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HAL Australia is Officially Open!

Holland America Line officially opened its new Australian office in North Sydney today. The office is located inside the Carnival Australia building and is led by Director of Sales Tony Archbold. HAL Australia will focus on and cater to veteran and new cruisers alike in the Land Down Under! On August 31, several of Australia’s leading cruise and travel trade media came together for cocktails and canapés to celebrate the opening. The group was welcomed by Archbold and CEO of Carnival Australia, Ann Sherry. Enjoy these photos from the event!

 CEO of Carnival Australia Ann Sherry and HAL Australia Director of Sales Tony Archbold.

CEO of Carnival Australia Ann Sherry and HAL Australia Director of Sales Tony Archbold.

Media in attendance, from left: August Caroline Gladstone (Australian Cruise Passenger), Sally Macmillan (Australian Cruise Passenger), Carolyn Lockhart (Mindfood) and  Philip Engelberts (PEPR Publicity).

Media in attendance, from left: August Caroline Gladstone (Australian Cruise Passenger), Sally Macmillan (Australian Cruise Passenger), Carolyn Lockhart (Mindfood) and Philip Engelberts (PEPR Publicity).

From left: HAL's Emily Brett, Ann Sherry-Carnival Australia, Sheree Sleigh and Aniela Richards.

From left: HAL's Emily Brett, Ann Sherry-Carnival Australia, Sheree Sleigh and Aniela Richards.

From left: Robert Manuel (e-travel Blackboard), HAL's Sheree Sleigh, Aniela Richards and Emily Brett.

From left: Robert Manuel (e-travel Blackboard), HAL's Sheree Sleigh, Aniela Richards and Emily Brett.

From left: Rod Eime (Australian Cruise Passenger), Natasha Granath (PEPR Publicity) and Tony Delroy (ABC Radio).

From left: Rod Eime (Australian Cruise Passenger), Natasha Granath (PEPR Publicity) and Tony Delroy (ABC Radio).

From left: Ros Hunter (ICCA) Bruce Piper (Travel Daily), Julie Donaldson (ICCA) and Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry.

From left: Ros Hunter (ICCA) Bruce Piper (Travel Daily), Julie Donaldson-(ICCA) and Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry.

  • Ben van Zeijl

    Congratulation from the home port of Rotterdam.

  • Tanya Lindin

    Congratulations!! Its my home city of Sydney 🙂

  • Noel & Pat Bell Australia

    Congratulations Holland America

    As loyal passengers and Australians, we both welcome the opening of your office in Australia.
    May we have many happy sailings together.

    Noel & Pat Bell
    (soon to be Mariner 4 stars)

  • Gerard Mapstone

    We are sailing on MS Nordam again for the third time and wondered if we can obtain any discounts. I turn 70 on the first night of the cruise on January 4th 2019. I am a military veteran of two tours of Vietnam, Middle East, Malaysia, Sinai and Irianjaya and am keen to access any discounts for veterans.

    Thank you,

    Gerard Mapstone OAM JP

  • Julie

    Hi Gerard, please contact Holland America Line reservations or your travel agent for assistance: 855-932-1711. Thank you for your service.

  • Alan Spouse

    I am booked on the Noordam 07/12/2018 Sydney booking number WWGGK7K I have filled all the details required and have baggage labels but can not go to getting the boarding pass for my self and wife
    Alan Spouse

  • Al Rankin


    I am wondering if Cruises booked from New Zealand incur the additional “tipping fee” on a daily basis.

    Here, it is not a standard compulsory practice to tip, and for that reason, am a little reticent to attempt a voyage with yourselves.

    I have taken previous cruises with both P&O and Princess where they did not include the additional tip.

    However, I do tip when deserved and for that reason am a little adamant go with Holland America Line who state that a daily tip will be added on to the cruisers bill!

    Your response is eagerly awaited


  • Julie

    Please contact reservations. Here is the contact information for the Australia office:
    Reservations AGENTS Phone: 1300 987 321
    Reservations DIRECTS Phone: 1300 987 322
    Toll # DIRECT – calling from the US: +612 9034 6251

  • Julie

    Hi Al, while we do include the daily tip, it can be removed and you can tip at your discretion. Please feel free to contact reservations in Australia to further discuss: Reservations DIRECTS Phone: 1300 987 322

  • Les Libbesson

    I have booked and paid for the 17 December Antarctic cruise from San Antonio. I will fly in to Santiago 0 16 December.

