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A Suite Perk: The Neptune Lounge on Holland America Line

Whether you’re opting for a romantic cruise in the Caribbean, a long-awaited Grand Voyage or a multigenerational family reunion, suite accommodations offer the highest level of comfort and relaxation.

What you may not know is that some suites include exclusive access to Holland America Line’s industry-leading retreat, the Neptune Lounge. The Neptune Lounge is found on all 15 ships in the fleet and is an exclusive and private place to relax, socialize and enjoy the personalized service of a concierge who can make shipboard reservations and provide guidance about Holland America Line experiences.

Suite guests can relax and refresh in the Neptune Lounge.

Suite guests can relax and refresh in the Neptune Lounge.

Think of the Neptune Lounge as a living room and an oasis of relaxation. A large-screen television, library, sofas and chairs, complimentary refreshments throughout the day and Wi-Fi for a small charge are all available for your comfort and enjoyment. Continental breakfast and morning coffee or tea are served daily until 11 a.m., and cookies, sandwiches and pastries are served from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Sink into a chair and enjoy a book and a cappuccino in the relative quiet of the lounge during the day. Or take a seat at one of the worktables to catch up on the news or research your next destination right here on the Holland America Blog.

Access to the Neptune Lounge also provides access to the first-class concierges who redefine customer service. Don’t worry about waiting in line at the shore excursion desk — the concierges are at your disposal to make tour arrangements or reserve car rentals and local restaurants in port. They can also get you a coveted seat at the Pinnacle Grill, HAL’s sophisticated, intimate restaurant, or make an appointment at the Greenhouse Spa and Salon. The lounge is open from 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. on sea days and from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on port days. One-Touch 24-hour concierge service even is available when the Neptune Lounge is closed.

Photos by Sofia Burns. Clockwise from left : A snack display; Sofia and Captain van Hoogdalem; floral details; a view of the lounge; "the sweet butterfly Vanessa"

Photos by Sophia Burns. Clockwise from left : A snack display; Sophia and Captain van Hoogdalem; floral details; a view of the lounge; “the sweet butterfly Vanessa.”

Another appeal of the Neptune Lounge is the sense of community it creates during your cruise. You can take some time to get to know your cruise companions, enjoy a champagne sail away and have some social time before dinner. Neptune Lounge guests even receive corsages and boutonnieres on formal nights!

Guest Sophia Burns enjoyed the Neptune lounge during her Alaska cruise on ms Zaandam and mentioned the hospitality of Vanessa, “the sweet butterfly that keeps the lounge running smoothly” and the social functions scheduled throughout her cruise.

“At noon we were invited for a private cocktail party with young and handsome Captain Wouter van Hoogdalem and some of the crew in the exclusive Neptune Lounge…The Neptune Lounge is a special private lounge for suite guests, and like the rest of the ship, it just oozes luxury.” — Sophia Burns

Many guests have come to find out that the Neptune Lounge can be a valuable addition to their cruise — elevating an experience from pleasant to outstanding. Have you enjoyed the Neptune Lounge as a suite guest? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

  • Julie

    Hi Malcolm, we do not offer dining packages, but you can have the Neptune Lounge concierge book for you. You also get use of Club Orange for dining. Water and soda are complimentary for you. You can purchase a drinks package should you wish for alcoholic beverages, specialty coffee, etc.

  • Douglas

    I have already purchased the Have It All package. In the Have it all Package there is a beverage package included. Would I be able to receive additional beverages if I also purchase the Quench Beverage package? Or is it redundant ?

  • Julie

    With Have It All, you get a Signature Package including 15 drinks per day. You can use it toward water, soda, coffee, so you don’t need the Quench Package if you are only planning on 15 per day.

  • william d armstrong

    does the lounge include alcoholic beverages?

  • Julie

    It does not include alcohol.

  • John Heald

    Do Signature Suites have access to the Neptune Lounge on the Nieuw Statendam?

  • Julie

    The Neptune Lounge is only for Neptune and Pinnacle Suites.

  • Gerald Hollie

    Just sailed on the Eurodam to Alaskda (9-3-22) and first time Neptune Suite passengers. Room was awesome with plenty of room for the two of us. The Neptune Lounge staff, Siri and her staff were there for us each and everytime to answer all our questions. We are booked on the Zaandam for 14 day trip through the Panama Canal in a Neptune Suite. Can’t wait. The only down side to our trip was HAL is still trying to spin up from covid and some of the perks of suite life did not take place. Hoping all is back to normal especially the entertainment come Febuary so we can enjoy the trip of a life time.

  • Lori

    Hello, what is the standard brand of coffee used in the lido buffet? Arabica or Robusta? Also what is the roaster brand used in the more expensive – cafe? I know all the brands and distinctions!

  • Bob Foster

    We have booked a Pinnacle suite on the Oosterdam. I read it comes with laundry service but I can’t find any details? How much? How often?

  • Julie

    At this time, it is unlimited. ENJOY!

  • Gordon

    I am surprised to see the Neptune lounge does not have drinks in the evening we just came back from a Greek cruise 13 days and it had drinks in the Neptune lounge

  • Marc Benesh

    Hi. We are on the Volendam over new years. Does category BB qualify for the Neptune lounge? I believe we are in cabin 7707.

  • Julie

    Hello! The Vista Suites do not have access to the Neptune Lounge.

  • Julie

    The Lido and EXC/GDC coffee is all made by Buekenhorst specially for Holland America Line. They are all Arabica blends. The distinction for the specialty coffee outlets is we use the 1873 Branded coffee. A premium espresso roast.

  • Angela

    This is a late post but really want to comment. My husband and I were on the zuiderdam in May to Alaska. It was our first experience with a Neptune suite. We loved it! We knew that it has probably forever spoiled us. Our concierge was Melissa, she was so great.We loved the lounge, the coffee in there was excellent. We have booked the Neptune again in February on the westerdam, we are so excited

  • Angela

    We’re booked in a Neptune suite for the Christmas cruise this December and getting excited about the trip. Just wondering about bottled water. Do we get that as a perk for staying in a Neptune suite–or do we have to purchase the bottles. We’re not planning to purchase the beverage package. Also, reading the info from the website–you’re not allowed to bring plastic bottles onto the ship, but we’re allowed to bring 6 liters of water onboard and up to a certain number of canned water and cartons of water. Does that mean we can bring a gallon water jug? Or glass bottles of sealed water? Thanks!

  • Vickie

    Are all SC level suites considered Neptune Suites?

  • Spencer

    When staying in a Neptune Suite, are water and soft drinks included with the suite or is there an extra charge for that?

  • Julie

    Hi Spencer, they are not included in the suite, there is a charge.

  • Julie

    Hi Angela, bottled water is not included. You cannot bring on any plastic, so gallon jugs or bottles. You can bring cans or cartons. An allowance of six liters, twelve (12) cans or cartons (500 ml in volume or less) or six (6) cans or cartons (1 liter in volume or less) of water are allowed per stateroom. Enjoy your cruise!

  • Julie

    Neptune Suites are SB.

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