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A Suite Perk: The Neptune Lounge on Holland America Line

Whether you’re opting for a romantic cruise in the Caribbean, a long-awaited Grand Voyage or a multigenerational family reunion, suite accommodations offer the highest level of comfort and relaxation.

What you may not know is that some suites include exclusive access to Holland America Line’s industry-leading retreat, the Neptune Lounge. The Neptune Lounge is found on all 15 ships in the fleet and is an exclusive and private place to relax, socialize and enjoy the personalized service of a concierge who can make shipboard reservations and provide guidance about Holland America Line experiences.

Suite guests can relax and refresh in the Neptune Lounge.

Suite guests can relax and refresh in the Neptune Lounge.

Think of the Neptune Lounge as a living room and an oasis of relaxation. A large-screen television, library, sofas and chairs, complimentary refreshments throughout the day and Wi-Fi for a small charge are all available for your comfort and enjoyment. Continental breakfast and morning coffee or tea are served daily until 11 a.m., and cookies, sandwiches and pastries are served from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Sink into a chair and enjoy a book and a cappuccino in the relative quiet of the lounge during the day. Or take a seat at one of the worktables to catch up on the news or research your next destination right here on the Holland America Blog.

Access to the Neptune Lounge also provides access to the first-class concierges who redefine customer service. Don’t worry about waiting in line at the shore excursion desk — the concierges are at your disposal to make tour arrangements or reserve car rentals and local restaurants in port. They can also get you a coveted seat at the Pinnacle Grill, HAL’s sophisticated, intimate restaurant, or make an appointment at the Greenhouse Spa and Salon. The lounge is open from 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. on sea days and from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on port days. One-Touch 24-hour concierge service even is available when the Neptune Lounge is closed.

Photos by Sofia Burns. Clockwise from left : A snack display; Sofia and Captain van Hoogdalem; floral details; a view of the lounge; "the sweet butterfly Vanessa"

Photos by Sophia Burns. Clockwise from left : A snack display; Sophia and Captain van Hoogdalem; floral details; a view of the lounge; “the sweet butterfly Vanessa.”

Another appeal of the Neptune Lounge is the sense of community it creates during your cruise. You can take some time to get to know your cruise companions, enjoy a champagne sail away and have some social time before dinner. Neptune Lounge guests even receive corsages and boutonnieres on formal nights!

Guest Sophia Burns enjoyed the Neptune lounge during her Alaska cruise on ms Zaandam and mentioned the hospitality of Vanessa, “the sweet butterfly that keeps the lounge running smoothly” and the social functions scheduled throughout her cruise.

“At noon we were invited for a private cocktail party with young and handsome Captain Wouter van Hoogdalem and some of the crew in the exclusive Neptune Lounge…The Neptune Lounge is a special private lounge for suite guests, and like the rest of the ship, it just oozes luxury.” — Sophia Burns

Many guests have come to find out that the Neptune Lounge can be a valuable addition to their cruise — elevating an experience from pleasant to outstanding. Have you enjoyed the Neptune Lounge as a suite guest? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

  • John

    My travel agent has kindly booked me in a Neptune Suite on the Eurodam sailing on June 13, 2020. I’m already thinking about the wonderful food options on this Saturday to Saturday cruise. In thinking about specialty dinning and other option, could you please tell me which nights are the Gala nights?

    Day 2 is at sea
    Day 3 is cruising
    Day 4 is Glacier Bay
    Day 6 has us boarding the ship after Ketchikan at 1 in the afternoon

    Are any of these nights Gala nights? Are Gala nights best spent in the main dining room? Or do the specialty restaurant also do something special for Gala nights also?

    One last question(s): I think our travel agent has signed us up for open seating. Is this the obvious choice for folks staying in the Neptune suites? Or do some opt for a different dining schedule choice?

    Thanks for your assistance, John

  • Julie

    Hi John, it’s best if you call ship services (800–541–1576) or reservations (855-932-1711) to discuss dining. We’re not sure which nights are the Gala, but we THINK Day 2 and Day 6, but we’re not 100%. Where you dine is a personal preference. Many guests like to dine in a specialty restaurant because they are more “dressed” for the evening, while others love the main dining room. Perhaps Facebook or Cruise Critic would offer better advice from guests.

