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Holland America Blog publishes news, information and reader-supplied content related to Holland America Line. We encourage our readers to share their stories and photos and savor the journey with other Holland America fans.

28 October 2008, At Sea.

Very early this morning we made land fall under the coast of Puerto Rico and by 8 am. we were passing through the Mona Passage between Puerto Rico, to the East, and the Island of Hispaniola to the West. Right in the middle of this passage is the island/islet of Mona which gives its name…   read more of “28 October 2008, At…”

24 October 2008, Back at Sea.

We did indeed pick up some following current and make good progress towards the bar. By 11.30pm last evening I could slow the ship down as we were coming near. As explained before, we have to reduce speed here otherwise the ship might hit the sea bottom due to the extra draft caused by squat….   read more of “24 October 2008,…”