    Does HAL arrange any airport to shipside for this trip?

    My contact is 0412337078

    Thank you

  • Julie

    Hi Les, please contact Reservations for transfer assistance: 855-932-1711

  • Hermanus Allard

    Hi there We are looking at a cruise to New Zealand on the Noordam leaving on the 24th of February from Sydney to Auckland . Can you tell me if there is any on board credit or other deals that come with the cruise. We are looking at a balcony suite and are both mariners.
    My mariners number is 033766114 Thank you

  • Julie

    Hi! Specials in Australia differ from the U.S. so you’ll need to contact the local office: Reservations DIRECTS Phone: 1300 987 322; Toll # DIRECT – calling from the US: +612 9034 6251; EMAIL: General Enquiries:

  • Donna Williams

    we now have our allocated stateroom number ..and filled out our online checkin some time ago Booking number WGHPDL Cruise number CR3443713 departing December 7th for PNG cruise from Sydney.can you please advise us of our boarding time at White Bay?
    Thank you
    Donna & Brian

  • Eileen Smith

    Hi we are booked on Massdam 26th January 2019 out of Singapore just looking for alcohol prices on board but cant find any , do you have a price list, my husband only drinks beer and its really a waste of a drinks package but as far as I can gather both of us have to buy the package is this correct, also are prices on board in US for everything.
    Thanks for any help

  • Julie

    Hi Eileen, we don’t have a price list at the blog, but you do not have to buy the package. You can buy individual beverages. Please call reservations for pricing on individual drinks: 1-855-932-1711.

  • Al Rankin

    Could you please advise the E Mail address for your Australian Office?

  • Julie

    Here you go:

  • Stan

    Is it better to book through Sydney Australia or an American travel agency for a better deal. have done four cruises already with H.A.L.

  • Stan

    Am looking to doing 20th Nov 2019 m.s. Rotterdam through the Panama Canal with my wife both in our seventies already done four sailings. Where do I get the best deal?

  • Julie

    If you are Australian, you should work with the local office or a local travel agent.

  • Julie

    Hi Stan, please call your travel agent or Holland America Line reservations to see what’s on offer at the moment: 855-932-1711. Best!

  • Julie

    Do Australian military receive any military credit when sailing from Australia,it is recognized by p.o. and princess.

  • Julie

    Hi Julie, Holland America Line does not offer a military discount at this time.

  • Brian McQuillan

    Can I check our OBC somewhere on the Web Page, Australian or Us site? Thanks.

  • Julie

    Please check your booking online. If it’s not in there, you can contact

  • Mark Bloomfield

    Hi is the currency on board in US and do you charge the daily gratuities for Cruises in Australian for Australians . with the drinks package does everyone in the state room still have to buy one

  • Julie

    Hi Mark, currency is in U.S. on all ships, and yes, everyone over the age of 21 in the same stateroom must buy the drink package.

  • Veronica Sheppard

    Hi, i am trying to find how i can get my 4star mariner’s number as i am looking at booking a cruise for 43days from tokyo to sydney and require my ID NUMBER,
    Can you please assist me .Thanks

  • Julie

    Hi Veronica, you can call 800-547-9139

  • Judit Gabor

    could you please send me information of sailings in 2019 from sydney to sydney in the south pacific region like post vila , noumea etc. We have been with HA before.
    Thank you,
    Judit Gabor

  • Julie

    Hi Judit, all of the roundtrip Sydney cruises can be found on There are some wonderful options! Here is a great one:

  • Rayna Guthrie

    We are booked on the Koningsdam 23 night Mediterranean cruise, leaving Rome on 21 August, 2019 and arriving back in Rome on 13 September. Before I book our outgoing flights to France on 13/9 I am wondering if you can give me some idea of the timeframe for disembarkation, given that we need to get to the Rome Fiumicino airport the same day. The flight I wish to book leaves at 1.30pm. Can you please advise. Thank you. Rayna

  • Julie

    Hi Rayna, unfortunately, we don’t have this information at the blog. To be sure that your flights are booked correctly, please cal reservations: 877–932–4259

  • David Edmonds

    I am wanting to retrieve my Mariner No details for my wife and I as we enjoyed trips on the “Volendam” from Singapore in both Dec ’14 (Burma) & Dec ’16 (Indonesia) and “Noordam” Dec ’15 from Sydney to NZ.
    Your sister company Seabourn hosted us in July’17 on “Encore” Rome to Barcelona.
    We are looking at “Zuiderdam’s” 2020 itinerary

    As we recently downsized in moving from the country to a city apartment, records are hard to find. Any assists you can provide would be appreciated.

