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The Lanai: A Unique Stateroom Experience on a Holland America Line Cruise

Holland America Line is known for graceful mid-sized ships with a generous amount of personal space for guests as they cruise the world. Some cruisers might be surprised to learn that Holland America extends this roomy cruise experience to the promenade deck on five of our ships: Amsterdam, Maasdam, Rotterdam, Veendam and Volendam with our Lanai staterooms.


Lanai Stateroom on Deck 6 on Veendam

Along with being spacious, what makes these staterooms unique is a sliding glass door that leads directly onto the walk-around Lower Promenade Deck for instant access to reserved deck chairs that make it easy to enjoy the gorgeous, panoramic views. Plus, privacy is not sacrificed with one-way mirrored glass.


Lanai stateroom on Deck 3 on Rotterdam.

So now you know that in addition to traditional inside, outside, verandah and suite stateroom categories, Lanais offer a unique option on your next cruise. If you’re interested in enjoying this special experience, book a Lanai stateroom directly on the Holland America website or through your preferred travel professional.

  • Barbara Harrleson

    I’ve cruised with Holland American several times. Will be on the Veendam on Dec.22,2017. Just wondering if there was any vacant cabins left for a up grade. Have never been upgraded before in all my 26 cruises. I book with Cruise Web (Rashell O’Neal) for all my Cruises. Just asking.

  • Julie

    Barbara, you will need to contact or 1–877–932–4259 for more information on an upgrade. Enjoy your cruise!

  • Elizabeth Marian Sloane

    I was once honored to receive an upgrade to the Lanai category. It was a long time ago before the Lanai staterooms were so popular. I was very grateful for the experience which was wonderful. If you can afford it, go for it.

  • Catherine

    Had a Lanai cabin on the Veendam and loved the convenience of it….just be sure to close your drapes!!

  • anton slijk

    lanai cabin description incorrect . sliding doors suggest more than one

  • Julie

    Thanks for pointing that out, Anton.

  • Sharon Howe

    Hello: I will be sailing on the Amsterdam in one of their Lanai cabins. I was able to search to see what my cabin looked like last year, but it appears that lanai cabin pictures have not been taken yet as I believe they were only made when the Amsterdam was refurbished. I would love to see my cabin. Love HAL and especially The Amsterdam

  • Julie

    Hi Sharon, we’re delighted that you’ll be cruising with us again! Please contact Reservations to see if they have the images you seek. Unfortunately we don’t have a full library at the blog. Bon voyage!

  • Julie

    The lanai staterooms describe “reserved deck seating”. Is deck seating reserved for each lanai cabin? If so, is it one or two chairs for each lanai cabin? My other experience with HAL was a cabin with private verandah so would like to clarify the “outside” situation with a lanai stateroom. Thank you!

  • Julie

    Hi Julie, yes, it is reserved seating right outside your Lanai. There are two deck chairs per Lanai stateroom with “reserved” on them. Since it’s an open deck other guests might sit in them when not in use, but you can ask them to kindly find other seating as they are reserved for you.

  • Isabella

    If sliding door is mirrored glass, why is closing drapes needed.

  • Julie

    Hi Isabella, it is mirrored glass, but sometimes when the lights are on or people get interested, the drapes prevent anyone from trying to peek in since it’s along the promenade. Also, to keep the sunshine out so you can have a darker room. All of our staterooms have drapes.

  • Mark Herrett

    Our next cruise is on the ms Volendam in a Lanai stateroom. My mom is disabled and I’m hoping that our lifeboat station is right outside our sliding glass door. She will be in a wheelchair or her scooter. Looking forward to seeing Alaska again for a fourth time on HAL.

  • Natalie Boos

    Are there screen doors, preferably ones that lock so that we can have security AND some ocean breeze in the evenings? Thanks

  • Julie

    Not on the Lanai staterooms.

  • Sherlyn

    Are most of the lanais mid ship?

  • Julie

    Yes, due to them opening on to the deck.

  • Michael Harless

    I have a question, How many electric outlets are in the room, and what news channels are available and is there a decent internet service? Our recent cruise with another cruise line left us desperate for all three.

  • Julie

    Hi Michael, there are four in the stateroom near the desk for standard cabin and one in bathroom for razors. In the suites there might be a few more. As for news, World: MSNBC; Europe-Based: ESPN 2 Caribbean, ESPN U; Caribbean, Central America, South America & some New England: ESPN Caribbean, ESPN 2 Caribbean; Alaska, Hawaii, Canada/New England: ESPN, ESPN 2; Pacific Rim: ESPN International; Australia/NZ: MTN Australian Package including News, Sports and Financial channel.

  • barbara merritt

    will there be deck chairs on the lower promenade deck for passengers who do not have a lanai cabin ??

  • Julie

    Yes, there are chairs all around.

  • Flo

    Hi, Re: Lanai 346 on Maasdam
    Electric outlets, I am not clear from your response, we have 1 CPAP machine that will use the outlet close to his bed. Are there 3 others I can use for my computer and camera chargers? Do they need adapters? Thanks.

  • Beth

    Just reserved 34 days on Maasdam from Auckland to San Diego in Lanai room. Are the deck chairs and pads there all day into the evening? We enjoy using the chairs mostly in the evening and on other cruises we have seen these chairs removed late in the day.

