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Recharge in Secluded Luxury at The Retreat on Your Next Cruise

As many cruisers know, Holland America Line combines personalized service and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with innovative and engaging onboard amenities. One of the amenities that best shows Holland America Line’s unique ambiance is “The Retreat.”

Currently on Eurodam, Koningsdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Westerdam and Zuiderdam, The Retreat is an outdoor area that is perfect for guests looking for a quieter, more luxurious place to rejuvenate during their cruise. To make sure those at this prime location can enjoy the wonderful views and take in the relaxing atmosphere, The Retreat includes private cabanas, lounge chairs, sun beds and an exclusive bar. The cabanas are perfect for guests who love to be outside but seeking a secluded sanctuary where they can be pampered by a dedicated staff. Some of the cabanas overlook the sea; others overlook the pool deck — but they all provide unique views of the surroundings.


An aerial shot of Koningsdam’s Retreat area.

Imagine watching the glaciers of Alaska pass by, seeing the lakes and locks of the Panama Canal up close or simply enjoying the sunshine of the Caribbean in a private area where you know your cabana and deck chairs will be waiting.

Along with the luxurious amenities, a simple lunch is served at The Retreat each day, which can be enjoyed with a mixed drink from the exclusive bar for Retreat guests.

The Retreat on Eurodam.

The corner cabana at the The Retreat on Eurodam has stunning sea views.

The Retreat on Westerdam.

The Retreat on Westerdam.

Service at the Retreat

We’re ready to serve you at The Retreat!

Ready to experience The Retreat? Add Retreat reservations, which include a cabana, to your next cruise by calling ship services or through your preferred travel professional prior to your cruise. Relax, recharge and reach total rejuvenation at The Retreat today!

  • kathleen campbell

    Pease advise on fees for the retreat on the Oosterdam

  • Julie

    The price of The Retreat varies by sea day or port day and length of rental. You can rent per day or per cruise. For example, it’s $125 on a sea day, $75 on a port day, or $549 for a cruise up to seven days, $699 for a 10-day cruise or $999 for up to 20 days. It’s best to call your travel professional or HAL for firm information on your cruise.

  • Inga

    Is the Retreat adult only?

  • Julie

    It is not adults only.

  • Anne

    What are the operating hours?

  • Julie

    They are open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily.

  • Rosa

    My first lime in a long time….. with HAL, do you have something similar like The Retreat, with no charge, we are seniors but cannot possibly pay that kind of money for this very nice experience.

    I have travelled with Cunard four times and we do not have to pay for this experience, that is why I am asking.

    Thank you.

    The Coppola’s

  • Julie

    Hi Rosa, there are many areas on deck to lounge, including around the Lido pool and on deck. The aft pool is often less crowded. However, the only private cabanas on deck are at The Retreat area.

  • Janet Kuras

    How many guests/chairs per cabana?

  • Julie

    It depends on the location and ship. Most accommodate two adults with two loungers. The larger Family Cabanas corner units can take 4 adults with 4 loungers.

  • Kathy

    Are there a limited number of family cabanas on the Koningsdam?
    Do you book the retreat in advance of sailing?

  • Denise

    Hi! Regarding the prices mentioned, are they per person or per cabana? Thanks!

  • Susan

    Hello, we would like to inquire, please, on all of the cabana options for the 7-day Mexican Riviera Holiday cruise this December on the ms Eurodam. Thank you.

  • Julie

    Hi Susan, we do not have booking info at the blog. Please contact HAL reservations for cabana options for your cruise: 1–877–932–4259

  • Julie

    Hi Denise! It’s per day for two in a standard and four in a family.

  • Julie

    There are only two family cabanas on Koningsdam. They are the larger corner ones. Please call ships services or ask your travel agent to make the booking: 1–800–541–1576

  • Gary

    I heard the cabanas on the Noordam aren’t available. When did they first go out of service and when will they be available again?

  • barbara ursillo

    On the zuiderdam is there a smoking area when you rent a cabana

  • Julie

    The Retreat on Noordam no longer exists as of September 2017. Current plans are to revert it back to a sun deck.

  • Donna

    Just curious it says the hours are 9-5. Is that “service” hours or is it actually locked off prior to and after hours. Only asking because I sometimes like to enjoy the quiet morning and head out a little early. Would be nice to be able to access my cabana. Thanks

  • Julie

    There is not. The Retreat is a non-smoking area. There are designated smoking areas onboard, but not at The Retreat.

