers booking balconies on HAL ships.

  • Pat

    I know it’s a post about smoking,and I do smoke.I would like to see alcohol banned on all ships too. Nothing worse then a bunch of drunks to ruin a cruise.

  • Sylvia Turner

    Thank-you Holland America I have recently booked a cruise April 2, 2016 on the Holland Westerdam Encircle 30-Day Hawaii -Tahiti Cruise,and I would like to say Thank-you for Not banning,or changing the smoking-policy on private balconies!.

  • Tracy

    Hello,Holland. Please Do Not Ban cigarette smoking on private balconies !.. I pay for my balcony,and I am a very considerate smoker. Having a couple of cigarettes & wine sitting on my private balcony on a cruise is truly my relaxing vacation cruise !1.. Banning women & men wearing too-much over-loaded cologone,and perfume should that should be banned,Not Cigarettes !! Each cruise I have taken I have become sick from the men & women wearing too-much perfume & cologone,and I have never reported my sickness. Smoker’s are very thoughtful to other’s when smoking a cigarette on balconies. Holland ,PLease Do Not Ban Smoking from private balconies,as I recently have booked a 30-Day Hawaii-Tahiti Cruise,and I feel my money is just as good as a Non-Smoker!.. Also I have been on at least 25 Cruises,and have never seen but 3 people on their balconies when I went out on my balcony to smoke. I feel Smoker’s are trying to control Smokers’,and it is not right…we pay for our cabin also like the Non-Smokers. Smokers are made to go to different smoking areas all over the ship,and when on the ship which is very tiring,going up the elevators,and stairs..this is very tiring,and very inconveniet for a Smoking passengers, Holland Please Continue To Allow Smoking On Private Balconies !.. Thank you. Seriously People Need To Know Smokers have rights.and we do not walk around blowing smoke in peoople’s faces !.. Actually the Non-Smokers are very rarelys een siting on their balconies!.. The Non-Smoker’s want to control the Smoker’s,and it not right!.. Please Do Not Stop, or Ban Smoking On Balconies !.. Thank you.

  • Deano

    I had planned to book a 10 Day Caribbean cruise with HAL and have sent a request to the travel agent.

    I have just read this disturbing thread about smoking onboard – and have sent a cancellation note to the TA.

    There is NO WAY I will allow myself to be stunk out by inconsiderate smokers. Either HAL bans smoking all but in designated spots or I go with another cruise ship.

  • Ana

    I was devastated to learn that HAL allows smoking on balconies!!! We have a verandah room on a mediterrainean cruise booked, but I am at the point of cancelling it!! Why would I want to pay money for having to breath in someone’s second hand smoke? And I DO want to enjoy being on my varandah, because I PAID for it!!! I will definitely request a non-smoking area or a refund for not being able to use verandah. This is all so upsetting, we do not live in the 70-s or 80-s. HAL is going to lose a lot of customers, starting with our family.

  • Charlotte sharp

    I am so tired of hearing non smokers over react to smoking on verandas as the breeze blows the smoke out to sea. why are non smokers so over the top about smoking? as a smoker I am always considerate of non smokers but I don’t want to be treated as a second class citizen. in good faith I compliment you on your stand. sincerely, Charlotte Sharp

  • Linda Bocelli

    As a person who loves cruising and a smoker, im delighted that Holland America still allows smoking on private verandas! I know this doesnt make non smokers happy but having all my rights taken away is not at all pleasant. I understand completely the restrictions throughout the ship but not on my veranda!! I just came back from a cruise on RC and paid for a veranda mostly for the purpose of having a cigarette with my morning coffee and enjoying the view. I was sadly disappointed with their no smoking policy. Most people who smoke on a cruise are not gonna spend the day just hanging on the balcony smoking. We all have a degree of rights and I found it very inconvient and took away from my relaxation! Needless to say, I will no longer sail on any cruiseline that enforces this rule! I believe in being fair to everyone but that rule is rediculous. So Holland America thank you for your understanding and your permission regarding smoking on Verandas.

  • Linda Bocelli

    I just left a post regarding the smoking on veranda, which Im in favor of but felt I needed to add another statement to it. Im a non drinker, but cruiselines across the globe encourage drinking of alcohol. This leaves me to deal with people who start drinking from the minute they wake in the morning until they pass out at night!! Come now, to I get to stop this? No, because the cruiselines are looking to make a rediculous amount of money from these passengers!! So lets be fair here people!!!!

  • Nancy Wolf

    Do any Holland America ships have enclosed casinos? The reason I’m asking is that we (with asthma) found it very difficult to travel through the ship on the 5th floor (the floor with all the activities and dining rooms) of the Zaandam MS because of the smoking in the casino. In my opinion, having an open area that is a smoking section is like having a peeing section in a public pool. Please tell me that newer ships have a different design.

  • Julie

    Hi Nancy, the location is different on each class of ship. On Pinnacle Class, it’s more forward before the theater. If you visit you can look at all of the ship deck plans.


    I agree with both sides as a smoker who has been a 8 cruises with Royal I am looking for a cruise line that allows smoking on balconies. but would agree that smoking balconies can absolutely be on one side of the ship or one end of the ship. just let us know what rooms to book


    TG. they still allow smoking on bacl. Booking my cruise NOW

  • lino bettencourt

    hello we are planning in febuary 2020 to cruise with hooland cruises like the nieuw statendam or the nieuw Amsterdam, can you please tell me if there is smoking in the casino or else where, its just because we are smokers and we would like to know before we book ty.

  • Julie

    There are designated smoking nights in the casino for active players. Also in the Sea View Bar area.

  • Candy

    Re: Smoking policies on Holland America. I’ve been researching this for a Mar 2020 cruise on the Oosterdam (cause I smoke!). Here’s quote from their 2019 “What you need to know before you go” brochure (you can find it on the Holland America website, too).

    All staterooms, suites, and verandahs are non-smoking. Guests in
    violation of our policy will be charged a $250 per day cleaning fee.
    E-cigarettes are permitted in staterooms, otherwise only in
    designated smoking areas.
    Except as otherwise noted, cigar and pipe smoking is not allowed
    anywhere inside the ship; it is only permitted in designated
    outdoor smoking areas.
    Designated Smoking Areas
    Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Oosterdam, and
    Westerdam, Zuiderdam
    º Sea View Bar area
    º Oak Room (Noordam only, including cigar and pipe smoking)
    Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam
    º Sea View Bar area
    º Casino (designated nights, active players only)
    Amsterdam, Maasdam, Volendam, and Zaandam
    º Sea View Bar area
    º Sports Deck, outside Crow’s Nest
    º Casino (designated nights, active players only)
    Rotterdam, and Veendam
    º The Retreat Bar area
    º Sports Deck, outside Crow’s Nest
    º Casino (designated nights, active players only)
    Note that outdoor smoking areas may be designated as port or
    starboard, varying by ship. Please comply with ship signage.
    Holland America Line reserves the right at any time to modify the
    smoking policy onboard or alter the locations where smoking is

  • lino bettencourt

    hi we are planning to book on the westerdam for our 40th wedding anniversary, is there packages all inclusive for drinks and dinning and wifi?, alsois there smoking allowed in the casino its because we are smokers, we are planning to do a medeterranean cruise in april 20 2021 , hopefullywe hope this virus will go away so we wont have to wear masks ty.

  • Julie

    Hi Lino, there are drink, dining and Wifi packages. Please call ship services for assistance: 800–541–1576. As for smoking, it is only allowed in the casino on these ships:Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam, Volendam and Zaandam.

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