  • Julie

    The deck chairs are there all day and night. They do remove the pads in the evening but you can still sit on the chairs. You will have a lovely time!

  • Julie

    It’s U.S. voltage and there should be at least two other outlets for you to use.

  • Bonnie

    Do the cabins on ms Amsterdam come equipped with upgraded TVs and improved programming?

  • Julie

    Hi Bonnie, the TVs have yet to be upgraded on Amsterdam.

  • KWinSC

    My wife and I upgraded to the Lanai room on the MS Amsterdam 12/16-12/23. It was well worth the money. It was our most enjoyable and relaxing cruise yet. I highly recommend it! Yes you should close the drapes at night. LOL no doubt about. Daytime is all good.

  • Fran

    We had a Lanai stateroom on the Rotterdam in August2018. Our first as we usually get a balcony suite, and it was wonderful. Great for people watching, access to the promenade and the view was wonderful for taking photos without the balcony partitions. There is a lot of activity if the tenders are used, but I found it interesting to see how well the staff got things done. No refrigerator in the room, but we requested one at a small fee. We would like the same accommodation on our next cruise.😍

  • Carol

    Hi we are going on the Volendam in a lanai cabin I was wondering what deck they are on , and do they have the bath or shower. thanks

  • Julie

    Hello, they are on the Lower Promenade and have a shower only.

  • Barbara

    We have a Lanai suite on the Veendam sailing from Barcelona to Venice. Could you tell me if there is a refrigerator in the room please?

  • Julie

    Hi Barbara, we do not believe there is. Please call ship services, and they can be of assistance if you need it for medical use. 800–541–1576

  • Peggy Knorr

    Can the Lanai room patio doors be locked from the outside if we want to go for a walk and exit from that direction instead of the main door?

  • Brandy Cochrane

    You mention the TVs were not updated on the MS Amsterdam. Did I hear it just went through refurbishment?
    If yes, how did this affect outlets, TVs, amenities, etc
    If no recent refurbishment: I thought I heard the older TVs had a way to watch DVDs…just have to bring your own VCA cords (not HDMI).
    I like to read late at night, and to not bother my husband while he is sleeping, I hope to ask if my deck cushions not be removed, if I bring them indoors each morning. Any chance?

    (I see you recommended bringing a power strip; should that be amended to state “NOT one with a surge protector”, as that type might is confiscated upon boarding because it can cause a problem with the ship’s electric???)

  • Kelly Siebecke

    Travelled to Alaska in July 2019, 14 days, MS Amsterdam. We were fortunate to get an inexpensive upgrade to a Lanai stateroom three days before departure. Honestly, we can’t imagine not booking a Lanai from here on out! Loved the access to the deck, especially for those moments when you see something you just have to take a picture of, talking with people either walking by or your stateroom neighbors, sitting just outside your room on the reserved deck chairs, and so on. Being able to see where you are with ease through the floor to ceiling sliding glass door added so much to the cruise experience for us. This was our first cruise ever and we couldn’t have asked for more. Holland America, whenever it’s possible for us to take a cruise vacation, you will have our business from here on out!

  • Julie

    Yes, it can!

  • Julie

    Hi Brandy! The TV system has not changed on Amsterdam. It’s still a select-and-watch on TV. You can watch DVDs but there is a system that is installed. You just need to check them out from the front desk. Please also ask about the cushions. The risk is them blowing over in the middle of the night or going missing. But the ship will make that determination. And the post is a little old, so we no longer recommend bringing a power strip. Thanks for pointing that out! It’s been edited!

  • Mychell

    We are going on our first Holland America cruise on Sept 25. Vancouver to San Diego.
    We booked Lanai rooms on the Volendam. Once we had a cruise with a balcony, we were hooked, and we’re super excited about the access to the promenade deck.
    I was trying to see which activities were which days/nights, so I knew when to plan our dinners or spa appointments around. On other cruise lines you can see the schedule and plan appointments accordingly. Is there somewhere to do that for the HAL Volendam?
    Excited about our trip.

  • Julie

    Hi Mychell, at this time we don’t have a daily program on board. You can call reservations to see if they can provide you with some guidance, but the program changes daily and each cruise is different.

  • Darlene Franklin

    I am going on the Rotterdam Oct 5 from Amsterdam; this is my 3rd Cruise with HAC and I am very excited. Looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying the 14 day Cruise.

  • William C Schulz

    We are going on the Volendam on 11/1/19. Just noticed that this the first cruise after coming out of overhaul. What is being done?

  • Julie

    Hi William, blog post and press release coming soon, so stay tuned!

  • Darlene Franklin

    Had a wonderful cruise on the Rotterdam from Amsterdam to Rome…we had a Lanai this time instead of a balcony and it was great. Especially for walking around the promenade and for taking pictures; great lounge seats with cushions provided. Excellent staff…can’t say enough about the care we had.

  • Marie Hollis

    About to book side-by-side (non-adjoining) Veranda rooms on the Oosterdam. I’m wondering if the balcony partition either opens or can be removed between the 2 rooms so that we can share the balcony space?

  • Julie

    You’ll have to call reservations to ask about your exact staterooms. The separator cannot be removed, but it might have a door that can be opened.

  • Elizabeth

    Greetings from Australia.
    Sadly, our 14 night June 2020 Alaskan cruise was cancelled. We are sooo keen to do this when restrictions are lifted. Do you yet have a date when that might be?

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