  • Julie

    Hi David, are you in Australia? If yes, here is the contact info. If no, please let me know!

    Reservations DIRECTS Phone: 1300 987 322
    Toll # DIRECT – calling from the US: +612 9034 6251
    General Enquiries:

  • Paul

    Looking into three of us ( all retired ) going on the Maasdam out of Sydney in November and am concerned about the comfort when sofa is used as the third bed as we had a very bad experience with this set up on our last cruise ( another line ) which totally spoilt our cruise

  • John Hunter

    We are pencilled in to do a Great Alaskan Explorer September 2020 on the Amsterdam. My wife is a paraplegic (wheelchair confined).
    We are booked into cabin EE390. Is this completely accessible? That is, larger entry (>750mm), accessabilty around the bed, roll in bathroom and shower/toilet.

    Kind regards,

  • Julie

    Hi John, to ensure you receive the most accurate information, please contact reservations: 877–932–4259

  • Blake

    I know if one person in the cabin buys a drink package the other person must buy one as well BUT WHAT IF the second person does not drink alcohol and would prefer a Mocktail package …. how does that work OR the second person does drink at all ….. is that bad luck for person one
    Cruising to New Guinea Nov 2019 Blake

  • Julie

    Hi Blake, please call ship services to discuss. In cases of medical needs, that policy has been changed so the second can purchase a non-alcoholic package. 800–541–1576

  • Alick MacFarlane

    Just a quick message regarding your Sydney web presence. This is meant to be constructive feedback to make it easier and more intuitive to use. If you like I can do a full appraisal for you as this comment is limited in what I can say and do.

    Having purchased a cruise I am excited to be travelling with your company for the first time.

    In a nutshell:

    1. I assume when I log on I am on an Australian site but that doesn’t seem the case.
    2. The site is not really intuitive (I may be wrong) but I feel I have some valid suggestions to contribute to make this easier to navigate.
    3. There doesn’t seem to be an area that allows me to personalise my cruise experience e.g. bedding configuration, meal time in main dinning room (set time vs anytime) or any other options that may be available.
    4. There seems to be multiple web sites for Holland America
    5. The issue of costs manifests itself concerning the dinning booking/options. There is no indication as to whether it is in US$ or Aus$ and as you know the current variation is edging towards US$0.68 = AU$1.00 or there about.
    6. Depending what web site i’m on (pc or mobile) it is not intuitive to where the log-on link is.

    By no means this is a winge! and hopefully you will contact me so that your site becomes easy to use.

    Kind regards

  • Julie

    Thank you for all of this. We have passed it along.

  • Geoffrey Lockwood

    We are booked on a cruise out of Yokohama circling Japan with one stop in Russia departing on 6 April 2020. My wife and I are concerned about what impact this will have on our cruise.
    Will the cruise go ahead
    Will any of the planned ports of call be cancelled
    Will there be any restrictions on the ship
    The departure date is getting closer so we need up to date information cancellation options if the cruise is impacted.

  • Karen Boag

    HI, we are looking at some of your cruises to Baltic Sea. you have a sale on with $800 air credit p/p with Fight Ease. As we are flying from Perth Australia are we able to nominate our airline and travel dates with this company? the cruise leaves Amsterdam and we would like to fly into London first, is this possible? many thanks for your help.

  • Julie

    Hi Karen, You’ll have to call Holland America Line or your travel partner, as we don’t have this information at the blog. Apologies.

  • Graham

    My wife and I are booked on Y1C – 18 day Yukon-Triple Denali on the Westerdam. Can you advise that this cruise is a guaranteed departure ?

  • Julie

    Right now no changes have been announced, but we are working on a policy to help guests with concerns.

  • niki

    I am looking at a Mediterranean cruise next year. The one that I am interesting in is in Olympia one day and Athens the next. As I have relatives in Greece I would love to stay overnight and disembark in Olympia and the embark the next day in Athens. Is that allowed?

  • Julie

    You will need to call reservations to see if there are any restrictions on staying ashore.

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