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Holland America Line Extends Pause of Cruise Operations Through Dec. 15, 2020

With the continuation of travel and port restrictions due to global health concerns, Holland America Line is extending its pause of cruise operations and cancelling departures on all ships through Dec. 15, 2020.

The pause extension affects Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal, Pacific Coastal, South America, Antarctica, Hawaii, South Pacific, Australia and Asia itineraries.

Guests Automatically Receive Bonus Future Cruise Credit
Those with impacted cruises automatically will be cancelled, and no action is needed for guests opting for the Future Cruise Credit (FCC). All guests will receive an FCC per person as follows:
• Paid in Full: Those who had paid in full will receive 125% FCC of the base cruise fare paid to Holland America Line.
• Not Paid in Full: Those with bookings not paid in full will receive an FCC of double the amount of the deposit paid for the cruise. The minimum FCC is $100 and the maximum will be an amount up to the base cruise fare paid.

The FCC is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and may be used to book sailings departing through Dec. 31, 2022. All other funds paid to Holland America Line may be transferred to a new booking or will automatically be refunded via the method of payment used to purchase the services.

Full Refund Option Also Available
Guests who prefer a 100% refund of monies paid to Holland America Line can visit the Cancellation Preferences form to indicate this preference no later than Sept. 15, 2020.

The above options are not applicable to guests booked on a charter sailing. Other booking and cancellation conditions and policies may apply if the cruise was not booked through Holland America Line. See the terms and conditions in the Cancellation Preferences form for all details.

Recognizing the vital role travel advisors play in the success of the cruise industry, Holland America Line will protect travel advisor commissions on bookings for cancelled cruises that were paid in full and for the total amount of the FCC when rebooked.

As previously announced, Holland America Line paused global cruise operations and cancelled all Alaska, Europe and Canada/New England cruises for 2020; additional departures from the port of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 2020; and select Hawaii itineraries for early 2021.

  • Kenneth Dick

    Julie – I know because of CDC’s Conditional Sailing Order that HAL may need some time to work out how they plan to get approval to sail from US ports. And, that might delay how soon they announce plans for those cruises. Of note, Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line have removed and/or canceled December 2020 cruises. But, there should be no confusion about Asia, Australia/NZ, and South America cruises – THEY ARE NOT HAPPENING. Joyce deserves an announcement on her South America/Antarctica cruise. Jayshree deserves an announcement on her Australia/NZ cruise. And, David and I deserve an announcement on our Asia cruise. Give us an answer NOW, and announce/adjust US cruises as you decide those.

  • Ian Anderson

    Princess have cancelled the early 2021 cruise season in Australia and New Zealand, accepting that it is not possible with the COVID situation.
    Why is HAL so tardy to act. We are booked on a cruise that cannot go ahead. Act. Extend your pause and then we can re book at cruise in 2022.

  • Lesley

    I just want to thank Holland America for giving us all so much pleasure by anchoring in Torbay while sailings are cancelled. It is a beautiful sight in all weathers and much appreciated.

  • Kenneth Dick

    So, pause/cancellation extended to 31 December. If my 30 January Asia cancelled how does HAL handle airfare purchased through FlightEase?

  • Julie

    Hi Kenneth, that is a good question. How it’s handle depends on if you choose an FCC for your cancelled cruise or refund, and if you are paid in full or not. Please contact HAL reservations so someone can walk you through the process: 877-932-4259.

  • David Brown

    I have a cruise booked for March 21 but I think it’s too early to cruise. My travel agent wants full payment in early December. I have paid over 2500 pounds up front and they have told me if I cancel I will loose over 1200 pounds. Do you have any idea if your cancelations will extend though to March 21. Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

  • Kenneth Dick

    Reading about the Singapore Cruises to Nowhere & the CDC requirements it sounds like ships are going to sail at about 50% occupancy to maintain social distancing. How will Holland America handle overbooking (if that happens)?

  • Julie

    Hi David, please call reservations, as we don’t have these details at the blog.

  • Marci Vaughn

    I terribly miss sailing on your ships. Your staff was the best. Even now when my kids are down about their current situation, I remind them of Chocolate Night. They get so excited and animated remembering their time cruising. We cant wait to be with all of you again. Until then, thanks for the memories.

  • Carl Nocho

    When will the Scandinavian cruise resume?



  • Julie

    Hi Brenda, we’ve been told it could take up to six weeks.