  • Julie

    Hi Donna, yes, you can go into The Retreat. There will just be no service at this time.

  • Phoebe

    Julie, my sisters and I have secured a family cabana on the Eurodam. When there is “no” service , before 9 am and after 5 pm, can anyone access our reserved space? Public access?

  • Julie

    There is public access, but it is roped off. However, it’s not under lock. We do find that most guests don’t just pick a cabana to relax in. That said, I would not leave anything behind. You will LOVE having the cabana! Enjoy!!

  • Phoebe

    Thank you Julie. It will be hard NOT to enjoy this special trip.

  • Kathy

    If you book a cabana on the Oosterdam for the whole cruise are you assigned a certain cabana? Can you pick?

  • Kathy

    If you book a cabana on the Oosterdam for the whole cruise are you assigned a certain cabana? Can you pick? Also before 9 and after 5 access would be important.

  • Julie

    Hi Kathy! Yes you are assigned. If a cabana you like is available you can request it. And you have access before 9 and after 5, there is just no service.

  • Julie

    Hi Kathy! Yes and if there’s availability you can request!

  • Rimma

    I booked a 2019 transatlantic cruise on currently being built ship Nieuw Statendam. Will it have ‘Retreat’ or any other (Lido?) cabanas? If yes, how much it would cost for 14-days cruise? Do you charge daily or for entire cruise? What is the terms of booking and payments for the cabana? Are all cabanas the same (size wise or/and price)

  • Julie

    Nieuw Statendam does have The Retreat. There are two different sizes, the regular and family. The family are larger, and there are only two. You can book daily or for the whole voyage. Please contact reservations for exact pricing: 1–877–932–4259.

  • Barbara Fenton

    Hello! We loved the cabana with the excellent service on the nieuw Amsterdam and koningsdam and are now looking at a cruise on the volendam. Does the volendam have the cabanas?

  • Julie

    Hi Barbara, so glad you enjoyed the Cabanas! Volendam does not have the Retreat area. The ships that have it in addition to Nieuw Amsterdam and Koningsdam are Eurodam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Westerdam and Zuiderdam.

  • Jennifer


    We are traveling on the Westerdam in late May on the Northbound Alaska route from Vancouver. We have booked a Retreat Cabana and a Lido Cabana in the past on other ships in warm weather destinations. Since this trip is to Alaska, can you please tell me if there will be Retreat Cabanas or Lido cabanas? I’m not sure how the colder weather impacts everything.



  • Julie

    Hi Jennifer, Westerdam does have The Retreat on the Sports Deck. There are 15 cabanas, including two family ones. They aren’t as popular on Alaska cruises because of the weather. But it’s still a nice, private area. You will have better viewing of the glaciers on the forward or aft deck so you can see everything, but The Retreat is nice for relaxing if you don’t mind the chill.

  • Dan

    So for the Alaska cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam how do I book a cabana? Can’t seem to find any details. Thanks

  • Julie

    Please contact ship services: 1–800–541–1576

  • John

    Hi. When you reserve before the sailing by calling Ship Services, can you reserve particular days, or just the entire cruise?

  • Julie

    Either. You can reserve for the entire cruise or just a day or two. Up to you!

  • Debbie

    When I called ship services they said they could only reserve it for the entire cruise, not just a day or two. They said if I wanted a day or two, I had to wait to see if they were available when I arrive on the ship.

  • Sharon

    Is there a retreat area on board the Noordam? Someone earlier said it was being changed to just a sun deck.

  • Julie

    There is no longer a Retreat area on Noordam. That’s correct, it’s a sun deck now (as of Sept. 2017).

  • Fran

    Will my Mariner discount apply to rental of the cabana?

  • Julie

    Hi Fran, it does not apply to Cabana rentals.

  • Muriel Davidson

    Are there any cabanas on Koningsdam other than in the retreat areas?

  • Julie

    Hi Murial, not on Koningsdam. Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam have Lido Cabanas, but Koningsdam only has Retreat cabanas.

  • Catherine Jones

    Hi what is the daily rate for a family cabana on the Nieuw Amsterdam please.

  • Bill

    There are 5 adults in our party. Would be all be able to use the family retreat at the same time on the Eurodam?

    Thank you, Bill

  • Julie

    The rental is for four adults so you would be charged an additional $25 per day for the fifth guest.

  • Julie

    Hi Catherine, the daily rate for a family cabana is $75 for a port day, $125 for a sea day. We also offer packages. For example, up to a 7-day cruise is $549. Please call Ship Services: 855-932-1711.

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