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Exclusive Club Orange Program Will be Available on All Ships by October 2019

Holland America Line’s popular new Club Orange premium amenities program will be available on all ships in the fleet by October 2019. Currently on nine ships, Club Orange gives guests an additional level of luxury and service with priority access, exclusive amenities and special events.

Club Orange is available to purchase for a limited number of non-suite staterooms on each sailing, and features stateroom upgrades within the category booked and a special “Captain’s Choice” onboard event. Guests in Neptune and Pinnacle suites will also receive all of the benefits of Club Orange at no additional charge (excluding the stateroom upgrade and onboard event). All Club Orange guests are privy to extra privileges — from a private dining venue to priority services and a dedicated concierge hotline.

“Club Orange is fast becoming a favorite on board with its exclusive services like priority access and private dining, so we’re pleased to expand this program fleet wide so even more guests can take advantage of the benefits,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “Club Orange is an exceptional value and our guests appreciate how much the extra touches and services enhance their cruise experience. And with the newly added stateroom upgrade and special event for guests purchasing the program, the value is even greater.”

New Amenities for Club Orange
Guests who purchase Club Orange will receive an upgrade within the booked category to the best available stateroom. The upgrade will be based on availability at the time of Club Orange purchase. Also new to the program is a “Captain’s Choice” event that takes place during the cruise, also exclusively for guests who purchase Club Orange. The event could be one of several planned special experiences that may include a behind the scenes hotel department tour, exclusive pre-opening shopping access, private coffee chat with Music Walk musicians and cast members and more.

Priority Access
Amenities that come with the exclusive Club Orange program include priority check-in and disembarkation, priority tender service and priority alternative restaurant reservations made on board. Club Orange guests also have a dedicated line at Guest Services and the shore excursion desk, as well as a dedicated concierge hotline on board for dining reservations, tour assistance, general questions and support.

Private Dining
For most of the fleet, a dedicated section of the dining room will be designated for use by Club Orange guests for breakfast and dinner. On Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam, a separate Club Orange restaurant is open every day for breakfast and dinner. The venue serves the same menu featured in Pinnacle Grill for breakfast and the dining room for dinner. Menus on all ships will feature additional daily dishes exclusive to Club Orange.

Additional benefits to Club Orange members include an enhanced in-stateroom à la carte breakfast dining menu with complimentary premium selections such as steak and eggs or smoked salmon Benedict, a welcome glass of sparkling wine at dinner on embarkation day, premium bathrobe for use in stateroom (and available for purchase and monogramming), and an exclusive Club Orange tote bag.

The cost of Club Orange is $35 per person per day on Nieuw Statendam and Koningsdam and $25 per person per day on all other ships. The first and second guest in the same stateroom are both required to purchase the program. There is no additional charge for third and fourth guests in the same stateroom. Club Orange must be purchased prior to cruise departure and is not available for purchase on board.

Once a guest has booked their cruise, they or their travel advisor can add Club Orange by contacting Holland America Line Ship Inventory at 1-888-628-8107 or 206-626-7381.

  • Gary Zimmerman

    I LOVE this option! I want these perks WITHOUT having to get a suite which I don’t need. I use a room to sleep, shower and get dressed. Don’t need or use a room for anything else. So an inside room is all I need. Don’t want to spend money on a room I don’t need. Yet I still want some of the perks hat are given with suites. I will pay extra for those perks.

    I also don’t want to have to wait till I have taken umpteen hundred days of cruises to get the perks and items I want too. I am more then willing to pay for those special perks. Such as dedicated lines, early embarkation, early tinder access, nicer robes, etc…

    One improvement in club orange I would like to see, is for it to INCLUDE internet access for two devices per stateroom. That should be engraved included in the price for club orange. Two of your competitors include internet in their “VIP” packages.

    But keep this package! I love it!

    To those who don’t like the segregation… I’m sorry, but to bad.

  • Gary Zimmerman

    I want the amenities and perks of club orange and am willing to pay for it!

    I don’t want to have to cruise for umpteen hundred days to get these perks!

    I also don’t want to have to buy a suite I do not need or will not use to get the perks of Club Orange. I only use a room to sleep, change clothes, and to take a shower. Therefore I do not need to pay for a suite that I will never use.

    Without being able to “BUY” these perks, cruising would not be near as enjoyable.

    In fact, I want more Mariner perks, and suite perks should be included in Club Orange. I am willing to pay for those perks that I will use and make my cruise more enjoyable.

    Internet for two devices per stateroom should also be an included in the price of Club Orange. Other cruise companies include internet in their “VIP” packages.

    To those who are 3, 4, and 5 star mariners…. you get those perks for no extra fee other then being a frequent cruiser, where as I am willing to pay extra for them. For those of you who get suites. You are paying for these perks in the price of your suite.

    Why shouldn’t Holland America sell me these perks if I am willing to pay for them, and if they will make my cruise more enjoyable?

    As far as classes go? That’s one thing I wish cruises brought back. It’s one thing I love about airlines and I won’t fly anything but first class.

  • William Wilke

    What are Mariners Number Thanks Bill

  • Julie

    Hi Bill, please call the Mariner Deck for assistance: 1-800-547-9139

  • Candace Reed

    I absolutely hate that Neptune Suite guests no longer have breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill. This restaurant is no replacement. I actually have booked other ships over this issue.

  • Julie

    Hi Candace, suite guests on non-Pinnacle Class ships still can have breakfast in Pinnacle Grill. This is only a change to Club Orange on Nieuw Statendam, Koningsdam and the upcoming Rotterdam.

  • Julie C

    We are about to book our 3rd New Year’s cruise and our last one (2019-2020) we were offered the Club Orange upgrade. We absolutely loved it and plan on doing it again this time, once it is available. The comments about this program (which only costs $25/ day) creating a separation of classes is just bizarre to me. I’d understand if you said that about the extras available to suite guests or mariner status, but about this program? I don’t think so, if anything it’s more inclusive.

  • Arleen Starling ng

    I intend to purchase immediately

  • Ed Kocher

    Does OC have tables for 2?

  • Julie

    Yes it does!

  • Pat dyar

    Dining at
    Club Orange was so much more pleasant than the dining room where you can’t hear what anyone is saying.

  • Barbara

    Does Club Orange allow eatly check in? I know there’s priority chevk in.
    A line we sail most with, their VIP service allows 11am check in. In addition to the internet as someone else mentioned.

  • John Morrow

    Can someone in an Oceanview cabin purchase Club Orange?

  • Julie

    Hi John, anyone can purchase Club Orange. Enjoy!

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