  • Margaret

    We booked through Trzvel at 60 for a cruise up inside passage and land tour Yukon etc for May 2020. We were adviced firstly in March 2020 that HAL had cancelled all cruises for 2020 till Sept. We were offered 100% credit if we booked before 31 December 2020. We have had contact with Travel at 60 tellingnus we only have 75% crwdit as we cancelled?!
    My question to HAL is where do we stand? Do we still get 100% credit?
    When do we need to book by?
    Do we have to book the same tour or can we book one closer to home as we are in Australia and if we leave Australia we can’t come home.
    Can we go through another agent as this one appears to not be honouing your agreements with us.

  • Julie

    Hi Margaret, please contact Holland America Line reservations to get the best answers to your questions, especially about your agent not honoring our policies.

  • Mary Rinaldi

    When will the Africa world cruise be rescheduled?

  • Genevieve Kisselburg

    Hello, my question is can I postpone my European cruise scheduled to depart Barcelona April 22,2021 to a later date and keep the same price? Thank you, Genevieve

  • Julie

    Please call reservations or your travel advisor to discuss options about postponing.

  • Kathryn Smith Derksen

    Are you going to be resuming cruises to Alaska late spring 2021? Thank you.

  • Don C.

    You state: “Not Paid in Full: Those with bookings not paid in full will receive an FCC of double the amount of the deposit paid for the cruise.” We just received our FCC for a canceled cruise where he had only paid a deposit and the amount of the FCC was only 125% of the deposit paid, not double the amount.

  • Julie

    Don, please call reservations or your travel professional to clear up any problems that might have occurred with your FCC.

  • Julie


  • Bobbie Campbell

    We are booked and paid in full for May 9 2021 Baltic’s and Norway cruise 21days out of Amsterdam. I recently heard you have cancelled all cruises until 1 May, 2021. Have you any indication if ours will be canceled also? Thanks fir your reply.

  • Julie

    Hi Bobbie, we have not made an announcement on a further pause at this time.

  • Julie

    Hi Kenneth, unfortunately, we don’t have answers to your comment here at the blog. Please reach out to your travel advisor or contact reservations directly to discuss it more in-depth. With that said, the only decisions that have been made at this time are on our website.

  • Mark

    We heard from our travel agent that HAL was considering pausing Alaska 2020 cruises. We haven’t heard anything firm. Do you have any information. Thank you.

  • Robert Baptista

    I see Canada has blocked all curses to ports for 2021. The last leg of our trip was from Whitter to Victoria on the Nordam in June. What is Holland Americas plans?
    Thank you

  • Julie

    We have not made any decisions at this time.

  • Tom Blaedon

    We are booked on the Northern Isles cruise Amsterdam-Norway-Iceland-Scotland-Amsterdam leaving July 18, 2021. Those countries have either closed borders (Norway) or very stringent COVID testing and quarantine requirements for travelers. How would those restrictions be handled for cruise ship visitors? Is this cruise itinerary a candidate to be canceled in the near future? Final payment is due by mid-April. I would hope an announcement is made regarding this cruise prior to the payment date. Please advise.

  • Julie

    Hi Tom, unfortunately we don’t have further cancellation details beyond June 30, 2021, at this time. Please keep checking and the blog for updates.

  • Sandra Grant

    WE received a future cruise credit for a cancelled cruise last year. We have seen the cruise that we missed out on advertised with a sailing date of August 2022. The wording on our cruise credits states “may be used to book sailings ” and yet we have been told we would need to pay a reservation fee if we wish to book this cruise Why would we pay Holland America any more money when they are already holding $19000 we have paid?

  • Julie

    Hi Sandra, please call your travel advisor or HAL reservations to discuss a future booking, as we don’t have access to the system to see what’s going on to give you guidance.

  • Bonnie parker

    We have a late August Alaska cruise booked and paid .
    When will we know if cancelled . If HCCL cancels do we get a full refund?

  • Julie

    We are still looking at options and have not cancelled at this time. If we cancel, you can take a refund or Future Cruise Credit.

  • Susan McDonald

    When are you planning to restart cruising around Australia. When does your Pause finish?

  • Julie

    At this time our return to Australia is still be evaluated.

  • Donna

    We have booked for your around Australian cruise departing Sydney November 2021
    The balance is due in August 2021
    Will this cruise be going ahead

  • Julie

    Hi Donna, we are still working through Australia departures. Please contact reservations for questions related to your departure.

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