  • Jennifer shaver

    If I have a verandah booked with an explore four package and decide to upgrade to a Neptune suite do I lose my explore four since it has expired? more importantly the beverage package?

  • Julie

    To be sure you get the most accurate answer please call reservations: 855-932-1711

  • susan

    I envy John who is taking his first cruise to Alaska on the Eurodam, and he is booked into a Neptune Suite. This July my husband and I will be on the Eurodam for the third time on that itinerary (also in a Neptune Suite ) In response to open seating vs choosing the early or late seatings I would suggest not taking open seating. There is always a line. We found it so much more inviting to go to the same table each night, with out any wait. It was also pleasant to get to know our servers, and diners at surrounding tables. If you schedule yourself for an early or late seating and you don’t want it one night, you can always switch to open seating that day. You just enter the dining room on a different level.

  • Katharine Stevenson

    Good afternoon,

    My husband and I are booked on ms Zandaam departing Boston on 05/15/19 to Montreal. Friends have mentioned that the Neptune Lounge was fabulous. Would you advise if this is available on Zandaam and what the cost is.

    Thank you.
    Katharine Stevenson

  • Julie

    Hi Katharine, the Neptune Lounge is on Zaandam, and it is for the use of Pinnacle and Neptune Suite guests only, free of charge.

  • Katharine Stevenson

    Julie, thank you for your reply. My travel agent advised my that these suites are all booked out. Could you confirm this?

  • Julie

    Hi Katharine, unfortunately we don’t have booking access at the blog. You’ll have to call reservations: 855-932-1711

  • Jeanne

    Has anyone taken the Moscow Red Square excursion from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Does Holland America have special seating on the train for cruise guests. How was the excursion? It’s a long day and pricey so trying to determine if it’s worth it.

  • Pat

    We have had the privilege of being in the Neptune category 4 times and it is always a wonderful experience and you are truly pampered. The balcony is Huge and great place to sit n admire the glaciers in Alaska.
    When we are in this category we spend a lot of time in our cabin. Totally worth every penny! We love eating at the Pinnacle resturant for breakfast.

  • Katherine

    We have a neptune sweet sailing on the Noordam to Alaska leaving July 21. Are soft drinks available in the neptune lounge? Thank You

  • Julie

    Soft drinks are available for a charge. There is complimentary water and other non-soda, non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Mr Russell Ellis

    i am looking to go Australia and New Zealand Neptune in December but can see no information of costs of internet or drinks, my other cruises (not Holland America)this has always been inc.

  • Julie

    The beverage package information can be found in the FAQ link at the bottom of the home page:

    For internet, please call reservations or ship services.

  • Garry

    Cruised on the Eurodam to Alaska May 2019 in a Signature Suite which was very nice. Now cruising on the Zuiderdam in a Neptune Suite to the Panama Canal leaving October 20, 2019. Hope this ship is as nice as the Eurodam.

  • alison

    like to know the Pinnacle breakfast menu for NS client on 2019 Dec. 07 Westerdam cruise

  • Nancy Lam

    We are a group of 11 people travelling on Westerdam. We reserved 7 Neptune suites. I found out that the early seating is already full. Late seating is simply too late for us, senior citizens. I know that with open seating, there is a long wait. If there anyway to arrange a table for all of us in the Main Dining Room otherwise?? Appreciate your help. Thank you.

  • Julie

    Hi Nancy, please call ship services and discuss your situation 800-541-1576.

  • Julie

    Hi Alison, we don’t have menus at the blog and I’m not sure they’d be planned already. You can call ship services and ask: 800-541-1576.

  • Nancy Lam

    Thank you for your reply, Julie.
    Do they have spin class in the gym on Westerdam?

  • Lea Meadows

    We are in a Neptune Suite on the Rotterdam for the crossing from Fort Lauderdale to Rotterdam Netherlands.

    Would you tell me please, are laundry and dry cleaning services included in the booking of a Neptune Suite?

    Thank you

  • Julie

    Hi Lea, with a Neptune Suite complimentary laundry, pressing and dry cleaning is included.

  • Julie

    Hi Nancy, yes! All ships have spin classes. Enjoy!

  • Sue

    Julie – What beverages are available in the Neptune Lounge? It was mentioned that some were complimentary and others were not.

    Also, if we have the Quench Package are we able to get soda, for example, from the Neptune Lounge rather than having to go to a bar? Thank you

  • Noella

    We are booked in a Neptune Suite on the Eurodam in June 2020. Should we wait until we board to have the concierge make our reservations for the Pinnacle Grill for dinners? We would like to use our onboard credit for dinners. My concern is if I try to book it in advance I would have to prepay with credit card and not use our OBC.

  • Julie

    Hi Noella, at this time you cannot use an OBC for dinners if pre-booked. Once on board you can use the OBC for whatever you would like. If you want to use it, you must wait until you board.

  • Julie

    Hi Sue, there’s water, juices, coffee… if you would like to use your package, you can ask the concierge to order you a beverage and they can call the bar to bring it up.

  • mellissa

    We are booked in signature suite on the Nieuw Statendam. Is the Neptune lounge included with this room?

  • Julie

    Hi Mellissa, the Neptune Suite is for the use of Neptune and Pinnacle Suite guests only.

  • Barbara Lankford

    Is the Neptune suite and lounge available on the Koningsdam 2022 sail to Hawaii and Mexico out of San Diego?

  • Julie

    Barbara, we do not have booking access at the blog. Please call HAL reservations or your travel advisor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Don

    We are booked on Rotterdam for a 7 day Southern Caribbean cruise in a category SA Neptune. Is dining in Club Orange dining room still a benefit with the Neptune?

  • Julie

    Hi Don, yes, Club Orange is available to our Neptune and Pinnacle Suite guests. Enjoy!

  • Sara

    We have booked a Neptune suite for an Alaskan cruise next summer and will
    Be traveling with someone who has celiac. Are there gluten free options available in the Neptune lounge?

  • Julie

    If you call Ship Services, they can assist with any special dietary needs to ensure you have gluten free items: 800–541–1576

  • Gary

    Hi, we are doing a 7 day Norway cruise in a Neptune suite next June. Does this level of booking give us any dining benefits in the specialty restaurants other the breakfast in the PG?

  • Julie

    You will get Club Orange dining privileges. If you are on a Pinnacle Class ship it is a stand-alone venue. On the other ships is a section in the main Dining Room. Enjoy!

  • Harald

    Nowadays, with all the electronic stuff like laptops, phones, watches, cameras(batteries), etc. it is important to know what outlets are available. And it seems to be different for each ship depending on the year built and/or refurbished.
    We will be on the 35-day Zuiderdam cruise in Feb/March/Apr 2022 and would like to get that information ahead of time to take the necessary gadgets with us.
    Unfortunately, none of the pictures or videos available on the internet show clear enough images to determine what’s available.
    Hopefully you can provide that info.

  • Julie

    All staterooms are equipped with standard U.S. 110 AC and European 220 AC outlets. If your shaver operates on standard 110 AC, by all means bring it. You may wish to bring a travel alarm clock as they are not available in staterooms. Hairdryers are available in staterooms on all ships.

  • Harald

    I know that these outlets are available.
    But how many and where? Particularly in the Zuiderdam Neptune suites. And how about USB outlets, which most cruise ships nowadays have?
    That’s the information I am after, not just a generic statement…

  • Julie

    Hi Harald, Neptune Suites have a total of 9 110V outlets, 4 220V outlets and 3 USB ports.

  • Ella

    I would LOVE to stay in the Neptune suite and enjoy the perks with Holland America! Any chance you would like to lift my spirits and send me on an Alaska cruise? I have skipped vacations to cover veterinary expenses for rescued animals for a few years. I figured it was not a big deal since Covid has been causing havoc. I spent my vacation funds on three surgeries for three rescued cats. Over $5,000 in December 2021 and January of this year. The cost of their care is high. I do not have any outside funding as I do this privately. These animals would have been euthanized without me. I rarely ask for anything and I do not actually expect to receive a free cruise, but it never hurts to ask. Thank you for the amazing memories! Dreaming of cruising to Alaska and visiting my relatives. Wishing you a fabulous day and infinite health!

  • Vivian

    Are items in the mini bar in Pinnacle Suite complimentary?

  • Julie

    hi Vivian, water and soda are complimentary. Beer, wine and spirits are extra.

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